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The Late Senator Douglas--a Card

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The futher-in-law of the late Senator Doughis publishM the foUoYtg c:ml ■Mthe National lnldhgcnccr? f' I ask the privilege of making your paper the medium to convey Mnr, Douglas1 and my own thanks to the' frlénad oí Judge Dottglits ior the generpua svmpathv they manifest towurd her in the dverwhelniing g:l:imty whioh' hasbefallon her. It is tn;e that, ówing to the great depreciation oi lands, tha estáte of Judgc Douglas will scareoly pay tho mortgiigea upon the p: operty ; but Mrs. Douglas is anxious that her husband's crediturs should roju'v-!, '- tho exteut of the estáte, their just dues. ' ïhere aru but tow small debts othorwiso duo. Thuse shall erideavor t meet qs sorn as possiblu. S long uhGod spares my life, niy daughter and the cluldren ühali huve cominand of such means as my mnveuried exertiona can procure for íhem. Mm. Dougla id umvilhng, in these embaira?=ed times, tbat the widow oí Judge Dougln should claim more of his friends than the same true and tried dovotion to hu memory they have ever inaDifosted to him in life. ''I must apologize f'r thus claiimng attention, but I have been induced Ui do bo from my daughter's distre.-s at observing the niiinerous generous and patriotic appeals in b half of tbe family of Judgt! Donglas. " Yours voiy truiy, "J. MADISÜN CUTTS' COOL,__Ainong the incidente of the Boouvillo fight is rclatcd tho following : Ono of theVildjers reooivod a bullet in bis jaw bone, just under one of his care, the ball graing Afl bone and lodgiug hv tho mouth. Surgeon Cornyn, sceinghini' bleeiiiiig, approached him, examined tho wouud, and asked where tho bullet was. 1 Spit tho thing out," saidthe courageous fellow and passed it in frout for ujore ofthe l;fun." ï Á mad princess of the houso of Bourdon, on bcung asked. why tho reigus of queens were in gtinèral mora prosperous than the reign :of kiDgs, replied: " Because, undor kins, woqjeagoYerc - undor aticen, osfc.}


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