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Summer Hill Uur ser y, THEODORE R. DuBOIS, pHOHRIETOROFTHE.SUMMERHII.I.XUKSERY.AÍO _L Arbor, Mich.,is sow rcady to rcceive orders for Fall aiid Spring Setting, Hia orders for Fruit an,l Ornamental Tree Yines Shrubs.etc, willbe lilmil Inini tl, e beat Kutero Nn'rscries rui,: lus personal attíntira will be given to the Mlaetkn andlillingtheiiamc. Barlnf been rcgularly educated ir the Nursery business, He is confldent that with prompi a., close uttcnUon, ná strict honeaty and tatgilty,hl wul be ablo to give Eatisfaction tu every one confldins theirorders to him. E All farmers or Fruit grotrers will do woll to give him n calllu.foreorderinï thmughother parties vould i to ma.iv citiwna of tb City a„(J Coi'.ntv wliopurcliasciofliimlhc put Spring for the quality I I roes brought on hv hi,u , as well L foT the good order b whichthey wcrereoeivud anddollvered. 804m3 Hangsterfer's JBlock. DEA N Mfe C O., TNVTTEntU-iitiou to their new steek csmprislne all 1 Idadsof Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, Gas Fixtures andHouse-furuuhinggoodi.all of which they are offer ing Ai the Lowest Possible Rates. French China Ten sets froni $5 oo to 20 00 French China dinner seis from 25 00 to 70 01) ■ Stone china Tea sets frrm y 50 to 5 00 Stond china dinner sets from 8 50 to 20 00 GlaM KeroseiH' I.amp.i complete Trom 37) to 62 Marble Kerosene Lauips complete trom 80 ti10()0 Fluid Lamps from 18 to 62} 4Eï Lamps of all kinds altered and repaired. Disaolution, rpiIK OOPAKTOEBaHIP heretofnre existing hetween l t „luidursigne.l.underthe flrm name an.l stvlc of Batchelder & th.s day disolved l,y mutual conent. Al "lemanils in favor of and againBt'said flrm will besettled by D. C.Uatoheldcr at the old tand JOHV BISELE, n , , , CC HAÏCUEI.DKR. I'ated, Ann ArborMny 20, 1861. 8(llw6 '■""DrirwoóDTcor HAYB ÍUST OPINÏD A LARGE & WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Seasonable Goods, For the SPRING fc SUMMER Trtd of 1861 Having purohastJ tbeir stook at much less than the usual prices, they are preparcd to )ffer GEEAT INDUCEMÉNT3 Po Cash & Ready Pay Buyers. rhankful for past favors they will be ever ■eady to show their Goods and by fair and iberal dcaling'hope to receive their fullshare if the publio pntronnge. West sido of publio square. Ann ArboJ April 1861. The Syracuse first Premium BUCKEYEMOWER with a RE PLG ATTACHMENT. The Best made in the World ! Manufactured by Lathrop & McNaughton, JACKSON, MICa FOR SALE BY Risdon & He n der son 9 (80-i6) ANN ARBOR, MICH UEAD. A. DE FOR EST, 'VlVlïiys nlivndin Prlt HAVI.VG REMOVED MY STORE to the East sido of Main etréet, ne door north of Guitei-niaii'p. lam now receiving Ww fioods, oomprwlng all kinds of Uro0;, Kiuits, Exlracts, (ilasswaie, I.aiups, LooLiug Guisara, Tablrüutlery, iMlver-platad Goods, te, LOWER '1 HAN EVER! French Chin Tea Set, from (t 50 to 18 00 French China Dliintr bots. from '20 CO to 30 00 Stouo China Tea tíets, from 3 00 to 4 50 S-'tone China Dinuer Sets, from 0 50 to 16 50 Iïettutiful Glass Gobtets, 2 00 pr doza (ílasB Kercsein; Unnps from -í" to r0 Maible Kerosene Ijiinps from 75 to 3 00 Fluul Lamps from 56 to 5 Kerosene Oil, goo quality, 80c pergullon All other (ioods at CorroBpo ruling juicefi. Lampa of all kuul.s altererUud ippaired. Peoples Store, 709tf A. De FOBEST. TROTTING STALLIONS. ATTENTION BREEDERS. YOÜNG HENRY CLAY, and YOUNG BLACK HAWK. Youiij? Henry Clay WAS raised by Isaaii Fhillips, of Ontario Co., N. V. HU colorís a cual black, 16 hands Mgh, weigha 1150 Ibs., and nuver watrained, aud can trot in 3 minutes, aníl will bt! sIiüwl in harntïss to any 9Q4 wisliing, and as a horse forall work cannot be surpaswed, as the testimoniáis he receivM fall ahow; he rt'ccivrd a premium at tbc National llorse Show at Kalamazoo, coi::peting with twelve horse3 from differf nt State?, alno at the latfl Michigan State Agricultural Fair, held in Detroit, eompeting with 26 horses, he also recoived the lt premium at the lantWashtenawCo. AgricuHural Society. Young Blank Hawk. Ib a mahogany hay color, 16 handn high, and veighs 1150 Ibs., and for actiun and lasting quality eannot be Burpassedfor one nevtr handled more. His get Uows wellas they can be peen in and around Ano Arbor, a he has provod himself a wure foal Young Black Hawk was raiaed by Ebenerer Leggeit, of Stillwater, tíaratoga Co., N. Y., frtnu hin superior maro Ramble, and for further particulars of qualiÜM ud goodneü, 1 refor you to Jan. Newland, of this city. The aboi e horsen may be secn at my ttable en Friday a.nd ?aturday of ench week. ÁsiL Arbcr, MsyFth. í?rJ BYHO" GEEEK


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