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xiisville, June 30. . jíegiment o into a cump ,.ioiy that lias boen fnnad. WkkHtfo, Griníier, Moiler, Harding, ini Jnckson, memberí ulect of Uon{íivks, lnivo íeft for Washington via C'.nciiinuti. Tlic Tonncssoo Sena'o has pasfed a resoluion nuthnr'ZJog ihe (Jovyrtior to t;tko po.-s.sMon oí ihe portir.n of thfl , Nnühviüu Rtiilroad in that State. Tho i Ilou.ib liiitl the samo on tho ta'ule. It' lias also charterod tho American Letter Kxpie.-.s i i Jenfcins & MoGill, of this ciiy. Tho proceedings of tho Eut TennesBcc conveiition iii't; réceiVed hère. Ail L'oitntíeB í that poriion of tho State] ixcfpt Rhcn aro represenléd. Tho '■ ilcoliirntiofl of grievuncüa quotos íuetd hÖwing iWt tbo nght of freo súffrago has bet1 irbirweteil by tho dwunron póveínment, that tliey had been subjectcd to insulta, theirmga fircd upon umi j torn down, housos fudely enterod, ilies insulted, women aixl cbilcJreu shot , down by the ruthlesa soldiery, citizena j robboil and aesnssiuated ; aod n view of thesu factH, it was resolved th;it tho ■ Ection by the State leg!slntnre in passing tbo déclarntion of iüdependence fi):ming a military lor.gue was uncocstitutional nnd not bieding upon the loynl pi.'.izens; Ihat in order to nvoid a cortlict with brethren, a coinrnitíee w.ll be uppointed to prepare a mouiirial iiíkiiig tho consent of tho fjögis'ature that the ens'ern part of the Statu may fortn n separate State. Arrangeinenís hi.vo beon mala lor holding an elactión in East TenDesseo, f. ir the choioe of delega tea to n ganer1.1 cons'on'.ion to bo liuli at Tfingffp Tho oon. titutin of tho Confi'dcratü States is impopular in Georgia, becaüfee of the of a provisión making the three-liflhs black n bania oí repreuentaüon. Tho Augusta Ciromce ssys that wi.hout sueh a the constitution cannot be ratified. It would be unjust to a large part of the State, plací ng the slavenolding portion still more in the power of the oounties havVnt a lew slaven, The Chaileston Metrury, d thc26th, has a letter ffom : veüablo gentleman ut Manassns, nnying Ihat to fifleen thüUsand men tnere ire only twelve piaces of urullery, insufficiont amiDijnition, guos without bay nots, whole oompanied without caps, cartridge boxes, tenis, oto. I aro not sanguino of imme-.Üate succes?. Tho refusal of men for oo year waa unibrtunate. By promptitude in onr pc'lioy 50,000 troops fiero would mako q lick wprtwitb the war'j half that number fonr weeka ago this timo. v o aio wai uuuu.iuiiju.1 If tho Lord remain r.ot with us, ve (-hall faro badly one day. A great fighlis n;,t far distant." The Memphia Appcal notje s the departure irorn thero of Brigadier General McCloun, Co!. Prontico, of Ky., nnd Col. Jeff. Thompson, of JIo., for Wliito Eiyer, Arkansas, iaking vrith theiu i largo qu.mtitv of arm'. A special d:sp;itch to tho samo pnper saya Leónidas Pulk, Episcopal Bishop ol' Louisiana, has boen appointed Br'gudier Genera], and assigned com iu:md ol lhn Lower Missifrsippl. Tlie Colu.nbia ( Mo.) Stat unan annoances on tho authority of n genlloman frora Nowton countv that Ihere are thirty thouennd stand of arms and pix or sevon thousand troops at Maysville, Arkaii8as. W. B. Stark, Siiperintendent oi tho Public Schools, J VV Poiigh, Superindent of thu Board cf Public Works, W. E. Dunscalm, Clerk ol tho Suprem (nurt, took tho oath of aüegianco to the LTnited States at Jefiersun City to-day.


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