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What The Soldiers Eat

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Slattson & Geeh, have taken the confract for fumieliing rationa for ilie First Regiment Iecrui; s, now rendezvousing ut the County Fair Grounds in this City. They get 14} cents per ration, the soldisrc do their own cooking. Tho next lowest bid wni 18%" cents. A ration is the allowance per day to ene Boldier, and in this ense is specified by the advertised propusala to bo : ofa ft of poik _or bacon, or 1} Ibs of fresh or ealt beef 18 ounces of bread or flour, or 12 ounces of lmrd Irar1, or 1} Ibs. corn maal. To each 100 rations; nt the following rate : 8 quarts of peas or beaus, or lOlbs ofricc. 10 Ibs. of eoffeu and 15 Ibs. of sugar. 4 quarts of vinegar and 2 quirts of salt. 1 lb. of sperm or 1 Vlbs. of adraantine cnndles. Fresh beef is to be furnished as often as four daj"s in seven. Men will not grow poor on this nllowancu.


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