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The groundwork of all manly character is veracity. That virtue lies al the head of evorything solid. Hotv comraon it is to hear parents say, " I have faith in my child eo long as he speaks the truth. He may havefaults, but I know he will not deceive me, - I build on that confidence." They are right. It is a lawful and j-ist ground to build on. And that is a beautiful confidence. Whatever errors temptat:CD'ni?.J lead n child into. so ÏOÖg as brave, open truth remains, there ia something to depend on, there is anchor ground, thore is substance at the center. Men of the world feel so about ono nnother. They can be tolerant and forbearing so long as their erring brothcr is true. It is the fundamental virtue. Ordinary commorce can hardly proceed a step without a good measure oí it. If wo cannot believe what others say to us, we cannot act upon it, and to an immense extent, that is saying that we cannot act at all. Truth is a common interest. When we defend it we defend the basis of all social order. When we vindícate it, we vindícate om QWO foolhold. "When we plead for it, itis like pleading for the air of heulth that we breathe. When you undertake to benefit a lying man, it is like putting


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