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GREAT. GREATER GREATESJ, BAIiGAlNS EVER OFFERED 1859. Jpl85i). In tlii3City,areuow being ofFercd at tha ClIEAP.CLOCK.WATCn, & ï" o-w oliy Store'rHK Pub.rrib"r wouldnny to lh citrnnfiof Ann Arl hor. i'i particular, find th6 reet of Whtcnaw :runtv incKiinrnl. thnt Imhnsjust IMI'OIU'KD 1)1RECTLY trom KI.'UOPE.a Tremcndous Stock of Watclies! M, ol whlch liinciü hiinsflfto pil CHEAPER than eau !'■ bought west ot' Nr:w York City. )"i Fnci: Cylir.dcr Wntches Irom $6 to $10 do do Lever do io H to Gl ilunüng Cso do do do 14 to 35 dn do Cylinder do do 9 to 28 .ïold Watthe trom 20 to 150 [ Lave aluo the CE LE1ÏR A TE D AMER'CAN MATCHES, wliich I wlll sou ter L35. Evry Vvateh warranted to parform well, or tbc raon?y reiundnd. Clocks, Jewclry, Pinted War, Fnncy Goode, Gold Pens, Musical IatitruiaRuts and Strings, Cutlery, &c, :; ín f 'act n mtofcj of evrryf.hinc Udiially krpl'ay Jew elrs can be boughtforthe next ninety daya nt yuUf 0 W N I 11 I C E S ! PersoiJB buying nnything at thift wt'U known estabhhmi' ti t can rely upon gettíng goud? cxwt'y as represent- d, orthemonry refundud. Callearly Hnd seours the bO6t bargaf o ever ofi'ered tb tbjf City. One word in regard to Repairing : Wft ure prppnrd to mnke any repair onfine ur common Wntrhes, pvon tn mrtkirtü o í1!' the entírfi watch, t iici'h nary. Eteptdrlog of ('locks wnd .icwelry h usual. -Alfiu the manuf act uring oí RINGS, líROOCH, or auything d8'red, fromjOnlii".rnia Gold onehortnotice. Enpravipc ín all ita branches exeented withncut :('68 and dispatcb. J C WATTS Anu Arbor, Jun. 2Bthl850. 7í4w IIORACE WATERS, AGENT 3 3 3 Broadway, N e v Y o r k Publlhh r of Muele nml AIuslc BooIls am di:ai.[;r in Pianos, Melodeons, Alexandre Organs . Organ Accordeons, Martinas celebrate d ahdother Guitars, Violins, Tenor Viols, Violincellos, Accordeons, Flutinae, Flutos, Files, TriangleP,'Clarbnettí'JTunin Foiks.Pipes andïïammera, VioIinBows, bestltalian Stringe, Instruments for Bands, Piano Stools, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. JS ia. O o t 1VC -lx. S i o (Trom all tbe pubUahera in the U. S., Bortiiu's liunlin's, and Modero Sctiool, and all kinds of Instrnction Hooks nütraments; Churcb Husic Books; Music olejrintly bound; Music puper, and ii.ll kinds of Music A t t lieLowest Prices. New Pianos, At $175, 3200, $225, $'250, and up to $800. gecoud Hand Pianos fmm S25 iip to $160; wew Melodeonit, $4S,' SiHl, S75, StOO, anti up to $'00; Second Hand Mclodeons ('rorii S5í0 tu $80; Aloxandre Organs, with five stops, $IC0, ntnestopfi, SIS' and $226 ; tbirtwn stops , $250, $275 and 3a(H): fiítc'cn stops, $ítao and S375: A Hbéiul discount !u CUtl', ChtlCChflB, S;ibb;ilh Schools, Seminaries and Tundiera. The Trade supplietl at the usual trade discount Testimoniáis of the Hornee Waters Planos and Melodcons John Howett, of Cartïiagp, New York, who has had one of tin.1 HoraccWfttera Píanos, wrltesas followa: - liA fHend of mint' wishes me to pu rebase a piano for her. She likefl the ope yon sold me ín Ifcccmbor, 1 85 " . My piano is becoming p ■pular in Ibis place, and