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rüBI.IPmTH-.VEKY FluruvMonMN-i:, n the TlnrJ Stnrj althe lirick Hl,ick,coino(lli"''l Btnvti Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co„ Michigan, Entraño on Hurón Street, opjiosite the Franklin. E L I H "CT B , IP O 1ST ID Editor and Publisher. TKRMS, 81.5O A YEAR IN ADVANCE ADVERTISING. One square (13 lines or less) one week, SU cents; anr 16 oents for evmy Insertion theroafter, less than thrci month.s. Ïiiequre3months,...$3 Qïiartercol. 1 ycar t-0 Dne do 0 do 5 Half col'mn 6 mos 38 Ddo do 1 yoar 8 Half do 1 year M fwo si.'res 0 mos 8 I One do 6 mos 36 Two do 1 yoar laOne do 1 year CO Adrertisemonts amicrnmpnTiipi liy writton orver(.Uiroctions wIUe published until ordered out, and charged accordinglfIeal advrrtisfmenta, first insertlon. 60 cents r" olio 25 cents per folio for each subsequent nsertion. W'hp'n a poutponement in adik'il toan advortisement the irhole 11 be charged the sumo as for first nsertion. job niKTTiisrca-. fanipblets. Hand-billfl, 'TCulars, Cards, Rail Tickets, nd tther varieties of V. in and Fancy .Tob Priatíng, xocuted (ritlipromjrtiMM, JJdinthc BEST stvls. BOOK BINDING. Oonnected with the Office is a Bank Bindery in charge sf a competent workman. County Records, Ledgern, ïournals. ud all kinds of Blank Boolcs made to order, nd of the best .'toe!:. Pamphlets and Periodicnls bound m & neat and du table manner, at Detroit pricea. Kníranre toBindery thro'iLb VRdVS OfEce.


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