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Kecruit8 aru pouring in!o Oam p Fountain on overy Irain, and yesterday morning tliey numbered betweon 350and 400. On íáuturday last Col. Backus, of tho'U. S. Army, visited tho Camp and mustercd into scrvico 175, sinco wliich tho fncreaso is to tho number :ibovü. The Catnp is undcr striot discipline, nnd the reoruita are buing thoroughly drillod. Subbath last Rov. F. A. Blades preaohed to the Ilegimont ut 3 o'olock, P. Ut., nnd afrangoinenlé aro probably mado for service on the Cqih ing Subbath. JKST ïho Brigade of Col. Wuloox is compo.súd oí tho First Michigan i Regiment ; tho Elevonth New York( tlio F re Zouayee; tho Thirty-Eighth : New York ; and Company D, Second Artillcry. It is tho Second Brigade oí the Third División, Col. Heintzelm&n, of the Seventcenlh Infantry, división comrr.nnder. - Col. RiCHARDíoN hns oommand oí the Fom-tli Brigade, First División, under Brigadier General Tyler. It is con8tituted of the PocotH and Third Miohigan Itcjiinentrt; the First Massaclmsotts ; the Twelfth NW Yorh ; and a battery of artillen-, six piecS and one hundred mon, under Ciipt. Mott, of tlio New York Voluntocrs. [ The Uichmond Whig sr.ys tbat the Gen. Gauxistt, late commandant oí tho rebel división in Western Virginia, and killed on Sunday last, in the iight near St. George, is not the exmember ol Congress, bilt i Maj. Gar nett, formerly of tho United States army. The reward of lus treason hns boen speedly reaped. jj" It is Hgnin rumored that Hon. Jos. Holt, of Ky., hite Sceretary of War, is to be appointed Judge of tho Supreme Comt vice McLkan, deceased We hopo the rumor wil] prove true) and think President Lincoln cannot make a better or a more popular appointment. It would give the Bench an able judge and strengthen the hands of the true Union men in Kentucky boyond calctilation.


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