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City Oheap Lumber 8as7t, Doorn Bliiiiïs, Piaster Paris Grand River Piaster, Water Lime, Nails of all sises, Glass, Paint and Putty, Sc, i&c. , D. DeForest, HAV1NG Incrcanod hls fncilitie for dolig bustDe nnil aplargad dis Yard and dtü pre paied tlio present acasos, witli the bes;, loraesl and oheanestiiMsoneditockcverln tliis mirUt to snti-ly tho rcaconablr expoctatiuiiB of all Óui motto is notto bc undersold for ensh on deliverv I wlil not undcrtHketofrishtí'nthnpubli,. hysnvinc thnt thcywill (jfitshaved il thuy buy clacwhii o" lor re prraumo that ther=illscl]:islow aethcv 'cn aft'ord to. ' AH kinds of Tiinfoer, Joists, und Scnntling, Pine, Whltewood Baaswood Hem lock, Flaiied and Matched Pine, Wlutewood Ash r'Iooiing.Planndindrouirh Pineand VVhitewood UünB.l'cicePosts, Osk andtcdar Posts andPicketi -I all kinds. Iptnc f ai Ij, anb ttlljttcmcocr L. .n Ptne, Ashanl VVhitewood Shingle?, Barn Boards and Baru Floor Plank, K;nekVa.uUt,andCherry and tliin sfuft', Wncon and BÜGGY AXLES and TONGTJES, Boxund Body T.umlicr.Maplc Log Tiniber, Hickory, Oak, üsh, Sim, Bccch, Ofu'.l.hicknosses.widiha andlengths.&c. Sec, Piaster Paris, and Piasier ofallkinds. KTilsï of nll sizes, líe., &c. SASII, DOOIiS,& BLWDS, made byhand toordcr as lowal factory pricc, on the shortestnotice by the bestof workmen, and Best Seasoned Lumber. Bil] b ofnli dns.Tiption in the above buüding lint furnishedontl'.efihortfelof nolioe, for We have Mills Cutting Regularly. : A ful! amia perfect aacortment of the above anc othcr kinds of Building Materials Oonstantly onhandatthtlowestpossiblerates Cali and be Convinced. A few rods south from R. R. Depot or, Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. ROOFING. N.B. - I am now opera ting Extensivelj in the Patent Cement Roofiug. lLOOMïY & TRIPP Succe.-;sors to Chapín fe LoomistidChapin, Tripp it Loomis above firm of TiOomis & Tripp havíng purclmsed the entire interest of tlie former pompojiiea Tttl oootinud thé bosineta ut the otö stands, irhere thoy will be roady, ou the; ahortest notice, to iill all orders iu the line of Castings and Machinery, (n the most wnrkmanlike manner. and on as liberal termfi iis nny othor shop in tli Staie.Among tho various articlesmanufactured by us, we wouUl enumérate STEAMENGINES of all kiiifi.s; MÍ11 Goaring an'l Kixtures, wrouglitand cast; all the various castings for maktng and rejairing Ilorse Powcrs & Threélring Machines Buch as are at present, ot have fnrmorly been in uüo in this part of the State, u wH as uil tlte various kinds nl' onatingfl aml maclune vork callci for by farmers 'and mechanica inthis sectiou of the country. of alï the rarioufl pafterna, up in sizesand rices, will be keptconstantly on hand, got the most modern and iniproved stj [es. HUBBARD'S "WROTIGIIT IRON REAPERS & MOWERS. EuLTing commeactid manafacinring this BttperiorVachine, ftbglfl and corabioed, the farmers are mvited'to cali and see a specimen machine now in our ware room, before pi:rchasingelsewhere, belicvin3 that this machine ueed only to beseen to convince the farmer of ITS SUPERIOEITY orer tho Reapers and Mowers in this market. Thankful Tor former patronage to tho oíd firnis,we would solicit a continuance from oíd friends, and a trial by all wUhitig foranythiog in our lino of business. LOOMIS k TRIPP. Ann Arbor, May 18th, 1859. 