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- The Secretary of the Xavy reporta . 8'2 vcss&ls, earcying 1100 gillis, in áouimispion, bcsides scvcral ateuuiers and sniiill craft. - 259 Ntival ofilcers have resigned and been dismissed sinee Alaixl) -lth. - The Sccrctary of the Treasurj recoinii euds thu coufisentiou of the property of the officers of tlio rebel goverutuont aud States. - Mui. Gen. Fremont takes eommand of the Western Department, with he;idijuartcrs at St. Louis. - Attorney General Untes maïntalns ! the rigbt of tbu 1'resideut to suspeud thü ; writ of habías corpus. - Cnpt. ijyoü bas been again promo! ted. He is DOv, accordiug to tho tele graph, a Major General. - Col. Duryea has been promotcd to , the rank of Brigadier General, aud cora! mands at Camp Hamilton, uear Fort M on roe. - Es Senator Green, of Missouri, was arrested on thft ltii, while aiding tho murderer of Capt. llowell to escape. - Gov. Claib. Jackson's Secretary bas c:illcd an extra sesaion of tho Missouri Lcgislature. to meet at Sarcoiie, whero the rebels are conceutrating. - Pelaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri, are represented in both the Sea&te and the Iluuso, Vir;;;a ja thö House, and Tcnncsíoe in the Senate. - The Mobile Adcertucr of the 3d, reports f),000 federal troops on Sauta liosa Islaod. - The measles are prevailing terribly among the Teunessec troops at Camp Trousdale. - The Secretary of the Nayy say- twenty-thrce gun boats have becu í0Utracted for. - The Missouri State Oonvention bas been notified to conv"e at Joiierson City on the 22d inst Kx-Congri"1"1111 Garnett is in oommand of the ldtjcl forces at Laurel Hill, Va. Ou Fridav morning last a skirmish ourred near Newport News, Va., betweeu Hawkins' Zouaves and a forco of rebel infantry and cavalry. Two rebel officers and one private were killed. - The Federal troops surrounded Farrington, Mo., on the night of the 3d, aud tho next niorning adniinistered the oath of allegiance to all the citizens to hï found. - A portion of Gen. McClellan's column is reported U be en route for Cumberland Gap, to support the Uuionsts of East Teunessee. Good. - A skirmish is reported ncar Buckhannon, Va , on the night of the Oth, between a detachincut of the 3d ühio lleginient, with a Union loss of one, and a rebel loss of twenty. Needs conlinnation. - Tt it proposed to increase the pay of privates to 15 per month. - An Ohio contraetor has made $25,000 out of a contract to furnish camp kettles, tin cups, and tin plates. - The last vessel of the Medittrrauean squadron, tho steamer Richmond, arrived at New York on tbe lst inst. - Biily W'ilson's Zouaves arrived at Fort Pickens on the 2-tth uit. Col. liurnside, of Iihode Island, has been appoiuted Brigadier General. A resol ut ion has been introduced iuto Congress looking to an investigaron of frauds in army contracts. It should go through. The Governor of Louisiana lias bid any moro troops leaving the State. - The South Carolina troops are returning home from Virginia, their term having expired. - Capt. Thomas, who took eommand of the steamer St. Nieholas after her recent seizure in the Potoniac, has been arrested. - Ilon. Ilenry May, Congressman from Baltimore, bas gone to Jttichmond. Miniem only guessed at - It is proposed in Congress to give Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels of regiments in service the privilege of franking the letters of thsir men. - The Military Board of Arkansas has called for 10,000 men for service on the Missouri border. - The Louisville Cowier advertises a recruiting office for the l'oufcderate aruiy. Magoffin's ixcuiahUj. - Arkansas papers nominato. Jefi". Davis and Albert S. Pike as President and Vice President of the C. S. A - Mr. Burnett, of Kentucky, made an uusuccessful at tempt to preveut the admission to the House of the members from Virginia Th er rejection would have directly recognized accensión. - A bilí has been introduced into tho House to rcj. eal ali laws creating ports of entry in the secedod States. - Also a bul providing for a grant of bounty lands to volunteors. - Also to repeal the tariff of 1861, and restore that of 1857. - Also a bilí to establish a general bankrupt law. - Also a bilí to increasn the number of Caduts at West Point, to three times the present number. Also a bilí to decrease tho expenditures of the goverument. It can be dono largely. - A bilí has passed the" House appropriating six million dollars to pay the voiuuíi-u í tlie 30th oí Juné. _ Mr. Nicholson, Clerk OÍ tho 1 ate has acsigned, and De Witt C. Clark, of New ïork, been eleeted in his staed. The Senate has passed a bilí to refund and remit the duties on arms iraported for the uso of the States. Mr. Daily was admitted to a seat in the House as delegato from Nebraska instead of Mr. Morton. Mr Etheridge, tho ncw Clerk of the House, has appointed llobert Morris, of Philadelphia, his Chief Assistant. During a recent visit of Vallaud inghani to tho camp of tho First Ohio regiment, he was hung in cffigy, and stotied with potatoes and onious. Neither party held a caucus for the nominntion of officers of the House, and pnrty linea were not drawn on the vote for Speaker. On Wednesday the House passod a bilí nuthorizirjg aban of $250,000. Also n bilí pi -oviding for the collcction of dutios, &o., in the seceded States by yeas 135, nayH 10. ni - ni - f3? Tho Wheeling Legislaturo haa elected John E. Carlisle to succecd 11. M. T. Huntcr ín the United States Senate; and Waitman T. Willey to serve the balance of Mason's term. If the Senate recognizes the Whoeling governnisnt as the legitímate government of Virginia, they will be admitted. A similar (juestion has never before been presented for consideratiou.


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