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3R. IR, Passenger trains now k-ave Detroit and the severa.1 Stations in this follows. G O I N 0 WEST. Day Ex. Mail Ex. Jack. Ac. fflght Ex. ! Detroit, 7.00 a. m. 7.15 a. m.4 10 p. m. e. 30 p. m ypKilautl, 8.02 " 8.3ÍS ( 5.50 " 7.40 " ! Ann Arbor, 8.22 " 8.55 L 6.51 S.UO " Dexter, " 0.17 " 6 45 ' Cbelpea, 9.32 " 7.06 " Ar. Chicago, C. 00 r. a. 7.30 " 6 00 A.M, GOING EAST. Night Ex. Jack. Ac. Mail fcx. Da y Ex. Shelies, a. m. 6.40 a, m. 2.4Q i h. p. m. Dexter, " 7.05 " S.tiO " Ann Atbor, 5.15 lt 7.35 i( 3.30 " 4.35 ' psilanti, 5 35 ' 8.02 3.55 '( 4.55 " Ar. Dt-troit, 6.40 li 9.30 t{ 5.20 ' 6.00 " Trains do not stop at stations where figures are oraittd in the tebtft. MOTHBRS EEAD THIS. The following is an extract frora a letter written by the pufitor of a Baptist Church to the "Jourual and tfdssenjer," Ciucinnati, Ohio, anl speaks volumes in t'avur "I tkat world-rfnowned raedicini.1 - Mrs, Wixsi.ow's SooTBDf a StrOT fok Oiiimïrkx Teetiiing: liW tee an advertiseniont in your columns of Mrs. Winslow'.s Hout'iinHyrup. Now wc never said a word in favor of ;i patent medicine before in our Ufe, but we feet compeled to say to your readers, that tnli is no humbug - WK DAVK TÜIKD IT( AND KSoW IT TO HE A LI IT CLiiBtS. !t is. pmbably, one of the most successful mediciues of the day, becauao it is one of tbc oest. And those 01 yotir readers who have babieH can't do it better than to l'y in a supply." See advcrtisonierit in anotber column PRIZE POETRY. Let Chieftilna boast cf deedi in wnr, And tfinitrela 'Line their sweet guitar, A nobler tbame m,v hcart is flMed - lu oí Hekkick's rpatchless pilla. Their cures aro found ín every land- Ami! Kussia"s HDOffS - and Afric's snnclg ; The wondrou trorts - the papen fitl. Pioduced by IÍKRaic'a matchltss l'illa. Does discnse afTiïct you t oever doubt Tbis charraiuK compound will scarch it out, And health aain yvnr p.yptem fill, lf yon ñy o: once to Hekkick'ü Pilla, They'i-e anfe for all- b tb oíd and young- 1 hefr prados nre 00 everv tongup ; Dtafcae, disarmed- no longer Ulli, Since we are blessf ú with IÍkrrick's Pilla. ÏT Put up with Englifih. HpaalBb, Germán and rrenoh diraztfona. Prioe 25 cents ptr box. Sitga Cuated Sec advcrtisenient on thlrd pago. 804 THE GREAT ENGLISH BEMEDY SIK JAMES OLAHKJSVS Celebralcd Finale Pilis. PEOTECTED lr!fjL 3& L E T f E H f BY R0TAL MSÊêêëL pateht Prepared from e pretcription of Sir J. Ciarte, M D., Physician Extraordinart) h tht Queen. This invainaMe medicine n unfailing n the ours of all Ihoie painful snd dsngerom dinoaaea to which th fenul j3nEUtution ia mbjeet It moderate all exoes and remoTei aU obitructiosi, and a ípwdy curo may ba rtUed on. TO 3ÍAKK1KD LUli;s It is peculiariy miitd. It will, in a short tim, brüig on the nionthly period with njularit?. Lüch butUe, prio Ooe Dollar, Wars tha Oorcnisent Stamp of Great BritaiD, to prevent couDterfeita. Tkae PilU ikould nol be MH hy fcmaltê durinf tk, FIRST THREE MONTHS of Prtgnancy, at tluy art niTC te kring on Miicarrir.t, ai ty tthtr limt tkey rf saje. In all casei of Noitouü and Spmal Affection, Pain In tLe Back anj Limbs, Fatigue on light oiortiun, Palpita tiun of the Heart; Hyaterici, and Whit, the FOls iriB flect a care when all othor meani hare faiied, and Uthough a pewerful remdyt do not conuín roo, calomvj Y uil (ürection accomparj each ackige. Sole gent for th United State and Canada, JOB HOSJES, fLt I. C. Baldwln Co,l Rochester, N. T -$1,00 aod 6 poitage ituopa encioaed (0 ar ao Agens "üi inasn a bottl of Yk Püli bj retors Sold bc GREN'VII.T, k FULLKR Ann Arbor, and br )rugi8ts inevery town. THE WASHTEJVAW COUNTY -A.gricultu.raI Fair, WILI, BE HELD ON Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, The IS th, 19tó, and 20th of September. To th Public. ALL PERSONS ire cautioncd against trustiag any person on my account without a written order f rom me, EDW AKD PACEY . Scio, Juno 13, 1861 . 