697tf SCHOFF & MILLER A RV, STII.I. ON HAND at tlioirold Stand, No. 2, Franklin Block, with the most complete nriHcriment of Books and Stationery, PERFUMERIES, F ANC Y GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, ROLLERS, CORDS, TAS8ELS, GILT CORNICES, OURTAINS, HOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever offered in this Market ! Anl they would sugest tothope in pursuit cfanythingin SANTA CL A US' LI WE that thejr can secure & Doublé Christmas Present ! by pnrehasing from this stock, as each purebaser gets an additional present of Jewelrj, A-c., Eanging in value trom 50 ets. to $50. fcS Th(vtrust. that thelrlong exporience in selecting goods forthis market, and strictattention to the wantfl Of ('ni'jmer.s, nmy entitle tbem to a liberal sbare of Patronage. Ann Arbor, Poe. lSf"O777tf pEITE and EAR. $ DIÏ. P. A.CADWELL, QSS& OrEKATOR ON THE KVK AXD EAR. For DaAlS, Bllnclncsü, anl uil dcfects of Slght ittMl Hcailng. DR. C. BEING A REGULAR Physiciin,wttbTVKXTV VKARS' exclu.sive practico ín the treatmeal of dseases of the EïTEANfi KAK, will be found qualified to givo relief or efiect a cure in auy case irtthin the reach of human akiJl. %& 2ïo charge for an ex aml nailon or an opinión or for unsucccssfitl services. Dr. O. 's Tkkmisk 03 the Eyk and Kar, of 300 pp., containing references, Testimoniáis, IVscription ot Diaeasea, Cases, ;unl othor important mnttor, illustrated wit h Cuta, to be t( gratis, y monding Ten Cents to pay postage. Address I)r. Caowell 03 Kandolph Sireot oorner Heaborn, tlincago.lll. yï?& 1861. 1861. NEW STORE NEW SPRING GOODS! C.H.MILLEN&CO. Have romovfni to their Brïck Store recently occupied by A. DeForest, and are now receiviag a SPLENDID STOCK OF GOODS TOR THE s:PRi]sra trade. Among vrhich are Staple Dry Goods of all kinds, BEAUTIFUL NEW &TYLES . TRIMMINGS, SHAWLS, CLOAKS, BOXNETS. EIBBONS, &c, &c. Choice FAMILY Groceries, BOOTS, SHOES, & CR0CKERY. Aho an entire New Stock of Carpets and Oi'. Chths, of New and Beautifnl Palerns, ' THESE GOODS WE RE BOUGHT AT PANIC PEICE8! An 1 e nn alKf.v kil !io -niil rail nrul csnminc our ï ■',.. -k. T]mt liÓeltin Chtap'Ms Spring far CASH OR RE AD Y PAY. H MILjUTCTA (O. I8ftl. :in733 Cliancery Notice. STATK BAN", the lirci:it Ojurt f„r ,i ('ounryof Wnlilenaw, in Chancery. At a N- of saidCourt, beid at tlip Cour) lloum-' in the dtv , Ar ii Arbor, in Mfd ccnuity and State, on the fit'tri, : daj ..f June, A.I, 1861 . lvcsent II., ik Edwin uw„V"'tl I 'irruit .lui!?.-, j ii die snit of Kotert McClelland, eto' plainanl, agaiust porties 'o him unknown, wheroin']1 imys for pnrtitionof ceriain lnndfl nnd premian in v bill of complaint dosorlbed, and In which lic claims t havcnn intt-u-si : 1( Batlsfactorflj appearfng to w'ï Court that tllp ..Uier partió inttrcBted n uiid lanila ani promUes are ti the wiid ('oinplainaiit unknowu _,' iimlionof A. l'oïch, Solicitor for Mld Complainant V. j or i-r. '1 tluit :ill purtiesinterestéd 11 luid Inmk and nrom irtili. n ol irhleh 8 aougkt in this caue) „ , and answer the bil! of complaint Blad in this eau l the flrst dnyof October, A.D.,18fil, or that sucii bilU'r complalnt be taken as confesaed by them Snid Innilt anl premises are sitúate in the county of Vaabtenw and State of Michigan, and urn dewrlbédaa fullow t„' wit: the BODtb half of section twenty -fonr, an.1 'il. west half, and the ea-t li;ilf of the norlh-east (iu(i-tftr of section twenty five, in towcsliip four south of raiic' Reven east. in the district of lands formfliv subject n sale nt Monroe, in said State, cuntitming in all Mïtu liiinilp'ij and ttrenty acres, according to tbe Patent tberafor. And it la Úirtfaer OTdered, that within twentr dr.ys from the entryof thii order, tho complainant cauii copy of tliïK order to lic pnUbbad n the Mientan Ar8i ii iicw.spiip.r printadaad publislied nia city of Ann and thnt eucli pnbiicatlon bc contlnued at leaut once in eRcb week micceralrely, for i weeekA.,Sollcitnr, and of üonfiwl for Complainant. #Curt Cough, Cold, llonr.MSt, Inllu e5L35LEÍr and SI.;kks ' a irare or tbn mportünceof ebeckine 'a Court or"CommonC„ld" in f, first tage: that which Tn ft beginning would yicld to a mild remedy if ncrlcri i sopn attacJia the l.ung.. -'Bto! Rronohia) Tr"ch'i conw.n,n(rd.in11lcent ingrediënt all.iy I'ulmonarv ani Br nchial Irr ; "ul BROWK'S '■Th.ntronblfinmyThroat.ffor wh.c), the "Troches" are a specilic) haring mada TRnmiFC! rae oftel' a mere whisperer." TROCHES v;p ,V!1I!s brown's .