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NOTICE. Tlio 43d semi-annual exattination of 'The Hift CutBK'a School" will occupy thclOth, llth and 13th of July. On Wedncsday, the lOtb Inst., 3 P. SI., the meeiingof M TUo Young Ladies' School Association." On Thunday.tho llth at 10 o'clock A.M. tol] J(. JuTentlc reading and spelling; wiih the defliiin of wordt, Mitchell'ft Inrge Qtogrftpby, Colburn's Mental Arithmstir, uij Algebra. At ï o'cluck, P. M., Wattn on tha Mitul, Kcpublic of America, First bok of UtHtorjr ; Second book (xt Hintory, Mjthology, (rjmmar and I'arting; and general clasv. rriilay,tliol2tli, 10 o'clock A, II. to 12 M. Botanj. Sttnldnrd'H Mentul Arilhmetic, Itavtes ciTAinon school and Univerftity Arithmetic. 3 o'clock, P. M. to 5, reading report of the school, original cornponitions - Th Trees of theWooia; Odill.and Ends;Slang Phriues, Goisips; Shut the Door; reading 24th of Vol. 2J of "Th Wiíd Flower," a cmi-monthly periodical of tho School, Valedictcry by ilis Ada lïuBois, and music. MAKT H. CLARK, Principal. Ann Arbor, Juno 30, 1861. N o t i c e . The 43d semi-annual meeting of the Young Ladlet1 AuoettHoD of the Misses Clark's School," wlll takt place on Wcdncsday, July Í0, at 3 o'clock, P. M. preciiey. An Address may be expocted from tb Priidnt._ Tlie punctual attendance of all memberfl of the Axociation,aod!pecially of the graduales of the School, u respectfully requested. Mrs. L. E. DcBOIS.IUc. S Ann Ai bor, June 30, 1861 . PRINTING Or ALL KINDS Neatly Exeeuted AT THE ARGÜS OFFICE. WE ARE PBEPARED TO FILL ALL ORDERS IN THE UNE OF PRINTING AT TUE MOST EEA.SONABLE BATES. We have recent ly purobsscd & IRTTO-Gt-LES ROTAKY CARD PRESS, and have added the lat' st styles of Card Type, Tvhich cnables ui to print INVITATION CARDS, AVEDDING CARDS, VISITING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. in the neatest styles, and ns clieap as nny other house in the State. Wo aro alao preparfcd to print POSTERS, HANDBILLS, BLAKKS, BILL HEADS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS, &c. BOOK BINDERY is in charge of n FIRST CLASS WORKMAN, LEDGERS, RECORDS, JOURNALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OF ALL KINDS, RULED TO ANY PATTERIf And MftnufaotureiJ 'n 3ïst sttle at Ne-w York Prices, Periodicals of all kinds BO]JNBt IN ANY STYLE. 0 Old Books Re-Bound, All Work warranted to give cAtiro satisfaction. E. B. POJVDj Prop'r. Oflqc an'I J)inrfcT_r, cor. ifdi'i A H'iioa 3t.


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