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The Skirmish On Patterson's Creek

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v asnington, junezö. Lieut. General Scott to-day receivod the ioüowing dii-patch: üuinberiaöd, Md., June 27. "To Gbn. McClellan : I have been aceu&tomed to sendiug my mounted pickets, 13 men in all, to different posts along the several approaches to Cutnberland. Findingit nest to impossible to get trustworthy information of the enemy, yesterdiiy I united the 13, and dirocted thorn, f possible, to approach Frankfort, a town abóut rnidway between this place and Romney, and nscertain if any rebel troops were there They went within a quarter of a mile of the placo, and found it full of cavalry. Ileturning, they overtook 40 horsemen, and at once charged on the:n, routing and dtiving them back more than a mile, killing eight of them, and secunug seventeen tiorses. Corporal Ilays, in command oí uV Wvn, was desperately wounded witli sabrecuts and buüyts. Taking bim back, they halted a bout an hour, and were then attneked by the enemy , who were reinforced to about 75 men. Tho attack was so sndden that they abandoned the hortte, and crossed to a mail island at iho mouth of Patterson Creek. The chargo oí tho rebels was bold and confnlent, yet '23 foll under tlietiro of my pickers oio about and on the island. 31y féllowa were finally dr i ven ofF, nnd suatturing, each man for himsulf, are all in camp now. Corporal Haya, of Oompany A, was wounded, but is recoven ng. One John C lioldingbrook, of compariy B, is dead. - Tiiu lust was taken prisoner and brutal!y murdered. Threo uompanies went to the groand this morning and recovered everything belonging to tny pickenemy were engflgeü ai; ingtn in boxinr tip their dead. Two oí their officers were killed. - They laid out 23 on tho poroh of a nüighboring farm house. I will burv my poorfellow to-morrow. Í huvo positivo iniormation, gained to duy, that there are four regiments of robels in and about Romney, under Col. McDonald. What their particular object is I cannot learn. The two Pennsylvania regiments are in enenmpment at Sato Line, nine miles from here, awaiting further orders. - They have not yet reported to me. - Thoy hesiiate about invading Marvland. The report o' tbo skirmish sounds like fiotion, but it is not exaggerated. The fight was really one of the most dangerous on record, and abouods in instances of wonderiul daring and cooines8. (Signed.) LEVVIS WALLACE, Cul. llth R.-g. Ind. Volunteera. G. B. McClellan, Ma;. Gen.


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