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T lew AdvertisemerttQ. Chancery Kotíce. rnilf: CIRCUIT COUBT vos Tinscot'jnT op wjüixirAWj JL in Chancery: - llobert Klim-, ( innpliiimnt, vs. Htorïa 1 1. MoultOQ Artel Mmiltun, SybQ Moulton, Benjamin Kollett, James K Cool;, and Joaóph Folmor. Administrat.r upon the estáte of Albfrt G. Moulton, decciised. defcndanïji. Itaatisfactorily nppearing to the undersfgiieá' , Circuit Court Cmmissioner, by affiilíi v ítt= f that the dcf ■■Ti'iiint Ariel Moulton Ia a non-resident of this State, en motiun of Alpheus Felch, Solicltorand of Counsel for ermplain;int, itis ordered that the Raid defendant Ariol Moulton, cauM . --i.' in tbfa ennse to bo entrcl within thrvc mooth from the dirtv if iliis order, ;inl t'nat, in c.i -.Hiin'M', !iO CiniSL' bil BD1VN t thy c;inpïainant"s Ijill to be Bied and a copy thereof t' bo t-orveil on t)u complainanfs solicitur, within tweniy lys after service of ft eopy of aid blll nnd uutice of thw order, find n tkfauH thoreof that the said blll be taken as oonfèssed ly tlic said defendant. Artel kfoolton. And it h furthor ordered; that wltbia twenty ilays tbc eaid comphunauL cause thio order to bc publisbud in the tl ilfchlnn Argus," a aewripaper publihed in utid Uöunty, ft&d tfaat aid publication be continúen) in said paper flt least once in eacb week tor six weeka: in succcsÑÍon, or tbat I;c cause a cnpy of tliia order to be peraoiialiy servcd on the paid defendant ;it leut twenry days befo re the t:ino aböve pretcribed ff r h8 appeamnce. Date-1, Julyllth 1861. D. S. TWITCIÏEIX, Circuit Cour Com, for Washtenaw Co., Mich. A.FLLCH,8ol. forOompl t. A truttcopy, 80'JwD It. J. Barrt, Register. Notice of Ditch Sale. THE UNDKRSIGNKOwiU nfTer for fale at public auctiou to the lowest bidder, at the house of JoMjih Pray, ín theTuirnshlp of XorthfioM, County of Vahte naw. State of Michigan, on tht 15th day of August, is 61, at one o'clook, l'. M.. the makingtof 26 toda oí blind Ditch or Drum. the tunel lo saiil ei ram is to be one foot square, an l to be made of sound oak pKnk free from np ; s:iid}r;un i locatidat the outlet of theHorte ShoeLukebransb Ditch AIm the pezt forty roda abore i.1 lo be cleuncd out, widencd mid deepencd, anl will be soLl at tlie hamo time. 8O9td JOSEPII PRAT, JACOB PRESTON, J. B. STAKK, Drainage Cominissioncra ior the Cunty of Waslitenaw. No'ice of Ditch Sala fpiIF; UNIE[lION'ED Commissioner will offer for. sale J. at pobhc ruiction to the .owcst bidder at the bouM of .JohiiIïrokaw, in the Towruhipof Nurthtieid, County of Wumenaw and.Stateof Michigan." on the 14th dav o Augaat,18l, at 10 o'clook, A. M.,I2rods ot Ditclí, to be tiro ftft widc on the buttom, and of an avernge of 3 feet in c'epth, and eacli bank to Klant outward one foot to each foot of rise, AUo one branch Ditch 100 roda long and one foot wide on tlte botton, tobe 3 fect deep ani of the same ftjope of thE maEn Hitch, said dith denominatod the MudLuUe Ditch. JO&EFB PRAT, JOHN B. 8XARK, JACOB PRESTON, Drainage CommisBioncrs for the Couciy of Waahteoav. $25,00 KJEWARD. IVI!J, give $C5.00 reward tor the deioction and conviction of any personor persons pi rpptratin burilarirs 'viihln the Cifv "f Ann Arbor ; and any [nformmtlOD conct ralog propjörty taken or Boapïclouj characters will recoive prompt attent:. n. 0. M, MAUTIX. City Marsbal. Aon rh - T'ilr (8th. 1861. H"oW3 F AYER'S LJ'FF-v ■ i complaitiing? Are