(nmmai thrE:s&_RornFS HSSS -■-v,-„eablefo TROCnESi KKV.HEXRY ,VARD SEECHER. I Almost instant relief in th dMnmh BROWN'Sbor of breathini? peculiar to Ásí-'ifi g ,irWl RKV.A. C E:(;i.FTO.V. TROCHES 0U8." FiumI,Rr rA'luYK"" BROWN'S „ "A M. and pleartiaUon Coügiis, ie. '- DR. 0 . V. B1GEI.0W TROCHES flfcwachma aroWBBi.. BoslnUK. J. F. W. LAN'E BROWN'S ,„ . Boston. I have prororl them excellent for IKOOHhö REV.H.W. WARREN, BROWN'S ''ncneficial whnn compelled topeak' auflèringfroinCom " ' TROCHES J' ''■ AXI)fiRts?i„ "KfTectual in romovinfr Iloarseiien and' BROWN'S Station of the Tbroat, o common witli flPKJKKHS and ümons.'' Tnnmreo stacv.ioiixon-, IKOGUES UCrng!,Ca, Teacher of Music. Southern BROWN'S „„ . , témale College. "Great Iwnefit when taücn bcfore and Tcnnups ter Prrachinï. s "ify prorent Hoarae1 KUL-tltb nes. Krom their past fTect, I think they n-ill be of permanent adrantngc t. me." BROWN'P REV.K. ROWÍ.KY. A M. President of Athens Collegt, Tenn TROCHES Kic-gx!bA !istsat T' MOORE & LOOMIS Have Removed to tho STORE REOENTLY OCCUPIED BY C. MACK, PhoMiix Block.Enst side of Mnin St., AND HAVE BOOTS $c SHOES Of ovcry description ■nhich will be SOLD OHEAPBR TH AH CAN BE BOVGH1 IS Tliis City. aIso a large aeaortment of nOME MANUFACTURE, Of all kinds made n tb mest Fashionable Stylc BT GOOD VIND EXPERIENCED WORKMEN, -ounFEENCfl CALF BOOTS areXOTsrRPAssKn thin siile of XcwYork Citj, and are warrnntcd not to kip. Our STOGASAND KIP S9 are innde of the best material Our stock of Morooco Bootees for IJliliw fa the the best in town, with lieels or without We Malte to Order, and never min of siituc; tho firsttime EOgive uaa cali and we will show you eursfenk free of charge. We havo (ittcured the services of tivn Kxpi rienced Journeymcn.who do ourmending in the .Vriit est .laimert and on shortest notice. Üur motto is Quick Sales and Small Profits. Thankful for past fnvor.i wc hopehypayintr stricinttfntion to our business to uu-vit a liberal fihare of jour patronage for the future. #5" Reracmberwc are not io be nndersold. -ft MUORE & LOOMIS. City Meat ïarket. f THEIR MARKET CORNEE, OF ANN AXI) MAIN' STPEKTS And will keep constantly on hand a full ssortment of E-r-o-ai-la. Ta:-o-a,-t-st-4 rrhichthey wil] nlwavs be found in readiuepsto cut npon SU1T CUSTOMF.RS. Xo Pil-NS will be spared to kp their market Clean, and Me ais Sweet and patrons may reiy upon getting the best roapt stkaks. ciiora, etc. , that can be found in theCitr. ('AI.L ANDTRY VS. S. PROCTOR T. VAIJKKR. Ann Arbor. May 4, 1860 746m6 3STüj w C3r O O T S . WLXES & KNIGHT Are ttOjv receivjngtheir SECOXD Spring and Sumiller STOCK OF GOODS In cousequence of tho Great Pressure in the w have been enabled to purcliaae many kind of Good8 at our own priees. We can sel! mosj kinds of DRESS GOODS for LES3 THAN WAS PAID FOR THE SAME.. KIND OF GOODS in STW York SIX WEEKS S1NCE! We invite the attention of all to an inspoition, )f our stock. WINES & KNIGHT. Jlay 10, 1861. - - - - Oval Picture Frames AU. SI7.ES. STY1.ES and PMCB9 jnst reedved and for salo cheapat CHOFF & MILLER'S. !l ISCO.fc.Q.ï, 7801f 1000 Vests, Shirts and Drawer Fr Sle cheup t GUITEHAI&N4IP Co è


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