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Napoleon's Neutrality Decree

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I tic íollowing are the material points o{ Napoloon's recent decreo oí' ueutrality in American affaire : His Majesly, tho Einperor of the Fie ich, taking into consideratíon tlie tato of peece wbich now exists between Flanee and tho United States of America, has resolved to maintain a striet ueutrality between the governinent oí the UiiioQ and tbe States which propose to lorna a separate conlederation. No vessel oí war or privateer of óitber oí thí belügerent parties wiil be allowed to enter or stay with prizea in any of our ports or roadsteads longer than twentyfour hours, except in case of coríipulsory delay. No sale of goods bolonging to pnzes is allowed in our ports and roadsteads. Evrv Freuehinan !s prohibited from taking a comrnission uuder either of the two pames to arm vessels of war, or t accept letters of marque for pri Xfttoüui.iiü'. üi)niQS3s, or to assjat in aujr urtnament of a vesseljof war or privnteer of either party. Every Frenohman, wlictl er residing in France or abroad, id 1 kewiseprohibited fr.)m onlisting or taking Service in either the land army or on board ves' seis of' war or pi ivateers of either of the two belügerent parties. Fronohmen residing in France or abroad, must likewho ubslain from any act, wliich, conimitted in violaticn of the laws of tho Erapire or of International law, might be coi'sidored as an act hostile to one of the two parties, and contrary to tho neutrali'.y wbich we have resolved to observo. Al! persons aeting contrary to the prohibitions and reoomrnendations contuined in this declaration, will bo prosecuted, ií required, conform ably to the enactments oí the law of tho lOth of April, 1825. llii M.ijosty declares, moreover, that every Frenen man contra vening the present enactments, ivill have no claim to any protection from his governinent against any actsor mensures, whatover thoy may be, wliich the bolligerents might exerciso or decreo.


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