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Maynarö, Etebbins & Wilson's. un; haviíaoaJn bepiíkkisuéd oer store vnvn Uiu ü.ii.,t splendid Stuti of Cür O E3 JLt L3 that 1V.S pvit oITitci: u uny oue establishment 11. the State, ül of wliicli we ufter tur vt? - ltU 4J Lr lP Iri tíJ v! ' ■:. ühIow as can be fouiul in the Union We want Money ! mil wfll iu:tke Grcat Sacrificcs on Anyiliinu we.have lo obtaín it} tiot exccpíing OLD NOTES AIsD ACCOU-NTS ALL CASH Cl: STOMERS tocallnntl exaraiüe our Gooln and l'rlces. u]- mvitt' nir Prompt Paying Customers to como aml buy tlieir BuppÜM fr tbe 'Winter. Totiiosi Baehful ono that are aliaid tu culi, vo aay u thdm, tab courage without lunvr waitii for liighcr prici,C uno in, f oíd cores, muí then JJC TfcT CftatT' -7S9 at sv.cli prlcM ns wíl! m.ko np all Insses It U liardl; t ncccess:iry to eiiuniLihíe our OockUSj foi We have Everythingl A largo aasortmcni of UARPETING, CHObKERY DEY GOODS, MEDIIKES, GEOERIES, PA1NTS, CAPS, BOOTS, SU OES YANKEE NOTIONS &c, &c., &c. Oilil Arca Oiii udï (TIStf) MAYNAUH, STI.l!i!IX.= í: WII.SO Síoves &. Hardware I KTSDON & HENDERSON S 1H7 SU & M3 !ñí 9 Hardware and House Turnishing O L U Si. All T.ork will bc sold au C1IKA1' a at any other Establishment iu Michigan, Thoy gottKa Best Assortment of Cooking A n T.Q R AND l'LATh ÍB TOV ES 3 And will sellthem Choaper than TU E CHEAPLST, Hease cali -muí seo. All kimls of tin ware kept on Particular attcn! iou p;iid to all kinds of Whicli will be dono wlth NEATNESS AND DJ8PLT0& jOI'lf.ip cali and sec tinir STOVE ROOM in '2d storj of Xew Kloek. RJSDGS & HEííDERSON Aon Arbor, Jin. 5, 1861. O . BIiISS iiiiiiillwmaMwirainmBr.Br-i.n.nil,iil,iuiiimi!iimniilllWlnlllll Still in the Field! Tira a LAEGE STOCK of GOODS in my lino direct from New York, Boston, and tlic Manufacturers! I luivc just received a large and welí seléctedassortmeiii CLOCKS, VVATCHKS, J" U "W E Ij R -y. SILVEK & PLATED WARE, Musical Instrumonts, Table and Pocket Cutlery GOLD PENS, And n great vnru-ty of Yankee Notions, tc. I would cali particular attention to my large stock of )S PECTACLES , of Gold, teilver, Steel, and Plated, witk PER SCOriC GLASS A superior artide, and a gre'fct varictv of articlos in the liuo, OHEA.1 for CASH. Persone bav&ng dlffic ilt n-atcln toflo witb,glaaa, cftn be accuuiiiiin!iii.rl a my stoob w larse an l complete, 1" S, I'aitirulrr ftÜei t n -. tutbQ REPAIEING of all kinda of Tine Watchéa, 8uch as Making & Setting New Jewels, PIKIONS, STAl'Tá and CYLINDEUS, ulso CLOCKÖ, AND JEWELRY, N:itlv Repaired and irarraïTef. C. BLISS. August 2S, ISOe. 768lf Ayer's Agüe Cure.


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