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Andrew Johnson In Cincinnati

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Senator Jonnïon, oí iennessee, reeived a magnificent ovation ut Cincinati, on Wednesday last, In reply to brief address by Hon. W. S. Groes)eck, he made a speech oi about an ïour, full of eloquent love for tho Un on, and defiance to the traitors'of Tene?see and the South. Said he : " I look upoü the doctrine of secesionisls coming in conflict with all or;anisna, moral and soch.l. I repeat, without regard to the peculiar institu ions of the respective States composing nis Confederacy, without regard to any governraent that may be f'ound in he future, or exist in the present, this )dious doctrine oí secession should be crushed out, desiroyed, and totally anlihilated. No goverument can stand, 10 religious, or moral, or social organization can stand where this doctrine is olerated. [Applause.] It ia disinterration - universal dissol vemen t - makng war upon everything tb at has a .endencv to proinoto and ameliorate he coñdition oí the masses of manvind. [Applause.] .Therefore I re)eat, that this odious and abominable ioctrine - you must escuse me for usng a strong expression - I do not say t in a profane sense - but this doctrine [ conceive to be to be heil bom and Itell bound. and one which will carry everything in its train, unless it is arrested, and crushed out from our midst." 'Great Applause.] Speaking of the persecution of the CTnion men in Tennessee, he said : " J3nt while this eontest bas been gong on, a poi'Uon of our füllow-oitizeus lave boen standing up for tho constitution and the Union, and becauae they lavo dared to stand upon the groat embattlement oí coustitulional libcrties,exercising the liberty of sjieech, a port u_ii ut ui paujjiti ua i; uMuicü (.hal we were traiiors ; they have said tha our fate was to be Ihe fute of traitors and that hemp was growing.aud that the day of our execution was approaoh ino that the time vvonld come when those who dared stand by the constitution and the principies therein erabracud, that the expiation oí these ièeds would be upoa the gallows. - ' tVe havo mot all these things. ■' iVe have met them in open day. We ' uwe niet them face to fu;e - toe to too ' -at least in one portion of the State. We havo told thetn that the conslituion of the United States defines trea ion, and that definition is, that trcason igainst tha United States shall consist nly in levying war against the general joverninent of the United States. Wu ïave told thom that the time would ome vvhon the principies oí' the conítituticn aud the law defining treason would bo maiatained, We have Luid lljcm thitt tlie I miic would ooino when the judiciary of the governinent would be sustáined in a manner that it could define what was treason under the constitution and the law made in conformity with it, and that, when defined, they would ascertain who were the traitors, and who it was that would stretch the hemp they had prepured for U8. [Applause.] " I know thaf in referenoe to rnysolf and others rewards have been oiïered, and it has been said that warrants havo been issued for our arrest. Let me say to you here to-day that I ara no fugitive, espeeially no fugitive from justico. [Laughter.] Il' I were a fugitive, I wouldjbe a tugitive from tyranny - :i fugitive fron) a reign of terror ]5ut, thank Uod, the country in which I live, and that división oí' the State trom which I hail, will record a vote of 25,000 against the seoession ordinance. The county in which I live gave a inaority of 2,007 against this odious, dia bolical, nefarious, holl-born and heil bouüd doctrine." - in i # - 5Lif Gon. Scott is boyond all dbubt the best tailor in the Union, lio has cut out tho robles at Washington, hommod thein in at Ilarper's Ferry, and run thein ,toguthor at Manassas Gap. líe is ubout ready to basta thom at Norfolk, foll thom (jown at Kichmond, and it Qothing else will answor, gno rally lip tlionj to niöoes íy where. C5 A most ridiculouá habit aniong eonio young peoplè is tlie cultivation of melancholy as an intoresting accoraplishmeot.


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