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SPECIAL ISTOTICES. MOTHERS READ THIS. The folfowiüg is an extract f rom a letter written by the pastor of a Baptist Clr.irch to the "Journal and Hessenj er," Cincinnaii, Ohlo, and speaks volumes in favor ol tliat world-renowned medicine - Mrs. WixsLOff'S SOOTIIINC; 8TRCP FOK OlILllREX TESTKIND : '■Wesoi? an nlvcrtisrmt'nt in your columns of Mrs. Winslow's SoothingSyruji. Now we oever said a word ín favor of a patón t medicine befr-re Ín our life, but we feel compellodto say to yoar rcadirs. lli;il this is no humbug - WE HAVE TlilKD IT, ASO K.OV ITTOBEALI1T claims. It Is, probably, one of the most successful nieriiciiies of the dftj, because it is one of the nestA nrt t'.iose 01 your readfrs who have babies can't do it bctter than to 1 y in a suply." Öee advertisement in another column New Medical Discovery. For tbe"speedy and permanent cure of Gonnorhea, Gleet, Urethal Discharges, Gravel, Strlcture, nncï Affections of the Kidneys and Bladder which has been used by upwards of ONE HUNDRED PHYSIC1AN8, in their private pnictice, with entire succeas, Bupcrsfiö'.ti% Ccükbs, Cofai3., Caiv-jULes, or any cotnpound liilher BEIiL'S SPECIF1O P1LLS, are spcedy in actinn, of leu effecting a ct're in :i few days, and wheu acure to efïïcted it is permanent. They are prepariï'i frora vegetable extracis thtt aiv haimless on the system, and never nauseate tlie stomach or imprégnate the bivath ; and teinj snirar-coated, all natteoua taste is fivoirly , ,o change of dict i$ necessary whilst usivg them ; does their actinn interfe.e with busiuess parüuts, Eich boxcontains six loXBQ l'ilis. I'RICE ONE QOLLAK, an-'l will be sent by mail pos1-paul by any aflverti.ed Agent, oq receipt of the muaey. Sold by Druggists in Ann Arbor . None genuine without my sinature on the ivrapper J. BRYAN, Rochesler, N. Y-, General Agent. H. & L. SIMONEAU, Detroit, Wholesale Agcnts for Michigar, 806tf Important to Ladïes. Dr. JOHX HARVry, for viwarls of twor.ïy yenrs devc tod hifl professional t 'me exclusively to the treatmentoí" Female Xiífiou.ltÍPS, and having ■aeoeededin thousandaof c:-i-s m restoring the afllictei to Bound liealtb, has now entire confideace ia otïermg pubHcly his ' GRBAT AMERICAN REMEDY," DU. HAEVEY'S CHEONO-THERMAL FEMALE PILLS. Which bwrenöTCTyet (Uled fwhen the directions have been s'rictly followed,) in removing difíic litios ariín (rom Obstruction, or Stoppagc of Nature, or in restoring the iystem to perfect healll, wben suffcring Ërem "simnjl ArncnoN, Paounoa Uixmi, the Vhitks, or other of the Orgaxs. Also m all oijbe of lr-;mr.iTY ORNeHVOUS PiiOñTRATiox, HysTf.iucs, 1'alpitations, &c, C. , wliich are tb: í'nrcr'jnnprs of more aerioua disease. ijï, These Pilis are perfecily harmltss on the conttituüov and may be taken by the most dc'ïcate femdlr, without causing dis'ress; at the same tiuv tin-v act liiíh a cuarm i y BtrengthenÍBg, invigotating. und revt -ring -the ayatem lo a healthy ennditinn, and by br'mging on the monthly period with regula rlty, no mUter from wh&tcauafl the obstructtna may arise. Tli' y should, however, iwt he taken dudng the first three or four iiionths of premtncy, Ihough safe at aoy other time, as miscan . be the nult, Each box cootaini (0 Pilis. Price Ono Dollar, and wheu desired will be sent by mail prspaid by any a Wer tised Agent. orl jeceipt of the money told by Drafïilin Ann Arbor J. BBY IN( T. ichester, N. Y., General Agent. H. & L SIMUNKAU, Detroit, Wholesale Aent for Htchigaa, B08tf