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Events crowd one anothcr too fast to pcrmit us to enter upon a de tai let] descriptiou of tlie " doinga" on tlio 4tli of July. ïlicre v;is ;i largo gathermg in onr City, and tlie exerebes werc conduc ted in aeeordanee with tlie pre-announeed programma. Tlie procession was fonncd ander the direction of Marshal IIatcii, md was joincd by tho Ann Arbor Greys, (■;i[it. Bcju.iísox, in full uniform, and making a fiue appearanco ; the Home G-narda, Capt. Clark ; Huron Fire Co. No. 1, and Relief Fire Co. No. 2; and by o l'uir proportiou of citizeus. The exoreises were conducted from a platform erecled ander tho beautiful trees in tlie North-W est coruer of tlie Court House Square, Ilon. D. McIntyre presiding, and were as follows : lst. Prayer by the llev. Mr. CortfELtUS. 2d. Readhig of a portion of tbc famous letter of John Adaius, by E. C. Siïamax, Esq. 3d. lleading of the Deelaration of In depondence by Geougk Kingslev, Esq., and we never heard it bcttcr read. 4th. Music by the Choir. 5th. The regular sentiraents prepáred ■ for the occasion were announccd by the j President ; but as they were as long as ' the speeches ought to haws bwir, we only gy'e the headings. I. The flü' we celébrate. Response by Judge T auelevc. 9. The President of tho United ■States. Response by Judge Lawrenoe. 3. Washington. J. M. Wheoler responded. 4. Lieut. Gen Seott. S. Abel spoke for the " old chief." 5. Tho Union and the Coustitution. - E. C. Seama#responded. C. The Ileresy ot Seeession. Response by Mr. Dean, " an exile from Florida." 7. The loyal men of the disloyal States. Prof. Winchell spoke for these toble men. 8. The Flag of 34 Stars. Apprnpri ataly responded to by D. S. Twitchcll. 9. The Patriota of '76 and 'öl. Thcy spoke for themselves. 10. The Ariny and Xavy. Are '' doing " their owu culogy. II. Tho Voluuteer Array of 'CL- Response by Prof. Fricze. 12. Our National Airs. Rev. L. D. Chapiu was heard for Yankee Doodle, Hail Columbia, and the Star Spanglcd BaDner. 13. Robert Morris. Caleb Clark, Esq., rcineuibercd the financier of tho Revolution. 14. The patriotic women of tho United States. Rev. Geo. Taylor sounded their praise ; and praised virtues. The responsos wcre interesting, and mueh above the average of such occasions, and wcll occupicd the place of an oration. [t struck us that a few of theru savored too much of !' wool," and we express the thought at the risk, even, of being callcd a gruinbler. There is a time for all things' but we think " slavery " got more tlian its share of time. To make it the burdon of speech on every public occasion, is presuming either upou the ignorance or good nature of audieuces. We are in for the fight, but wish it distiuctly undfcrstood that we sustain the govci'ñinent for the sake of the government, and nothing elso. The speeches betug done, the choir sung " The M.eliigan Dixie," the Benedietion was pronouuced by llev. Chapín, and the audiouce dispersed In the evening there was a grand turn out of people, and a fine display of Fireworks.


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