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"When a man owns himsolf to be n error, he does but teil you ia other words, that he is wiser than he was. A man that does the best he can, does all that he should do. If a man cannot find easo in himself, it will'be of little purpase for him to eeek it elsewhere. Ghoose the courso of life that is (he most excellent, and cnstom will ronder it the most delightful, Be always at leisure to do good, and never make business an excuse for declining to perform the offices of humaDity. Defer not charities till death ; he that doth so is liberal rather of another man's wealth than his own. In the morninfi, think what thou hast to do, and at night ask thyself what thou hast done. Spend thp day wel!, and thou wilt rejoice at night; Avoid as nmch as you can the corapauy of all vicious persons whatsoever, for no vice is alone, and all are infecÜOUB. fhere are but few who know how to be idly indolent. ]5y doing nothing we learning to do ill. ■ - i m m fa-L" When a young mn complains bitterly that a young lady has no heart, it is a pretty cortain sign tbat sbo at least Las his.


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