IMPORTAMTtoFEMALES THE HEALTH AND HfB OFWOMAX ís contianally ín poril if be li mad ennugh to nrglect or mulUTat t'jose sexual ncgularitlcs to iviiioh tirothirds of her sex are more or les subject. DR. CHEFSÏEMAN'S PILLS, preparo! from the same formula which the inventor. f'ORN'ELIUS L. CÚSESE MAN M. D., nf forkj has for twcaty years useá succcssfuüy iu au extended private practice-immediatclj' relieve without pain, all distúrbanos of the peciodical discharge, v.hether anslug from relaxation or suppression. Ihey act like a chai m in removing the pains that accempany difficult or immoderato meofftroahon, and are the only safe and ruliabh reraedy for Klushes, Sick Headache, Pains in the Loins, Backand Sides, Pal]jiMt"ü of the }eart Nerveus Tremors, Hysterie, Spmi, Urolten Rk-op and other unploasant and dangcroüs offects of an unnataral condition of the sexual fuactions In the worst cases of Fluor Albtis or VVhitos, they effect a speedy cure. To WIVES imú. MATBOXS. DS. CHEfesKWAX'g PIU m tltu the only safe means of renewingiutertuptsd mensti-uation, but. LADlEa MUST BÜAB IS MIND Thcre U one coniuion „f thsfmalt syslem in whirh tkt PUU cannoibr taken prnducblg a PECULIAR RESULT. Thecondi'.ionrrfe.rrcdto isPREGNANCY- thi rnuJt, mSCARBUa'E. Such is the irresistible lendency of the medicine torcatorsthê scrual fimctions io. a normal coiidition, that cvcii the reproductiva power of nalv.t canilot resul it. Ezplicil directions staling alten, and when they should not be used, with each Box,- (he Price One Dollar each Boxt vontainivg 60 Pilis. Avaluable Pa uphlet, to be had free, of the Agents. Pilis tint by mail promptly, by cneloslnj pnce to any Agent. SolOyDruggistaftenwaly. 11. B. HUTCW N'GS, Proprietnr. f,"' VOS1XD FTfRBIVS "Viic'. 1d4 lC. H. K. Pflsscn'T iraiiis iiow lrav( ivtroit and the sevoral Statiuns iu Cuuuty,as follows. G 0 I X G WEST. Dáy Bbc, Mail Ex. Jack. Ac. Night Fx. JVtroit 7.00 a, m. 7.15 a m.4 10 p. m. (i.30 P. M, STpsilwrtl, 8 03 " 8 .r " 5.60 " 7.40 " Ani) Arbor, 8.22 " 8.55 " 6.51 " 8.00 " H'xtor, " 9.17 ;' 6.45 " Chlseft, " 9.32 " 7.C5 " Ar. Chicago, G. 00 p. ir. I ,Z0 " 6 00 A.M. GOING EAST. Night Ex. Jack. Ac. Mail hx. Day Fx. Chelsea, a. m. 6.40 a. m. 2.40 P. M. p. m!exter, " 7.05 " 3.00 ( Ann Axbor. 5.15 ' 7.35 " 3.30 " 4.35 fpsfUnti, 55 M 8.02 3.55 " 4.55 " Ar. Detroit, (i.i'J " 0.30 5.20 (t C.00 " Tiaiiii dn not stop at stations where figures are omitted iu the table. PRIZE POETRY. Lt Chieftains boast c f doeds in war, And Minstrels une Iheir (weet quitar, A noblcr theme iny hcart is fi'led - Iu pratse ol Hbkkick's matchless pills. Thelr cures are found in OTWf land- Amid Russia'e boowi - ïnü Afric's panda ; The noodrouR works - the papers fill, Produced by Herbick's tnatohless Pills. Doos disenso afliict you ? never doubt This charminj; compound will scarch it out, And lieaHh niin ymir svstcm (illt If yon fty at jce tu Ukriuck's Pilla. Thoy're safe for all - bofb old and young - Thfir praises are on everv tongue ; I'isease, uii-nrmed - no longcr kills, Since we are blessn! wlth Hdkkick's Pilla. ffif Put up with English. panisl: , Germnn and Frcnch direjtions. Price 25 cents ptr box. Suga Coated . Sec i.