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How The B's Stung The Chivalry

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An intelligent ofïicer of the TwentyEight regiment, N. Y. 8. M., writing from Arlington Heights,give8 an interusling account of an interview ho ha) with fïve rebel priboners brought into camp by Lieut. Tompkins and his dragoons of Company B. We give an extract froin a letter Irom whioh it vvill be pereeived that the clmrgo of the dragoons left a lively inri' pressiou upon the iriinds of Becesöion ists : "Their account oí the figlit was amusing. I wil] give you one.irom note3 written seeretly twcnty minutes aíter I heard it. It is nearly veibatini : " Talk about fighting ! wbew - my G ü ! One company of them regulare or your New York fcllows car whip a thousand of our men, by G d, that's ko; I swear it on a bible. You bad ouaht toliaveseen tbem. Look her, rccon I wantod to Sot out of the way. Sure's your'u borno they're jast like devils - they don't mind shots. Lord they went down the street, where they cuPnnd slashed and shot. Uur boys ran like the dovil - then J - s y'oii ouglit to huvo secn them cut up the4 etreet liftain - like bhie devils, it makea iny blond run colil to think of it. They shot evo ry way - knockcd na from our horsen, took onr and cabres away - Iny G d, haw they fit. Why, sir V RWear on a bibk: them South and North Carolina icllows that's uh iis aint tio account. They wont obey anybody - no discipline - yoirll lick them cvery ime.' " Th ere was mnch more of the enmc sort, and I pend you tliiö specimei prolanity and all included, so yon mrry know what the rebel prieocers think, and kovv ihey talk."


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