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"circumstances Alter Cases."

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believe that the truth of tlus inaxnn was never more fully veriüed than by those journals whicb are engaged in lauding Pólice Superintendent Kennedy, of New York, for seizing the so-called " Comproraise Petition." These same journals, froui tht Na York Tribune down, were always admirers of Joun Quincy Adams, and on every occasion lauded his defenseof tho righfc of petition. And, yct, they now justify and eulogize a poüce officer for attempting to prevent citizens froin potitioning Congress. It mat ters not what the cliaracter of the petition was, rceu had a rigTlt to sign it if they so desired, a right to lay it before Congress, and Congress could niake as rauch or as little of it as it chose ; and the " squelching " process of Pólice Superintendent Kennedy is an outrage upon the rights of private citizens, and is off the same piece as the stifling of public opinión in the South. We have uo word to utter iu favor of any comprouiise, but if our neighbors differ with us they have a right to present their views to Congress in the sliapc of a petition. prayi-jg for pcace, or any thing else. And I the " if aud if" of the lawyer should not bc allowed to interfere.


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