ïvcrtisement on third page. 804 RELIEF IN TEN MINUTES. BRYAS'S PULMÓN IC VAFEES Tuf. Oniïiual edicine Established iu 1S37, and the firs iirlicle of thflkittd evor intruduced under the name o l PCLTOmc Wafer ," in this or in any other country all other Pulmonic Wafers are counteifeits ïlie jen uine can be known by the nameBRYANbeingstampe on each WAFKli, Bryax'h Pui.monic Wafers Relieve Cüughs,Colds, Sore Throat, Hoarseness. Bkvax's Pci.Mo.vic Wafers Relieve Asthma, Bronchitis, Difficult Breathing. IÍKVAX'S PlLMO.VIC WaFKRS Kelievc Rpittingof Blooi, Pains in the Chcst. Bkvax's Pulmoxic Wafers Relieve Iucipient Cotisumption, Lung Diseases. BBYAS'á PUI-llOXIC WAFK83 Relieve Irritation of the Uvuia and Tonsila. Brtan's Pclmoxjc Wafkrs Relieve the&bove Complaints in Ten Minutes. Brtax'b Pci-Moxiu Wajers Are a l lessing to all Classes and Cmistitutions. Bryax's Pulsiomc Wafeks Are adspted to Vociilists and Public Speakers. BRYAX'ti PULIIOXIC WaFKHS Are in a simple fonu, and pleasant totho taate. .Br van 's Pulmoxic Wafers Not only relieve, but effect rapid and lasting Cures. Bryan's Pülkonic Wafeks Arewarranted to gtve satisfactionto every one Xof.imily shoiild be without a box of. " Brvan's l'ulmunic Wafcr.s " in the house. No traveler should be without a supply of 11 Bryan's pulmouic Wafers " inhis pocket. No person will ever object to give for ■lïrvan's Pulmonic Wafers" Twenty-fiveCentri. JOB MOSES, SoleProprietorjRochesterjX.Y. Pold by Crenville & Fuller, and all good druggists in the L'uitud States and Cañadas. Soho )lReport3 aud Blank3. THE a.. Al JAL Report of the Superintendent of lostruction, and the Blanke for School Inspectora and School District officers, bave been receivedat this office, and are ready for distribution The proper officers Should seud in thcir orders. R. J. BARRY, Countj Clerk. Ana Arbor, July 2d, 1861. 8b7w8 PÁTENTED November lst, 1859. TOE MEASÜRES tL Hp # At the distance - "■„tTTM? round the Neck. fT k B to B the Yoke. W T " jH D to D, distance 7 ; JB 19 around the Body ! yjB _ mm M.H the Arm-pits. ]Tj ■ i i ■ MM E to E, the BLLOTT'S Patenled improved Freuch Yoke SHIRTS. PüfTENTEDNOV. lst, 1859 A New Style of S irt, warranted to Fit By fiendinp the above measnres per mnil we cangunr antee a perfect fit of our new style of Shirt, and return by expresa to any part of the United States, at $12, $15, $18, $24, &c, &c, per dozen. No order forwarded for less than haif-a-dozen Shirts. Also.Importers and Dealers in MEX'S FURNISHIX6 GOODS. ö, Wholesale traiie npplied on the usual terms. BALLOU BKOTHERS, BQltt 40 Hroadway, Xew York. BENÏON HOUSE, William Hinman, Proprietor. THB :iIïLNT0N HOUSE" has rocontly been refurnished in the m ost Kubsiantial raaiin?r, and the Pr.ipriutor feeis conñdcnt that he is prepared to meet tho wants of those visilinï the Capital who desire the comforts of a first class Hot 1. The building is o! brick ; rooms large and airy, and situater in the most pleasaut [iart of tho City. Lansing, Juue 20, 1861. 806n-4 Hanysterfter's Jilock, DE ANt C O-, INVITK attention to thfir new ttock comprising ail kinds of Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, Gas Fixtures and Housc-furaiáliing goods,all of wh:ch they are offer iug At the Lowe&t Possible Rates. French China Tea sets from $5 00 to 20 00 Freneh China runner seis from 25 00 to 70 00 Stone china ïca sets frem 3 50 to 5 00 Stone china dinner st ts from 8 50 to 20 00 Glass KeroatMM I.auips eomujfite from '% to 62 llftrble Keroi-eOH Iamps complete from 80 to 10 00 Fluid Lamps from 18 to 62L Lampa of all kinds altered and repaired. The Syracuse first Premium BUCKEYE mOWER witb a SüOQBSSPnT. RE4PING AïTACHMENT. é The Best made in the World t Manufacturad by Lathrop & McNaughton, JACKSON, MICH. FOR SALE B Y Risdon & Henderson, (04wfi) ARBOR, MtCH


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