you out o ffyn order, wlth your system dopgimrnfLJI ranged, and your feelings un fe 'Jn tl comfortableï These sympc]Hilwaukip flWP touis are of ton the prelude to ■ -' S Sbb ser'0113 illucss. Some fit of PSismJTHHH irUnesí is creeping upon you, 1 ?Z2 ■ &n &hould he averted by a k 4. -yMHHH I tJmelv us of tho right remOstë'5 E BaV ed ïalte Á7CT'B l'ilis, and NSo'HHI f clfanae out the disordered huICtj?W. LWBB morn - r"r'fy tlie blood. and tftfe rflHBmOsÍ 'eC ' Huida movo on unobPtr H HHLm Btluc!e"1 In health again. Lj.iQfc I B They stimulate the fanctioim HBttH B l'10 koy 'nt0 vlgorous uriJB tivity, purify tbc system from -tJfcr' - the obstructtons wliich make disossö. A coM sutiles oniewhero Ia tho body, nnd obBtructfi its natnral function. ïhesp, if not rollered, renet ujmjii themnlm and tho anrroundingorgaus, pro dnotng Renernl nggravation, mi (Tering, and diflease. Whilo In thiH condiClon, oppreeied by the dcrangcinontii, Uko Ayer's Tills, and Hoe how directly they restore the natural" action of tho system, and with it tho buoyant faelini? of heatth ngain. Whatis trnoand so apparent ia this trivial and cotnmon complaint, is alao truo in niany of the dcep-ftpated nnd dangerous dUEempore. The samo purgativo víf-.-'t expela theni. Cause-I hy similar obstructions and derangements of the natural functions of tho body, thoy aro rapfdlT. and ninny of them nurely, cured by tho sanio mcaiiB. Noue who know the Tiitues of thoso IÑlls. will nejílect to employ them wheu suITeting from the diaorders they cure. Statements from letidíng plijitidans Ín aome of tho principal ciLies, aud froui olhor well kuuwa public persons. From a Forwarding Shrchanl oSt. touit, flh. 4 1856. Dr. Ateu: Your Pilla aro the paragon of nll tliat !s great in medicine. They liare cured my lítele dnughter of ulceronn sores upon her hands and fopt that had provcd incurable for years. Her mother haf been long grievoualy afili.'tod wlth blotchei and pimples on her skin and Ín hor balr. Aftor onr child was cured, slio also tried vour Fill, and tliey bare cureil her. ASA JIORGRIDGE. Aa a Family Physlc. JFVom Dr. E. ïï". Qxrtwright, ffao Orkans Yotir IMUs aro the princa of p urges. Their excellent qnalities Biirpnas any ent har tic we possess. They aro mild, but very oertaia and olToctual in their octlnn on the bowels, irblon makes thein invnluablo to us in the dally treatinent of disenso. Hcadaclic, Sic kllrndaclie, Fout Stomncli. From Dr. Hdivitrd Boyd, IialUnwrt. Dïn.lÏB0. Aykii: Icannot anawor you what complnints I hnvo onrad wlth your PIHs lett(sr than to sny all that c& ever treut wüh a puifaiíM medicine. I placo great dependoñee on an effectnu cathnrtic fn my tinily conteftt wlth diseaso, muí holieving na I do that your Pilis afford us the best wo hu vi-, 1 of cuurso valuó them higiily. PiTTsurno, Vn.f Ufay 1, 1855. Dr. J. 0. Ateiï. SIr: T have beon repeatedly cureil of tho worst ff.titlach. any Itody can havo by n tloso or two of y onr Pilis. It neems to'aiifie froia a foul tomad), wbJch they cleanxo at once. Youra irlth grent rospect, KT). W. FRKRLK, Oer7; of Steamer Clarion, Diliouv Disorders - Iilvcr Coniplaints. From Dr. Thr.odort Ikïï, nf Ktw lot City. Not only aro your Pillnailmirably adapted to their purpose ok an apcrient, but I fliid tholr bonoficlal effGctsuiwn tho Iivor very mnrlccd Indeed. They havo in my practico proved moru etTectual for tho euro of bilious comptainis thnti any ono remedy I can mentton. I sincerely rejoice that wo havo at lengt! a i'iurgnlivc whích is worthy the couQiluuco of tlte proftdsiou uud tbe j)eo)le. PrrU'.TMENT OF THÏ I.NTEIUOR, Waaliliigton, D. C, 7th Feb.