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Casualties In War

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Iu an article calling attentbn to the sanitair coudition and requircments of onr troops iiöw in the field, the N. Y. Tribune groaps together the fullowing Btatistics of the Criiuean aüd Mexican campaigns: In the Crimean war, Englaud lost 33,643 men out of a forcé of 93,989 ; of that number, 2,(358 only were killed in actioo, and 1,7(51 died oí wounds. 13ut lü,298 died of diseases iu the camp hospitals, and 13,000 were disohargcd incurable, many of whoui, no doubt, subsequently died. ïo every oue taken wouuded to the hospitals, twelve were taken there sick, and among the wouuded disease was ofteu the secoudary coudition, so that of this class those who died, feil vietiras more frequently to disobedience to sanitary law than to wounds roceivcd in battle. In the first seven montha of the Crimean campaign, the Englibh troops died at a ratio of 60 per cent, a year. In the ïYench anny, the statistics are no less appalling. Iu four months, thcre were 47,000 cases of typhus in the hospitáis, of which a third were fatal. In the twenty months of tho campaign, thure were 193,000 cases of invaüdism, j less than onc-fourtli oí' whicli were from j wounds, the other three-fourths being cases ot disease. About 15,000 perished iu battlo or died of wouncls recoived there ; but 50,000 died of aiekuess, and 65,000 were dischargod for illuoss, a largc proportion of whom probablj never rocovered. Our own expcrionco ia tbo Mcxican ■war was of the samo charueter. Auioug our troops, tbere perished at the seat ol war 12,896, and 12,252 were discharged because of illnes3. Of these last, many died on their way home, and m3ny more af ter tliey reached tbere ; so that it was calculated by those who werc most likely to eome to au accurate estímate, that our entire loss was from 16,000 to 18,000.- Hut there were killed in battle and diec of wouuds only 1,548; the other 13,000 to 10,0 ;0 perished from diso:ise.


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