I think I can Introduce íliU' í[1 two more; they will be more popular thini a-oy other make." "We bftrfi two of Watera' Pianos in use in ourcminary, one oi' whieh bus been seyerélj testcel for threc ycars. and we can teUfyto their pnocl qnality and durability." - Wood .V Gregoiy, Mouni Carroü, HL ilil, Waters, Ksi. - DeaR Sik: Baring aed one of your Piano Fortes iorttroyfiars past. I have fonnd ttaverj superior Instrument. álOSzo Ckay, Principal liroükhjn Heights Seminary. "The Piano I reccivod from ymi continúes to give sattsfactioDi 1 regard ïtas one fff the best instrumeuts in the I ■.■ Ia.m: U CtARKK, CharltsUm, Va. "TJie Bíetódeon has aafely arrlved. I foei obljsedto you fory our liberal discount." Rev. J. M. McCoKMick , Ym'lttesvilleS, C. 'Tbe plapo aa duly recpived. It camp ín excellent roinlitiun, and is very nvu-U adtnircd Jy vnfr n-ainorous i'iiiüilv, Acctit uw t);in!;M for your prompttieso." - [{uukki i ,uham, Bradjotd Co. Pa. "Vour piano pleasoa ua well, It is the best one in our pounty.",- TnoataS A. I,.Tn.. CampbclUon, Ga. "Wc nio much obügeil to y$ for liaving aent sucïi a fine instrument for $250'- Buank.ïIkld & Co., in ff aio VcmGCrat. "The Ilorace W.u. - Pianos are known asamonj? the y !■ .■- We are enabW to speai of these instrumenta with confideucef frum personal knowledge of their excellent tone and durable quality." - iV. Y. Evangelist. ■ 'Wc can speas of the merite f the Hiorace Waters pi. anos teosa personal Itnowïedge, as boiug the very fintst qualiiy" - Ckristian Inlitligenccr. "The Hornee Wátéra planos are otult of the best and most thoroughly iwasoned material. We hato no íloubt that baygra can as wcll.perhap.s botter, at thisthan at any ottrliOUse in the l'nion.'- Advocate and Journal. Waters1 planos an3 ietoaeöns challenge comparïsoo ivith thu finest male anywhei-e in the country."- Home Journal "HoraCö Waters' piano Fortes are of fulT, rïch aud men tone, and powerful -.V. Y. Musical Review. 0 ';t)ur Cricndfl will find at WateïB1 utorp the very best aseortment of Music and of Pianos to be founrl in the Unitwl ?ïAtfi,antl we urge our southern and western blonda tu live him n cali whenever they go to Xew York." - Qraham's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N". Y. SabbathSchool Bell, ÏOO.OOO issued iu ten Months. The unprecedentod sale of thisbook has inducedtho publisher to add Bome 30 now tunes and liymns to its pres,i.i siW!, without ftxtra charge, exoeft oñ the cheapediUon1 Amonji themany beautiful tunes and hynms uddeO may be found:--(I ought tolotemy mother;" t;OI'H k '_ -..„.i kUia hulcüd 1 ucilL" These and cight others from the BolK were nungai Ene"Wnnra m - t i imiy. satv of the M. E. Choren at the Aeademj of Music, with ereat applnuse The Bell cortain.s nenrïy 200 tunes and hymns,and ia one of the best coHeoüona ever issued. Price lc: $10 per btradreílpostago 4k ESegantly bound, embbssed silt, "25c, $20 per 100 II ha.s been iutroduced intomanyof the Public Schools. The è - is publishcd in email numberB entítled Anniversary aml Sunday School Music Bnoks, Xns. 1,2, 3k 4, in onlerio accommoduto the