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j fö&i Fl RE ! WESTERX MISS A CIWSF.TTS 1 ff i iM fl i U 1" ji. s ■- InuraiiCö Oompany . CASH CAPITAL SURPLUS; i ovsa saiDOiOoo. ] V. r. MM N Jj Agent Atm Arbor, Mareli, 20, 18G1. 7!)_tf LIFtó !iSUÜANCB. Tlio Connecticut Mutual Life Insuranco Company. Aceumulatcd Capital, - $3,500,000. WIIAIÍÍSURK I.IVKS rol any amnnnl not excoêding SI O. II 10 for thé ti-rni of Life or l'ur I lena M mn. on mwt i:tvnrallt' terins. N.B The Comnany s purely mutual aal tln poliov holdtr got all tho aarplua over tlie exact oost of insur:nice 11 ;tccoinjki;i(i' the iiwinvl in the gottlement of thcir -X UI'K ittLICIÈs, if Uesiied, br taking a nofi fr one halfthe amourit, bearfitg Interest al ix per (-rut, per innam. Jliridcnds are Declared Annualhj! and niaefl tlioy nmv .amiuint to ROT [MI i-fiit on the premium, e:i--h ;uil ii:íU-, nul ;;re UXCTWaing tbfy muy be Hpplied h cancol therióte. ftjir Th ratc.s t premfonu ;trcis low ns any otHw n1Rponnible ConjpWiy aml tlu-l.irirp nccumulnted fuud of 1,006 is nccurety mvcstcdi m may be bood iy rt-i--rence ta ttie stateTOímí iha'le Rccording to law, on lile in !he office of the Countv Cï Ann Arbur."(k JAMES GOOJDWIN. Prest. Ciy H.ri;Kii's,s,-cy. Kol pnrtlcularsapi'ly-to .TAMT.S ('. WAT-OK, 7ö3jl geut at Ann Arbor, Uteh. NEW YORK LIFE INSURA.NCE COMP'NY. Accumuïated Jan, 18G0, $1,707,133,24 MORRIS FI1ANKLTN, President, J C. K ENDALL, Vice President, PLINY F111ÍEMAN, Actuary $100,000 DEPOSITED wilh th ComptroUerof the State f Mow York. Divideada average lü par cent. tvnuually. . L3 S 33 T S - (i-h In nni:1;, 31,305,49 InTeeled in wxurities. creatftd ander tae lawsof the Ste, .4" Xew Vwk and of Ue S., 58,S7O,79 ltiitc aud i'ixtures, Noü. 1 12 an'l 1 1+ Broadway 132,460 04 B-mtla and uoriagesdravinfff per et. Interest r83,yy8.3ij Xotps received for 40 ier ceut. of premiums on life pohcie'i, beai'inp Qterest, 67 ,C13.S5 Quarterly iml Samf-aanna] prevolvmS] ilue sabMjnent'to Jnnüarv 1, 18i3t) 0,550.38 Interest accruod up lo Jan. 1, 1S60, S0.4S8.77 Kent accrued upt Jan. 1, 1860, I,"9SiM Premiums in policies in kamls üf Aguts, 26,445.19 íl.767,133.24 Drs WEixsaud Liwm, Medical K-cnminfv!. 743t'f J. 61LBERT SMlïll, Agent Insurance Agency ! c h mili,E3ü of New York City.- Capital and Surplus, Si .rou,üüo. CITY FIUE INSURANOB CODIPAIST, of -Capital nml Siiri.his, $100.000. CO.VTI.NENTAIi INSI'HASCE COMPANT, nf Ké Vork City.--rpit:il r.nil Surplus, $100,000. Tlirte 'pii'.rtors of the nett protits in tlns Company i.s tiivided aunually amoug its policy h'jl'lv-rs. C ïl Mlï.I.KXAnn Arbor, December 13, 1S00. 0m778 Conway Fire Insnraiice Co., Of Coiiway, Mass. Capical pa:d up, - $150.000 00 Assets (Cash), - - 269,968 12 Liabilities. - - - 16,440 03 D. C. Rogers, Jas. S Whitney, Secrelary. President. DIRECTORS. J 8.WHITNKY, L. 8QDJIAN, W. K.I.I.1OTT, KSK HOM I.AND, D O. MfGIl.VKA V, K. O. MOKOAN IV1IT BRMENT, JOS1AH AM. IS. A. II. 1!U' I.RN W.H. DICKiNSON, W.T. CLAPPj l). C. KU;'.:R'i. Ann Artor References: Dr. E. WELLS, L. JAMES. L. DODGE, ENOOII JAMES. OAI'T. O.R. (5OODIU0H