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The State Loan

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The Wils for f500,000 of the War : Loa'; nulhorized by act of the extra ses sioii, weie opcncd on Mouday. They covcrcd the ram of $223,000, at au average of about 85 cents; a few propos i tions running up to par. The officers re jected all bids tractor 87, accepting Úiose at and aboye that figure; and announced that the bflanco will bc huid for private sale at not loss tlisn 90 ets. ïlie loan eertaiuly ought to bo procurod ou more favorable terms than 90, for it is worth more to any capitalist. The New Eugland Stilte loans at a less interest BW taken at a premium, and Michigan bmds are just as secure and reully worth just as much as tbose of any New England fitate. - ui - ii - féS" A report comes tut Cincinnati fiom Pomeroy, Ohio, that Gov. Wise, with a guard of lifty men Undcr Capt. Patten, had been fired upon at Sessouville, Va., " by the natives," forty of the guard killed, and both Wise and Patten mortal ly wouuded. Too " big a boo," and, besides, Cov. Wise was never boru to bo killed, !h that xoay. fr" A b;itt!c is rumórctl between Puitcrsou's iind J.uhnstoQ'ö coinmaüds, near Martinaburg, with ;i victory to the robels. It nueds conjirmalinn. Alo a battla rejyOfted imminent butween JiuClellan's división and thu n;bels near Buchhannon, We antioipato Btirring i:ov.s soon. Ü'S" Mesara GitANGKii and Kellogg voted to table Lovejoy's fauatieal resolutions. Good. Messrs. Beaman & TltowciuDCK voted agaiust tabling (hem. No good. Z'jL" A resoluíion is ponding in the Virginia Legitlature, at . Wheeling, instructing thcir Senaíorá and renuesting their Ilepresentatives to vote agaiust Lovejoy's fugilive slave law repeal resolution, or any other similar resolution. - The fiill-blooded Uuion men of Western Virginia don't relish such ultraism. J2f" A joint resolution is jiending in Congress, as follows : Resuh-cd. ïhat all estraordinary acte, piot-lamations and orders of tho PYijStdeLt are hereby ipproved and deolared legal and valid to the sume extout as ii' authorized by Oongress. It is a litile sweeping, but willprobably pass.


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