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The Battle Of Falling Waters

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I have jukt con:e from the battleground at Palüng Waters to thi-s poiut, which is two iT.iles in advanco ol the inain army, and wheré oúr victorioua and exultant iroops are now in camp. Tbb battle cummenced nbotit 9 o'c'ock thi.s movning, as uo other battle pro'oably ever comuieDced in the hislorv of wars. Col. Perkins' battery was in odvance, and tho Coionel himself snrac (jirarter ut a milo in tho lead of liis men, when, upoo making a turn in the rósd, he carne suddenly upon two rnounted ofticers Military sulutes passed, hands ere shaken all pjiind, aud the strangers ásfcetl ('ol. P. what company he liolon'ged to and when ho had got in. The C fonel replied that he belongér) to Compány C, and had jus, urrived. One of the strangers observed réflOtively, ' Company C ! Company Cl" - and just tlien tho first piece of baltery showed ítscll round the turn, when he xclaimed, " Artillery, by God !'' and fled for his lite wi'h bis compuuion. - Col. P. ïuun-diately shouteel to his men, " Now, boy?, noine on, we've got 'em." In less than a minuto, the battery was in opcration, and blazing away, right and leit, while the rebels could be seen i all direetior.P, trying lorm thyir men. Thé '2 CjiTalry Philftdelpbia City Troops, McMullen's Rangen, the Wis consin Regiment and the ilth l'ennsylvanta Koiment iinrnediately fornied to Iho support of the battery, and a general running fire commenced, our men advancing and the enemy falling back for about a mile, when they attempted to form and make a respectable reáistance, but tliis they lound utterly impossible. Twiee their cavalry was formed and carne up for a charge, and twioo were they broken and soatterod by the Ilth Regiment. At this point, on the farm of a Union man named Portertiald, tho heaviest fighting took place. The enei.iy ioughc altijgethor as guerillas, and would ncver present a front to our men. They u-ere laying down in t'.e wheat, aud ie hind trees and logs in evcry place that nffordod concealment. Once a party took shelter in Poiiorfield s burn, but in a few minutes OoL Perkins had thrown so many shclls into it that it caught fii-o andburned up. The action usted aliog.ither near nn hour, daring which time we lost three men, and h:td ten or twelve moro or lesa woundud. In the samo hou?e where our men are lying there is a secossionist, named lïennis Haft", ehot tbrough the bead. - }Io belonged to Capt. Aiis'öth Virginia Regiment, and Baya tliero were five regimonts in the field of 1,100 oach, and that they were commanded by Col. Stewart T,e loss oí the rebels, in killed and wounded, has evidentlybe.n heavy. Our men buried three ot their dead this afternooo, and a man whose house they passed on tho retreat, snys ihey werocarrying '27 dead with them, and abont 50 wounded. Our wounded were all sent last night to the general hospital at Hagersiown. During the raidst of the fight the 23d ltogiment, under Coionel Daro, arrived, and mrnediately carne into line, but the enemy observing the reinforoéinent fled, and were pursued by the Tivonty-third and ollier regiments to this point, wherë the svliole of our ('orces are now enonmpud. The enemy are about two inile ahoad, if tbey have not taken refuge in llartinsburg, 4 iniies distant.


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