J. W. KNIGnT; Agent A.nn Arbor, Michigan. TH E PEÖRIA MA RINE& FllïË INSURANCE COMPANY, OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. C:ipit:il, - - - $500,000 one oí the IIF.AVlhST, SAUST and BBBI Insurance Ca'a. in the L. S. ïnsures un reasonable terms, and al .v:r. pay promptly. TIrtl1 is no butler Fire Insuranc Company. Mo n e y Wanted, VV li o w i 1 1 L e n tl M o n e y 1 IAM RBtMJESTKD BY SEVKRAL l'ERSON'S to obtain money fur thein at ïen Per Cent latere st, (Or More.) For anv nne wiUincr to li'inl, I can it. (tnce Invest on good iinencmnbcre.1 :ibuiulant KKAL ESTÁTE st-curily :nv - ■nul. of money and ee that the title aod securily ai.i. K1GUT. The borrower paving all expensen, inchuling recordlng. K. W.MOKOAN, Ann Arbor, Oct. 7.1859. 715lf General Land Agency. PERSONS wantlng forres, or rfiililenceilnornml Ann Arbor, can by calliug ünme selectfrouia list ofovar 1OO l'arnisPor Snlf! oicc inn a, to to of.,ii ,ouuc ai goodnanTlnthiêConnty.) Murethan 5O OweliiiK Houses n'.hl";ity,fromwo hanited to faurthomancdo - arteach : and ovor 2 O B ü I T D I N G LOTS I Amonzthcfarrrn are the Blsbcpstarin, IMOacrc, the l'otter farm, in Green Oak, t ha Placef arm, aaj 4i)ttcrcs íhc Blandón nnd Jnnks fnrms, n Webster, thn Stuu'ia, Mlehael Clancy, Newton Bcegnn, and I'-al!nhni farm. In Ann Arbor; J .Kingsley'4 farm, inPittsrteid-tbe linten and Hick farm In Lodüthc PatriekClayufann in Freedom; W. S. Uavii-on, B O. Haker B and lluek'B farms InSylvan. Moet n theso nnd many otbers can be dlvidedto tuit pUr0haSCr' K.WHOXGAN. AnnArboJ.Jan In . 1R5B " ?p W. MO IIGAN, Agent lor Mutual ÍJÍh TnsuranceCompany, New York. Accumuliite.l.WeU, ... - $5,350,000. the fceading ïif Insurance Company In iba U. B. Knickc-rbocker Life Insurance Company, New York, - a first claSfl safe Co. - U-rnis reasdnable. Htunbohh Firp Insurance ('omitany, New York. Dapital, wiili a, larfte surplus, - $200,000. PeorU Marine & Kire lusurance Co., Teoriii 1U. - x No. 1 Tire Insurance Co'S. 7O7tf Capital, - - - $500,000 t v HANDALL. DEALIXG IS PIANO FORTES, MELODEONS, SHEET Music 4 Musical Murchandite. JACKSON - - - MICII. PliLNO FORTES frono thf nunnfactory of A. H. GALK & CO. of New V'irlv, fur wbora I am art. I tvill warrant inferior to none, in ?tyle of (inish juautity oi quality of tone and promptness of bètion MELOX)EOJSi"Ss manufartired by TREAT & MNPI.KY Kew Ilavrn Conn. & KriTKY k CHHKN', of ïïrnttlebori Vt. I will warrant superior to any in the nmrkct in evcry tfpect tliatperiains t.i tho crooi qnaHtics of a Mflortenn. I have nu hanl aiul am ooiutuitlj rrrtiving iVi'iii the [mi largc quantios of the most ponular SHEET MUSIC wbich I will senfi by mail to any part of the country, on receipt'of marked jiricfïK. A gooj QUITAKS, VÍOLINS, TIANO Stool, Bows Strings, Instructions Books for all instrumcuts, CIIURC MUSIC BOOKS Glee Boohs Ifc., c., fyc. Tho usual discount to tlio Profesión. Musical Inítrumentetuneil and repaired and eatisfactlonguarantce io areij respect. TsT-tí L. F. HAN'ÜAIX


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