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A Big Scare

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-Last weck in villtí, Geuesee couuty. co:isuierablo exciteinent was causad by tlie report of a large bcdy of ludians bcing in tbe neighborhood. all painted, aud on some secret excurfcion. Tlie report further says, that sume fifty of the peoplo at tbat plaeu gathercd at a house and anxiously wached tbrougb ono nigbt, fearing tbo Indiaus meant a fight. Next morning a large troop of men armed theinselv'es and inarebed into tbo vvoods to ascertatn the redolí of the preseuce of the Iudiaus but their trip was usolcss, as, after caro ful searcli, no Iudians, dxcepting two or tbree squaws and papooses, could bc found. The scare seemed altogotbér a wicked humbng. In the noghborliood of Wie!:er"s about half way botweon L ipeer and Plint, two or three lamilies have quitted the State. - Lapeer Rejnib- licun, Jane 17. LjL" The ófiicer of the deck on boafd a íñan-of-war aaked the mm at the whcui one day : " How does she liead?" It was blowing a galo of wiud. " Southnvtt," returncd Pat, toucliing his bat, but furgcttiug to ad i Stï to l!ils l uu ii betici puta iew iuuiu ■ ■■ your BDSwer wben you speak to me" said tho huffjf lieutenaut. ' Ay, ay, sir-r-r," rcturucd the witty Irisliman. A day or two aftor the officer callea out again : " How does she bead now. "Southayst and by soutb, Lalf south, and a little southerly, èir-ree, sir, yer Jiouor, sir," screauied Pat.


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