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- A number of Clerks havo bcon dischorged fröra the Interior Department : - reason wnotof funda. - Tlie reservo fond of the Patent Offico has run down rom 880,000 to 8:J0,000. The receipta are mere nothing. - Gen. Fremont Jett Washington op. the 12th to ase urne thc comcnañu oí' his Department, Itis said thut tlie Hon. John A Gurley, oí Cincinuati, is to tstke ihe. iiold as Fremont's Aid, aa soon as Congrega uljourns. Tho lwo Misses Scott, notoiious for entmpping loyal officors into the scocasion lino liavc been arres ted by order oi' Gen. Tyler, and are huid to waittht) return of Capt. Goódwin. -Tho Mussachusetts $1,000,000 loan was avvarded at from .} to G per cent, premium on tho tho 13th, $1,800,000 worc tendered. The Gpníederates confesa to a loss of ten ofñcers md 150 men in tho rccont kirmisb with Kawkin's Zouaves near Newport News. - Kentucky neutrality consisto ín the Stalo Guarda enlisting in tlie servi üe oí tho Suuthern Confederacy. Tlio yearly inconio of tho P'stoílice Department in the secederf States iri estimated at only $ÜÜ0,0M and the yutirly expenses ifl tlie amo States at $:J.!)00,000. - Merriman, Balthnre pcccsonist, has beec reloased on 10,000 bail. ' -■The íederal loss in tho battle at Carlb ■„'", -i was l killed, 43 wounI ,uo, and' 4 missing. The robéis 6tato their loss at 700 killed. Chas. S. Poster has memoralized tbo Houso, claiming a seat f'rorn the First North Carolina dUtriut. lie will probably be admitted. - By a vote of 35 to 5 Messrs. Carlisleand Willey wero admitted to seáis as Senators frofll Virginia on tbe 13th- Gen Scott has issuod a nositive order that the telegraph símil report no more contemplated army raovemente. Gen Jim Lañe, of Kansas, has bcen ordered to imrr.ediately mustor his brigade into service. Messrs. Masón, Ilunter, Clingman, Bl'flgg, ChestiiLií, Nicholson, Su bastían, Mitchcl!, Hemphill, and Wigfall have been expeíled ftom the U. S. tenate, by a voto' oi 22 to 10. A bul is pending in the House to givo 1G0 acres of land to each three inonths volunteer, and 320 acre3 to cach three years volunteer. A Kenlucky lady has presented a beantiful ilag to the Virginia Ki'giment of Col. Lamon. The bust of Ex-Speaker Orr has been removed from the Speakcr's room, by order of Speaker Grow. Tennessee was forra ally admiited to tho Southern Confederacy on the 3d inst. - Parson Brownlow's paper, the Knoxvillo Whig, has been designated to publuh tho íawe of the 37th Congres?, On Wednesday of last week a Federal loan of $5,000,000 was taken in Wall street in forty minutes, and more begged i'r. Mail matter for East Tennessee now goeB to the Ci: cinnati distributing office. Es President VanBuren delares in favor of a vigorous prosecution of the wf.r ii tí til the mthority of the government is fully re-eatublished. Ice is sea r ce in Richmond at 5al0 cents per pouud. -GongrtMüman ftlaj has returned from Ilichinond - sick. -Jos. llolt, Es-Seoretary of War, is making Union speech ee m Kentucky. On Monday, J. W. Forney was Olected Secretan' of the Senate, eignally triumphing over his eneinies. Ex Senator Green, of Mo., released on parole, has violated it and taken command of a body of men. He will not get off so'easily nest time. The New Orloans Delta is disgusted at the non-rewgnition of the Southern Conledcracy, and recomrnends the re-call of the Conunissioners and tho rejection of all Consuls from Powers not recognizing Confedérate Consuls. Eleven of Sigel's wounded at the batth of Curthage havo died, making a total loss ot 31. Spoaking of .tho fire-brand reeolutions ol the ianalic Lovojoy, Tburlow Weed says : - "The country will insist that the halls ol Congress aro not tho proper place now to trot out the negro." Goud lor Thurlow. - Large quantities of cotton and tobacco are daily coming North over the Indiana railroads. - The Col. Taylor who recently visitad Washington as bearérof rebel dis patches is a degeneróte son of ExPresidont Taylor. Tho House volunfeer bilí próvidos a bounty of $30 to each three months volunteer who re cnlits, or $10 each ïf a iull company enlists. - fifaj. Ölemraer, late commandant at Fort Pickons, is recruitiog in Chicago for tho lOth Infantry. - Ruraors are current at Washington, and considcrod wc.ll founded, that a prominent Confedéralo officcr has tendered the Federal government threo rcgiinents, and that a majority of the forces in Western Virginia are roady to lay down their anus, and avow their allogiancc. - Gen. McClellan has been ordercd to release privates and non-commissioned oflicers on their subseribing the oath of allcgiance, to exercise his own discretion as to commissionod oflicers, but in no caso to release a prisoncr lato an officer in the United States service. - Tho privatecr Sumpter recently carried six prizes into a Cuban port. - Tho authoriticB took possession of the prizes, and ordered tho Sumpter to leavc forthwith. - The Eichraond papers are urging ; tho coufiscation of the property of Union mon. They sliould ponder the old adage about curses aud chickens coming home to roost. - The Charleston papers are cali ing : for a Confedérate aid subscription of rico and othcr products, and advising the savitig of goose uills. - A Martinsburg letter of the llth puts Patterson's force at 30,000 - Largo numbers of Indians havo ' tercd Missouri with the Arkansas troops. - 120 men, undcr Capt. Conrad, left ■ by Col. Sigel, have been captured by ■ 1,500 Arkausas cavalry. They wero ro leascd on a plodgo not to bear anus against tho Confedérate governmont. - Tlie IIousg h:is passed a resolution to inquire into tho recent visit of Congressman May to Itichmoud. - Vico President Stephcns is still making speeches in behalf of tho Confedérate loan. Not taken yet it seeins. - The uewnpapcr publisbers of New Orlpans, Mobile, Ravannati, and ton, llave resolved to increaae the prico of thcir joarnala 30 per cent. - A batterj of faur 12 pounders and SI ir en arrived at Washington frora Fort Pieken s on the 14tl. - Andrcw Johnson presen ted tlie ere dentiiils of the now Virginia Senntors, and eloquently advoented thcir ndmisEÍOD. - Bishop Polk, of Louisiana, has accepted a connnission as Major General in the Confedérate service, and taken cominand of the Western Department. - Tt is said that Jcft' Davis and his brothcr sent 8200,000 to France last sununer for investment. They foreknew the storm - eveu bofuro Linculu's olection.


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