million; nrice $2 & $3 per liiiri'hod No. 5 will S0OU06 issued- commen cement of auother book, Also, Revival Music Books, No, 1 & 2, price $1 & $2 per 100, postage le. More tlia.i 300.0CO copies of thfl nbove books havo been iissued the past elghteen monÜiSj aud the demand srapidly increusing. Publisht'd bv HORACE WATgES, Agent, 333 Bruadway, N. '. JSTxr JSLxxfSáy9 Publïsod by Horace Wat erg No. 33 3 Broadway, New York Vocal, "Kind Words ean neverdic;1' "The Angels told mo so;M "Wilds of the Wcstj1 "Thoughta of God;ïi Gírame back my Mountain Hömej" "Iay Dreanu;M ■'D.tndy Cock Boblnj" 'Tui with thee síill; "Pet oamea;' "There's no darílng llke mine;" "Saxáh Jane Lee;""BVor of thee;" "lin lea ving the tï in Sorrowj" "Bird of Boauty;" "Home of our birth;'1 "Grave of Rosabel,' aud 'Wake, lady. wake,,' price 25c each. l-rm'MK.YTAK, - ' 'Pa-lace Garden, or Stnging Bird l'olka,' 40c; "Swinging Schottsche;ÍJ "Mirabel Schottisfh;" Thomu Bakara Sohottisohe;11 "1'ie.coloniini Polka, 0:"' cents e;u'h. The abovepiect-s have beautiful vignettee. "Welmer Polka;'1 "Arabio Wai cry Marcli," the yery t : "VasflOTianna Donleili kfazaru; (ReaU ins Polku;" "(.'rinoline Waltz," and "Laucers' Qua drille," 25c eacli. "The Empire oí Iíeie.h's Quadrille;" a new dance, and "The Ilibernian Quarlrille," 3fceach. Manv of these pieces are played by ÏJakpr's oelebnited orcli isi ra with great applruse.g Maíled free. A largelot of Fondga Music at half price. Pianos, Slciodcoits and Organs. The Hornee Waters Pianos and Molorleoim, for deptb, purily of tone and durability, are uusurpassed. Pricos vt-ry low Seoond Band Pianos and Halodaqnsfrom S-5 to SluO. Mu'sic aiidiluüical Instruotions of all kinds, attho lowest prices. HORACE WATERS, Agent. No. 883 Broadway , N. T. TcantncoxilXS; - U.Tho Tlornce Waters Píanos are known iix among the very be-t.' - Evangelist. "We can speak of their merits from personal knowlcdge." - ChriBlian Intel tijeneer. "Xothinffat the Fair displayed greater excellence -'T- Churchman. Waten1 Pinnos and líeloáeons challenge comparinon with the ftnest niado anywliercin tbe couutry." - Home Journal. 710tf Ir ving's "W orks - National Edition 'pHIS Fine Edition of the Wciks of WASHINGTON Ia L visa (including the life ol WasÜIngtcni will bc pub ishcd for STTBSCRIBERS ONLY In ilontbly Volumes, Price $1.50 Payable on Delivery. Beautifully Frinted on heavy Rnperfinp paper, of th( vory bost qualtty, and substuntially bound iu heav_j bevelled boards. CTEach Volume illustratcd with Vignettet on Steel aud Wood. XB Knickerbocker's New York, Sketch Boojt, Cloth. Cofumbus, 3 voN. Bracobridge Hall, Arttoriu, T:ilcs of :i Traveler, Qrayon Mi icollany, Capt. BonneriUe, Oliver Qoldamíth, Miilmniet. ü vols. Grenada] Athambi n , Wblfert'fl Roost, Life uf Washingtop, 5 vola. Satmaftundl. ThU edition Will be nold kxcicrjvbly to Subscrilert nd will be greatlj saperlor to any ever before issucd,- voiy bandsome set of these untverilly popular work. ■i thua i'laceU withtn tbe menna of all. fc1 P. PITNAM, Afrt-,PuMihpr, 115 Na; Street, New York


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