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Siw;i] EMapMeli iu thf N. Y. Heñid, Washington, July 13. ACT1VITY IN TUK WAK lErARTMENT. Tbére haa buen an uirvonted activitv in all the hrmy departments to-d;.y. ' 'lh sound of inuuiul ínusic and the traa.pof regimenté in complete rrmrchíug oidor, md the rumble of heavily i luden wtigoiia buve bu on continuuLy heord. 'J he vatio ia officera of the 'government, among otheis, the Presl' dint and Seeretary rtuward, have beeu observed during the whole forenoou ' passsing rnpidlv f'roni point to pnint Q8 iL engugod 011 íiiiportant busiiiess. Tlli: Kl 1 KCT 1)1' '.iKN. MCCI-fel.LAN'í VICTOnY. Tl;o natne of Gen. McCIellan ia on ' evi;ry 'ip. Hi pfuiseS are sang by thu i Rovi-rninent mintslefe, the military offielnl, frcmi tho fiighcst jb'the loweut, and the univeisul pnpulace. A Recond victory by (.Jen. M&Olellun in leus than twonty íínir houra ! " Hunah fur MeClullun !" is fliouttd on tho streot, and ' llera is to McCIellan !" is Uiü toast in private païlors, al tablee, and , in buí-roorus, jiiere pever was such efi.tliusiasrh as id maniíeHted oytsr ths giiüant. young General's official dispatub tu-night of his routing ui tho rebela at Bevorly. Tlie non-cómbkfants, who are eter nally crying out for a tight ad seeirt oager íor a fray, and havo swoi-n thero never wouid be a :' fórwurd niarch," nre truek dmnb by liícCleílan's spíeni did aotioi). All fondues unite in pro' nounetng hiin thu Garabaldi of tho At the sanio time it is diffifluK lo tcll what Gen. Patter.son hall be cnlled. His poíition is undoubtediy ti very dif. ñoult one, but ho tnunages to keep il all to himself. Gnr.eral McDovíoÜ is in his saddle, i tiwuiting í'no command froni General ócott to " forward, tnaruh." This order will bö given undoubtedly, when General Patters o moves to h;spro)er position on tho chess board. Genciul Bmler id apoiliog for a fight, but will be held back until the rebels are driven to Kicliinond, when Butler will be let loo e to to b.ig tbem. Without going into details, it is suffieient to say tbttt we are all in ''o'1 g.'ee in Washington to night, d the most flattering prospeets aro iora us, in every sense of tho 'i'he lst of Miy next will witn'- a peaee, with a loyal people fobr waine I the Gulf, from thu AtlaiH" to the Pacific, and all the stolen pr'Pcrty Ol the governinent retak'jn "u( restored. Mark tho


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