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Scrofula, or King's Evil, j is a constitutionnl discrxse, a corruption of the blood, by whioh this fluid bccomes vitiatcd, ■veak, and poor. Bñnff iii the circulation, it pervadcs the whole body, and may burst out ; [n discase on any part of it. No organ is fres : from its attaoks, nor is thcre one which it may iul: destroy. Tlic scrufulous üünt is variously d by marcurial disease, low living, disordcrcd or unhealthy food, impure air, filth and iilthy habita, tlie deprcssing vices, and, above all, by the venereal infeetion. Whatevet bc its origin, it is hereditary in the conBtitution, desccnding " from paren ts to childien unto the third and i'ourth gencration ; " indeed, it seems to be the rod of Ilim who says, " I ■vill visit the iniquities of the fathers upon their cUildrcn." lts pffeets commenco by deposition from the blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed tubercles ; in tlie glands, swellings ; and on the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul corïuption, which genden in the blood, depresses the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitutions not only suffer from scrofulous complaints, but tliey have far less power to withstand the attacka of other diseases; consoqucntly vast numbers perish by disorders ■vliich, nlthough not serofulous in their nature, nrc still rendercd fatal by tliis taint in the system. Most of the consumption which dccimates the human family has its origin dircctly in tliis scrofulous contamiuation ; and many destructivo diseases of the livor, kidneys, brain, and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or nre aggravated by the same cause. One quarter of all our people are serofulous ; their persons are invaded by this lurking in) fection, and their health is undermined by it. ïo cleanse it from the system ■wc must renovate the blood by an alterative medicine, and invigorate it by healthy food and exurcisc. Such a medicine wc supply in , , ! AYER'S v Coinpoiind Extract of Sarsaparilla, the most cffcctunl remcdy which the medical skill of our times can devise for this everywhere prevailingand fatal malady. It is combined from the most active remediáis that have been discovered for the expurgation of this foul disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the system from its destructivo consequenecs. Henee it should be employcd for the euro of not only Scrofula, but also those other affections which arise from it, such as Ehuptive and Skin Disbase?. St. Axthony's Fire, KoSE, or EllYSlPKLAS, PlMPLKS, Pl'STCLES, Blotctihs, BtAINS and Bon.s, Tlmors, Tetter and Salt Rniax, Scald Hhad, Ringworm, Kuktmatism, Syphii.itic ar.d Mekcuhiai, Disi:asi:s, DitorsY, Dïsi'EPSiA, DmiILITY, and, indeed, ai.i. CoMi'i.AiXTS Aiusixo fhom Vitiatf.i or IsiruRE IJLOOD. The popular belief in " impurity of the blood " ia founded in trfith, for s crofula is a degeneration of the blood. The particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsaparilla is to purit'y and regenérate this vital fluid, ■without whieh sound health is impossible in contaminated constitutions, AlTER'S Ague Cnre, FOR THE SPEEDY CUPE OF ïntcrmittcitt Fevcr, or Pcvci and Aguc, 1ï m ( ( c mí Fevcr, Chili Kever, Damb Atine, Periocl iel II( ada lie, or Bilious Headache, and Bilious Kevers, Indeed for Hic whole class of diseases originatiiig in biliary derangement, caused Uy the Malaria of Miasmatic Couutries. Wo ure enaMed hero to offer tlie communlty a remody wbicfa] while it cures the abovo complaints with certaiuty, ia still perfectly harmless iü any quantity. Such (i remedy is invaluable iu districts whero these afflicting disorders prevail. Tliis "CmE" expels the miasmatic poison of Fever and AOQl from the system, and preventa tbe development of tho disoaae, if taken on the first npproach of its premonitory symptoms. It not ouly tho best remedy ever yet discovered for this clase of complaint, but also tho cheapest. The large quantity wo supply for a dollar brings it within tho reach of every body; and in biüous districts, where FfivER and Agve prevails, every body should have it and uso it freely both for cure and protection. It is hoped thia prico will place it within the reach of all - the poor as well as tho rich. A great auperiority of this remetly over any other ever discovered for tho speedy and certain cure of Intermittents is, that it coutains no Quinine or mineral, cons& quently it produce no quinism or other injurious efTects wliatever upon tho constitution. Those curcd by it ara left as healthy as if they