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■föitstiifss 3Jmrtoïi. I. O. O. F. WASHTEXAW I.ODGE N'o. 9, of the Independent or.ler of Odd Fellows meet at their Lodgu Room , erery Fridav evening, at 7K o'clock, M. V. K.'JOXES. ff. C. J.F. Spaldisg, Sec'r. S.G; SUTHERLAND & SOJST, WHOLESALE AN'D BETAIL Crocers and Commission Herchants, East side llain Street Ann Arbor. B. HËSSE, Parotut & SoamOK Respectifully tender liis profcBüional services to the citizens of Ann Arbor and ricioity. gS Office in Mock's New Building, Main Btreet, Ann Arbor Micb. N.B. Night calis promply attended to. TWITCHELL & CLAEK. A ttornets and Counsellors at Iaw( General Life and Fire Insurance agents. Office in City Hall Bluck, 11 HiirnnSt., Ann Arbor. Collections promptly made .ndremitted, and apecial attention paid to eimveyancing. D. S.TWITCHKLL, f743tfl B. P. CLAEK. J. M. SCOTT. A MnRon-rK k Piiotogrph Aktists, in the rooms f ronmTlvoccupiedbyCordleyjOverthe store of Sperry t Moon Pe'rfect satisfáction guaranteed. W. N. STEONG, DXA1.T.H in riry Goods, Boots andshoes, Groceries, Bonnets.Fancy Goods, Sc. Kxchange Block, Ann Arbor. WINES & KNIGHT. DBALERsinStaple, Fancy Dry Goods, Boots anü Shoes, fee. &c, Main Street Ánn Arbor. MAETIN THÖMTSÜNT rirRMTCRK Wjirk Rooms, Dealer n all kinds of Furniture, f kc. -Vew Block , 51ain Street. EISDON &HÉÑDEESON, DEALERS in Hardware, Stores, liouse furnishing goods, Tin Ware &c. fcc, Ke Block, Main Street. A.P. M3LLB, DBAIKR in SUple Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shues and Ready Made Clothing, HuronStreet Ann irbori BEAKËS& ABEL, ttorxevs & Coükseii.ors T Ijw, and Solicitors in A. Chanery. Office in City Hall Block, over Webster & Co 's Boon Store, Ann trbor KÏNGSLKY& MORGAÏT, A ttorxkys, Counsellors, Solicitors, and Notarles Pub[V lic, have Books and I'lnts shoning titles of all lands In the xmnty,andattend toconveyancingand collecting .emand, and to paying taxes and school interest in any art of the State. Office eastsüe of the Square, Ann Arbor. Tames r. cook, JvsnCE of tiif. Piuce. Office near the Deoot , Ypsilanti , Michijran1_j "Wm. LËWITT, M. D., Pütsioax k BraMmt. Office at his residence, Morth ide of Hnron street, and 2d house West of División Itreet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIEE, ft f ANrrACTi-RKR an J dealer in Boots and Plioes. ExLYj. changeBlock, 2 doors South of Maynard, Stebbin fe Wilh-on's Store, Ana Arbor, Midi. MOORE & LÖOMIS. yrt.scFACTüRKBS an1 Jealer in Boots and Shoes, VI Phcenix Block, Main Street, one door North of Washington. Wu. S. SAUNDËKS7 Dkalkr n Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers, Ann Arbor Cash Boot & Shoe Store, south side of Public Square. M. GUITEEMAN& CO , Wholksaix and Retail dealers and manufacturcrs of Roadj-MadeClothing, Importers of Cloths, Cassioeres, [toeakins, &c. No. ó, Now Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTER, pMaM Sütigeon Dextist. Office corner of Main mL HE au'l Hurón streets, over P. Bach's store, JrraHBl Ann Arbor, Michigan. U-LULT April, 1S59, Wm. WAGNER, " Dealkh !n Ready Jla'le Clothing Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Hats,Capa, Trunks, CarpetBags, &c. Main it. , Ann Arbor. BACH& PIERSON. Okalers in Dry Goods, Grocerien, Hardware. Boots & Shoes, &c, Main street, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS & CO., Oeai.krs in Dry Goodh, Groceries, Drugs & Medicines, tiunts í: SUoes, &c, comer of Main and Ann streete, Bt bel w the Exchange, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, 1rocers, Provisión & Commission Merchants,and dea.T lerfiin Watur I.imr, Land Pi.asteb, and P laster ok Paris, one door Eafitof Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS, DEALF-n inClocks, Watches, Jewelry. and Fancy GooiIk, at the sign of the Big Watch , No. 27,Phn!xBlnck. J. C. WATTS. D in Hoeks, Watches, Jeivelry and Silver 'Wavo Xo 83, Nsw Block, Ann Arbor. tTIb.RËMAN Barbkr and Fashionablc Hair Dresser, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair FrontB and Curls kept jonntantly on hand. SCHOFF & MILLER. Dealers inïiisccllaneoiis, School, ana Blank Books Sta tioueryf Paper Hangiiigs, &c, ïlain Street Ann Arbor. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, TEACHER OF Piano Forte, Guitar, and Singing, being desirouBof enlargingher clasa, wil! receive pupils at the resideuce ot Prof. WlXCHELL, which being near the Union School, willbe very convenient for such ncbolrsattending thcrewho may winh to pursue the study of musicin connection with other branche. Terms$10, half to be paid at the middle and the the close fo the term. D. DeFOEEST. IlTnoLE&ALKandRctail Pealerin Lumber, Lath, ShinVf gles, Saah, Doors, Blinds, Water Lime, Grand River piaster, IMaster Paris, and Naila of all sizes. A full and perfect asortment of the above, and all other Kinds of building matcrials constantly on hand at the lowest possible rates, on Detroit Street, a few rod frora the Raitroad Depot. Also opcrating extensively n the I'jitont Cement Roofing. WASHTENAW COUNTÏ B1BLESÖC1ËTï; Dkpository of BiMe and Tcstamcnts at lxe Society prices at W. C. Voorheis'. chapín, wooiT& co., SÜCCESSORB TO ÏJX7XiTI, OHAPINtfc Co MAMUFACTPiEEBOF Erixxt, Book., AND- ' COLORED MEDIUMS, ANN AlillOlt HIICH. Rifle Factory! A. J. SUTIIERLAND HASremoTcdhi Onn Shoptothe New Blockon Huton street, southuf the CourUJouae.ontbesccond poor, whereheiapreparedto furnish Guns, Pistola, Ammunition Flasks, Pouthes Game Bags, and Everj other article in bis Line. Ün the mostreasonablelerms.andtodo 11 kindi o REPAinilMT Gr n the iburtest notice,nnd in the beet mannei , full s5ortm3Qt alway fc'-p t on hand, ond made to


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