804v3 BENTON HOUSE, L-A-ÏSJTSIHSrca-., MICH. William Hinman, Proprietor. ,miIE ■' BENTON HOUSE" has recenüy been refur-L nished in the motït substantial roaumr, and the Propriutor fee's confident that he is prepared to meet the wants ofthosa visitius; tho Capital who desire the comforts of a first class Hotel. The building i.i oí biick ; rooms large and airy, and fcituatec in the most pleasant part of the City. Lansing, Judo 20, 1861. 8O6w4 PATENTED November lst,1859. VBfcH THE JIEALUIÏES Wr ( A, the distance ii H Êf CíoC ihe sle!vejf OTy""T""" D to Di distance J iljjM around the Body i B Tl XT tf1 Á the Arm-pits. Ijl " T nB EtoE, the Patentad Improved French Yoke SHIRTS. PATENTED NOV. lst. 1859 A Nev Style of S irt, warranted to Fit By tieuding the abovc ïneunics per m;til we can guar anteo a perfect fit of uur ncw ;; Ie of 8hirt, and retuin by expres to any part of the United States, at $12, $15, $18, $24, &c, &c, per dozen. No order forwarded forlesB tbari baif-a-dozen Shirts. Also.Importerti and Uealerá in MEN '3 FURNTSHING ÜOODS. Wholesale tmiicsupiieil on thp tiual terms. BALLOU BROTHERS, SíHtf 4Ü.t liruudway, New York. Circuit Court Roles rPIIE Circuit Court frJr the Counly of Wa.shteaaw - X At a sea.sion oísaitl Uuurt heiii, at the OjurL House iu the City of Ann Arbur, óu the 16 th day uf June, A. L), lbtil. Present Uon. Edwin Lawrence, Circuit Judge. OSXSILAÍ RULE. tt Is ordena by the said Court now here that the followíng Hule be adopted, to remaiu in forco until tho Court shall otherwise order, viz.; The party i&WLOMfft7ordeLMLlt may been have entercd in term or in vacati'jn may at any time, ultertwo d&ysin term time wLa.Il havi inti -rvfned, or it' entered in term tune, thuQ ut any time afier thfl expinition oï two dAya thereafter ha"e a rule eutert'd in the Oummcm Rule Bouk to make such dtitnut absolute, and for bucIi judgment as the prty iseutttled to by reaooa of tbe dtfault. lf Buch default be takc-n by l'laiutilï for want of a plea he majr by riaid rule ir. cases whcre it is competent make refereuce to the Clerk to assean ilie üauiages ; and in other cases said rule sball direct the atsseüement to be made by the Court or by a Jury. By EDWIN LAWRENCE, Circuit Judge. TpHE Circuit Court for the County of Wahtnaw. X At aseasiun of eaki Court held at the Court House in the City of Ann Arbor, ontholöthday of June, A. D, 1Ö61. Present Hon. Edwin Lawrence, Circuit Judge. GK-VERALKULK. It ffl ordered by the said Court now here that the folLawiag rule be adopted to remaiu m torce until the Court Bhall oibarwUe orderj viz.. A ootice of the i.-Hue joiued in any cause in this Court shall be werved on the Clerk of this Court at least Mix days before the opening of any term of this Court, 'm order to entitle such issue to be placed on tLe docket for trial at auch term. By EDVflN LAWKEXCE, Circuit Judge. Ann Arbor Marble Workf, TI Ari on haml a fino assortment of American ajad 1TA L I A N MA li B L E which he is prepared to maouct,:.-? into In all their varietip, and n a WORKMAXMKiï manier. ; Having had considerable cpfrienoe ín the builqMI he llatters himself tliat he will bi ablo to pleafcs 11 who may favor me with their on"er. IJis prico LO W AS THE LOWEST. thone wishing any thtDg in my l'.ne are respectfully invitetl to cali. D C. BATCHELDER. AnD Arbor. May CO, J8S1, 601 tl


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