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The Northern And Southern Troops Compared

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Iu a late interview at Cairo between Mr. Russell, tho American dent of tbo Lonclon Time, and a New York Herahl correspondent, thü latter nakod Mr. Russell how tho noitliein j toldicvs at Cairo compared with the southern troops tliat he had jut eeen. Mr. Eusscll ruado the following response : Mr. Kussell - In the points you havo mentioned, so far as I have been able to observo, these raen are far in advanco &f those at the South ; iu fact, tliere is no chanco at comparison. The southern ai my are poorly nniformec?, poorly tüsciplined, and, I judge from what little I havo seen t' them on parade, kninv but littlo of tactics or ñeld evolutions. Mr. Ward, a gentleman who traveled with Mr. ltussell, stated that the southern soldiers are as a general thing, taller by half a head, and larger every way, than our troops. His attention was callee! to another point thua: Hcrali correspondent - In the general doportinent of the troops is there any marked ditference? Mr. Ward - A grefit difforence, sir. These men appear to bo all sober i stantiül fellows, loving discipline, while j upnn Ihu pflrt nf those at the South I obseryéd a great prevalence of drunkenness. The men there are disorder!), and the oüicers, in a great tneasure, oithor do not understand their management or are utterly incompotent to enforce discipline. I am indined to think, however, Ihat the personal prowess of the southern men is superior to yonr northern men. They will enter tho battle vvith more bravery and reckless daring; but coolnes.s aod disciplino will compénsate for any want of personal prowess. On the whole, therefore, it appeara to be tho testimony of disinterested witnesses thattho material of the northern troops is botter than that of the South ; besides, we have about Ihrei times at many.


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