had never had the discasc-. Fever and Aguo is not alone the consefiuence of tho miasmatic poison. A great variety of disorders arise from its iriitation, among which aro XkuraJgia. Rfieumatism, Gouiy Headachii) Slindness, Toöthach?, Earache, Qttarrh, Jslfitna-, Polpihttion Painful Jffection of tht Splcen Ilysttrics, Pain in the lioxt-ds, Cblic, Paralisis, and Lkrangement of the Stmnach, all of which. wheu originaiing in this causo, put on tho inUrmittent type, or bccome periodical. This "Cure" expels tho poison from the blood, and consequently cures them all aliko. It is an invaluablo protection to immigrante and persons travelling or temporarily rissiding in the inalarious districts. ÏÉ taken occa-sionally or daily whtle exposed to tho infection, that will be excreted from tho system, and cannot flcnmulate in suflicient quantity to rippn into disease. Henee it is even more valuablo for protection than euro, and few will ever suffer from Intermitteuts if they avail themselves of the protection this remedy affords. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., IiOWELL, MASS. MAYNARD öTEBBINS A WILSON. and by all Druiïgists nnd DoalorB everywhere. 1. HURKILL ïrnveling Agont. Ax aperient Stomachic preparation ófIRON pimcfid in Oxygftti n ml Carbón by combustión in Hydrogen. ictionerl by the highest Medical Anthoiitles, bnthinKu 'ropc and tho United States, and prescribed iu their practico Thp exporieneeof tliiusanR daüy provo tliat no preparatïnnof Imn can b coin pared vith it. Iinpuritie of tho blooo, depressions of vital enerpy, pa Ie and otlierwis1 sicklv complexions iudicates its nccea.-iiiy in almost every concoivable caspïo&oxloiu to all maladies ín whïch it has br-cn tried, provod .iij.olutely curativo ia cuch of the fullowing complR'níM, viz: Iu Icblllty,Xcrvous AflTecdonfi, Kmaclatlon LiyBpcpsln, fonstlpniloii, I)l;irihn:i. Dyseuto17, riiclpïciit Consumption, Scrofitlous Tu b iculo.sls, 8ttH Rheum, Mismenstruation, Wliitet, Chlorosif, Liver-Complaints, Chronic HadocJies, Iïheümatixvt; InttrmiUent Fevcrs, Fimpks on the Face, kc. Injcnceof íiEXKKALl'EinriTTj wlicUier tho resulto f acute disease, or of the continiidl nlmïnutton of nervóus and muscular energy from chronic compluints, one trial of this refitorative has proved BOOOMSfu] to an fit out whicb no desertption nor writtcn ftttostatioil wonld renjer credible. Invalids so long bel riddt n as : have becomc forcotten in tbtffr own neifrlihorhoodfi, lmvesu.ldenly renppeared in fhebusy world as if junt retanted from protrftctcd travol ina dislant huid, Bome vi-ry slg nal ins;tjinces of this kind are attcetcd of femalo snfferers, emaciated victima of apparont tnarasMuH, nnguineoas ixbanntion, eritlcal changes, and that compïication of nérvoaa and dvnpoptlc aversión to ;iir and oxercise for which the phyicinn hal no name. In Nkiïvois Aftoctio.vS of all kinds, and for reasoos fAmiltar to medici 1 mi? 11, tho nporation of this preparaUon cjf Eroa mu.-l noceaxurUy bosalutary, for, unliko the oíd oxides, itis vigorously tonïc, without bf-ing exOltlng and orerheating; and gent tv, regnlarly aperient, even the most obstinjjb caseí; oí co:.tivono-ss ivitlnmt pvt'ii bfinpt a gftstric purgativo, or ñillictíng a áUagteeable sonsation. It is thhuttoi pmjKfrly , ainong otliers, which malies it s 'lunikiibly efïectual and permanent a remedy for Filcst upon wbteb it atoo appsan to exert a disthict wad pe(mí'íc aciion by diuraliig tim local U'Udoncy which furius tliom. In DtfHtaffiiA, InnümCrtible aBarelfsoauses, a single box of these Chalybeato l'ills havo often RiiITiced for the most habitual cases, iajiluding tho atlendent Costivenesê. ín aachQCkd PiücnntA, even when advanwd to Dystntrry confiniu'd, CnUCiatlqg and apparently malig'Kui!, tbf offects haviog liicn equally decisive .and astonfhing In the local patos, loss of flesh and 8trongthdeblUtatíiig cough, and remitiont hcctïc, which gonerally indicato Intipitnt Consmnpliov, m st-veial very gratifying and iaterosting mtrtaacel. In Scrofiihus Tuhcrc}inhist this mcdicated Tron hap had far more than tho good elfects of the most cautiou?. 1y bnlnncfd proparations of iodine, without any uf flocir well known linbihties. Theatlention of Famales oannotbetooconfldontly invi(ed t" tliis retnr.diim resioratite in the cases peculiarly affect ing them. In Rhtumausm i botli chronic and inflammatory - in thft latter, how ever, more "flecideílly - it ban beh Invariably well reported, both a.