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A Crimean Episode

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I. " Give 113 a song," the soldier eried, ïli i.' outer tronches ítuardlng. When Ihe hented guns of the camp allied Grew weary of bombarding. II. The dark Iledan, in silent scoff, Lay grim and threateiiing under And the tawpy mound of t. lie Mulakoff Ho longer bélched its tliunder. III " Give usa mg.' the guardsmen say, We storm the fort to nv rrow? Sing while wo muy anutJiLi' day Will bi'ÍDg enough of surrow. IV Tliey lay alón? the batlery's side, Below the smoking cannon; Brave hcavts f:0111 Severu and from Clyde And from the banks of Bnannon! V. They sang of love, and not of fume, Forgot 'twas Jii'itain's glory - Eacli ueirt recaí tad a different name, But all sang Annie ! VI. Voice after voice caught up the song, Until its tender passion Koso, hke an antluin rich and sírong, Tlicár battle eve oonfecsiou. VII. Beyond, 1 lie darkening oeean burned The bloody sunaet rabera; And the Cnmean valleys learnod How English leve remembers. VIII. And onee again the fires of heil HaiiiL'd o:i tlie Rufi&iao (jiiarters - Witb scrcitin of shui and burst of shell. And bcllowing of the mortars ! IX And Ii-isli Norah's eyes are dim, For a singer dumb and gory, Aiul English Mary monrns for him Who sang of Aunie Lauriel X. Ah ! s-oldiers to j-our honorcd rest', Your love and glory hearing; The bravest are tue loveliest, The loving are the daring.


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