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The Stars And Stripes Must Float Forever

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[Cein"?oel dr and rcud bj tho a llinr :it the recent cekbration oftfie Fbarth of Julji : by the D.-troit Bo '1 of Tradc] True boarled mn rnd brave a !rue, Tlmfc love ihe red, thi wbite ud blue, Thnl httte opprossion love tbe right, Afcaruiing fet IV Preedom'a fight. On evoi'y Uan . we bir ll cry, "Wc eonqucr trenaoni ela we díé ' Fiom iliu Hacific east tö Miiine, In-ar tliis thout resound agnin : 'Our i'iilhers fuuglit iml ïuiiily feil To j;u:.r.l the íin Ütey lovd 90 well, Bhall 011" lorions Union Bever, Tliea'ni-d ond'stnpes shall floal forevor." Lel Englmiil soowl for wiint of eotlon, het all the Kingdoms, Bootid ind rotten, (Tho l:isi most niiim tu'.is) ;rv llieir hand To hmiisli freedom l'nm iliis land. And SiKii o;ir b;Ullo ci'.v sha'.l ring ]n ënr of EraperuT anJ Kmg, "Beware base tyntnt, r your throne. As woll as kingjom shall be gone." Our fathers fuuglit aml nobly feil. &.C. Lot traitors tremblc, the hmir Is quiete approacliiog, wben the power JSow mnrehing fust 1 r frecdom s Ggkt, Shall innku tbcm fcel the power of right. The sons of freedom are arraycd Aiainst Ihe traitura, tliat bctraycl Our de:in;at rights, our cuuiury's causa Dut hark, we hear with frosli aiilauae : Our fathtrs fought anti noblj' fell.iic, bhall fluttt on luovtntain top and tover, Fit cniblem ol our nnüon's power, S!ull punid ly flont on eveiy S'M, Defended by the brave and Iree, Shnll float thbouuh Ai.5. tliia glorion land, Itï spite of treason's steel and brand, Lha,l tloat wliile earih and sea eiuliuu, In triumph cerLttio iJowvr secure, Our fathora touglit and OoDlj feil, To guard the lla' ihey loved so well, None shall our glorious Union BVr, 1 he Stars and Ötripes shall flont foreyer ! iHiíijipn Jrps.


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