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The Piratical Seizure Of A Steamer On The Potomac

The Piratical Seizure Of A Steamer On The Potomac image
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Con-eapondenoo of Ule N. Y. WovKl. Our Potomac river correspondent gives tho followir.g account : Amoug tho passongera were onc or two persons iu ladies' appïrel, with immense travelhig truuks, apparently destined for : Poiut Lookout, a watering place. Ou arriving at tliis place no one gol oü', but 1 severa! passeugers carne on board for Washington. The scoainboat liad ! ceeded soino filteen miles up the PoUmac ; wheii, by a complete surprise, tho captain was locked in the cabm and oue or two other men and the officers of the boat were secured. The largo Saratoga truuks were opened by the.passeners who had caused these sunmiary proecedings, and Minuio rules, revolvers and other firearms were takeu out, as well as a number of unií'orms. Thosu who carne on board iu ladies' apparcl soon appoared in Zouave costume, heavily armed, and preparad to assume cüimuaud. V hen the boat reaehed tho Virginia shore, a compauy of Tennesseo Kangers were found under tho conimar.d oí M. W. QJaskey, iormcrly of Washington aad late postmaster of the Unitod States üouse of Kopreseutatives, but at present editor of the Memphis Avuanche. The recruits were gladiy woloomed, and there was nmch enthusiasm at the success of the expedition. Thero was one passenger who bclougs here, and after much parleyiug he was rowcd across to the Mar;. 'land shore and left. As the rowboat'was rcturuing, the Freeborn hove in sight and captured it with two rebels. - It was stated that the parïy inteuded to capture the Freeborn when she signalled the St. Nicliolas for a search iu accordance with the usual practico, as it would bave been easily aecomplished by these boarding pirates while the crew of the Freeborn was divided for the soarch of steamloat.


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