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From Sante Fe, The Messilla Valley, And Canon City

From Sante Fe, The Messilla Valley, And Canon City image
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Indepeodence, Mo. 8. Tho Fe Mail and Canon City Express reuuhed our city yesterday noon. We have dues to tho 23d uit., from Santé Fe, and to tte 27th from Canon City, and 15tli from Messilla. The oewa frorn Messilla confirma the repons ot India tronóles at Piooralto, and a diápoaitíoo óo the part of the Meácalru Indiana to cetuain qüiet. Owing to the poliiiea! dilhcuities in the States, orders wra -sent to Mr. Mr. Clark, Superintendent ol tho Stepbenaon Bilver Micig Co., to stop all aeave opeiatinns. Tho torta along tho Tflxaa frontier are to be garrisoned by order ol Col. Van Don). ï.wo coinpanies are to be siationed at Fort Uavis, ono M. Fort Quitman, end (aar at Fort Biiss. In Souora qnile an entliusiasai has spuug up on the subjeet oí railroads, and tnu project ia t.c eonneet the vujley of ihu Jktio Grande with the Gull ol Calilornia, ihe teruiii.i to be El Paso and Guayiuas. At Sania Fe on tl:e lüth Ju: e, a pnblic dinner was tondered to Cul. J. ii. Grayson. The Uev. Biëhop arrived safely ia Santa h Gov. Connolly and Seuretary Ütero are at their posts, and John Greever its BOOn o.Npeetüd. Canon Gity items show an encouraging state of aüairs througliout the whoieinininp; región. The muil party lound numbere ot Indiana on the route, all of vvhoin weie very itiendly.


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