= alloviatíñg pnin and reducing the 8wellinLRan1 stiffiif-Rsof the joints and mupecls. !.i hiter milten' Fcrrrn it mustnöcessarily boafireat remedy and cncrgctïc rrstorative, and itsprojjress in the new settlements of the West, will pro bably be one of high renown and sefulness. No remedv haj vnt bo+'ii dlsynrod in tho whole history of meiicine, which exerts such prompt, happy, and tully rostorativo effocts. Good appohte, complete digestión, rvpid arquisition of strength, with an unuscal dUpositiou for active and cheerful exerciso, mmedlately its use. Put up in seatflat metal botes eontaining '.r0 pills, nric6 ftO cents per box; for píiIo by drugrists and dealers. Will be fient free to any nddress on receipt of the price. All lett)rs. orders, etc., should beaíldrensed to B. B. I.OCKEj&Co , General Agente, 477.V1 339 Broa.vay.N. Y. 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My piano is boenming popular in ibis placo, aml I think I can introduce one or two more; they will be moi'C popuhir tlirn) any othör niakc." uAVe liavc two of Waters' Pianos n use in ourPemiuary, ene of which has been severely tested for threc years. and we ciin testify to their good quality and dura"bility." - Wood k Gtwory, Mouvt Carrolï, JU. "H, Waters, Ksi.- Mkak -"ir: EbiTfng najed out1 of your Piano Kor tes for two ycars past. I have fbnud it a very superior Instrument. AtOtzo GbaT, Principal Jlrooklyn Hfights Sf.minary. "Tho Piano I roeeivel from you continúes to givè yattsfaction. 1 regard tas one of the beat Instruments in the place.11 Iamf-sI., Clark ft, Charleston, Va. "The ftfelodeQIB haa safoly arríred. I feel obliod to you fory oiir ttberal discount." Rev. J. .M. McCoRfflck, YarqutsvilUS, C. "The piano was duly received. Itcamo in excellent conditïon, and is vc-rv much auiQlred byjpay nunjferétis fainily. Accept ray tKanka for ytfur prorhptueas." - ROBHBI CoOPBKj Warrenham, Irndjnrfl Co. Pa. "V'our piano picases us weü. It is the beat one in our TnoMaa A. Lathatü, CampbdUon% Ga. "Wo are vorv much obliged o ydu forhavlng sent attch a fine instrument fov $"250. !- Brank,Heu ,c CO., fíuffaio Democrat. "Tlw Horace Waters Pianos are known asamona; the very hest Wc aro fnabïed to spoak of thejio tnatrureente with oonfldence, from personal knowlede of thcir excellent tone an'l durable quality.' - N. Y. Evangelist. "We can .pe:ik of the mcrits of Ihe Honici1 Waters pianos from personal bnowtodge, as baiug the t&j flnMt quali'y."- Chrittian InletHgencer. ltThé Horaee Waters plaoofl are ouiltof the bost aml most tharoughly BeMonea material. We ha-re no doubt that buytrs cando as wclKperhaps better, at thisthan at anv otherhouso in fheUnton." - Advocate and Journal. ÑVíitors1 pianos and raelodeons challenge comnwhon with the Önest made any where in the country." - Home Journal "Horaco Waters' Piano íortes aro of ftill, rich and oven tone, and powerful - N. Y. Rev'ew. "Our frïendswlll Bnd at Mr. Waters' store Ihe very best assortment of Mustc and of Pianos to bo found in tb Umtefl StatñfOnd wo urge our southern and Wffterin frlends to give liim a cali whenever they go to New Vork." - Graham's Magazine. Warchouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bell, lOO.OOOissued in teu Montlis. T)f unprecedontcl paio of thisbook bas nlocrl tho pablisher to nrtd somc HO now tunesand hymns to its prcRrnt PÏ7-C-, without i-xtra clinrpo, except on the chcap olition- Among the many beautiful tunes and hymns addofl may be founl: - "I ouglit to love my mother;" "O I'll be a Rood chiW,inclect I will." These and olgnt othof I from the Bell , were sunpr ut the Punday Schnnl Anniveriarj o( the M. K. Ghurch :it the Aon.'.cmy "t Music, with great appbtiïe. 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A large lot of Foreign Music at half price. Planos, Melodcons and Organs. The lïnrace Waters Pianos and M.-loiWna, ftw depth, purity of tono and durability, are TUUOipamd. Prire very iow decond tlan-l Pianofl and Melodeons from $25 to $150 Music and Musical Instructions of all kinds, at the lowest prices. HORACE WATERS, Agut, No. S3Í1 Bioadn-ay.K. Y. TistriMOXiAifl;- "The üoraai Waters Pianos are known as amona; the very best.' - Evangelist. "Wi-ran speak of their mcrits from pernonal knowledge."- Christian Intdugcncer. ' 'Xothing at the Fair displayed greater oicellenco -"- Churckman. Waters' Pianos and Melodoons challenge compariíon with the ünest mado aiiywhere in the country." - Home Journal. 'ltf Irving's "Works - National Edition IPHIS Fine Edition of the Work of W-ISOTKGTOS Tb 1 vi.G (including the lifo ol Washingtto), villbe pub Ished for STJBSCRIBERS ONLY In Monthly Volumes, Price $1.50 Payabl on Delivery. 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