( 1850. ƒ Sin : I have used your Pilis In my nonti al and hospital practico crer hince you made ilnm; nud caunot liesituto to say thoy aro tlio best catbarftó we employ. Their reguiütin:; nctinn on thu liver Is quick and dccldod, contiequeiitly they nre an admirable romedj for dernugeuicMita of orgau. Indeed, 1 haro seldoin fouml a caso of bilious diseuse no obstinate that it did not roadJty yield to tliom. iraternally yours, Al,VrAJ HALL, M. D, Ifiytwian af tht Marine Hospital. Dyecntcry, DlnrrUocn, Relax, AVormg, From 2Jr. J. O'. Otetn, uf Chicago. Your rillfl huvo liad a long trial In my practico, and I hoM thetu in estt-cm as onu Ot the U-m upencntA I have OTer fountl. Their Alterativo effect upon tho Ijver luabea t'ii'in uu excellent ïeinedy, wlien givon in snmll dosen for bilious dyscutertf and diurrhaa. 'J helr ■ugarooatlng mukes thent rery acceptablo aud couvcuiuiit f.i tho use of womoii nnd childrcn. Wyl)]isln, Impitrlty of tlie Ttlood. From li'eo. J. )'. Ihma, l'aslor of Advent C'ittrc'i, Bt&OtU Dr. Ati:r: I lmvo uscil your Pilis with extianidinnry auccoss in my fiuuily and among thoüo 1 rui callcd to visit In ilisi ]■(■.■■. To regúlalo tho orgnns of digestión mul purify thü blood, thoy aro tho very best remedy I have ever known, and I eau couñdi-ntly rccoinmend them to my frlonde. Yours, J. V. IIIMES. WABftlW, TTyomlng Co., N. Y., Oct. 24, 1S55. Dkah Sir : I am nalng your Cnthartic Pilla in my practice, and fittd thein au excellent nniiiivo to cle&usc tho system aud iiri the fonufain of the Mood. JOHN O. MUACIIAM, M. D. C'oiml Ipni Ion, Cosí Ivrnr, Supprr.ision, Itli umut isjii , Gout, Neuralgia, Droy, Pnrnlysis, Fits, etc. From Dr. J. P. VaugJin, Montrtxil, Ornarla. Too much cannot be asid of your Pilis for tho cure of costirencss. X fot hors of our fiatornlíy hare fuund them as effleacious as I havo, they should joln me in proclaimlng it for tho benefítof tho ninUitudes vrho Rutïbr from that complalnt, whicli, nlthough bad cnough in Itsclf, Ís the progenitor of others that are worse. I beliore ;.- tivfufsa to originnte in tho livorj but your Pilla affect that organ and euro tho disease. From Mrs. E. Stiiart, Pfiysician and Mduife, Bnttotu I flnd ono or two largo doses of your Pilis, taken at tho proper time, ure excellent promotlvcs of the t uil i nat secreO'tm wlifii wlioHyor paitially Huppressod, and Mbo very effectual to deanse tho êUtmaoh and txpel worms. They aro no much tho beat physic we have that I rocomuiond no other to my patfonts. From Vie Itev. Dr. ITawkc$,rfthe Methodist FpU. Churclt. Prr.ASKi Horsr. SATai)nali,Ca., Jan. 6, 1E56. HoironitD Sir : I should ha ungrateful for tho relief your skill bas broueht me if I did not report my case to ycu. Á cold settled in my limbs and brought on excruciating nairalgic pahtt, wntch endcd ia chrom'c rhctiviali$m. Notwlth standing I hiid tho he?t of phyRÏcians, the disenso grow worso and worse, until by the advico of your excellent apent in Iïaltimoro, Dr. Mar'kcnzic, I tricd your l'ills. Thoir effoctfiwere slow, but sure. Hy persovcring in tho use of tht'Ki . I am uow entircly well. Sr.y.KTT, Ohamhep., lïaton Rouge, JÁH 6 Dec. 1855. Dn. AYcn : I havr been cntirely curc-rl, byyoiir PNIst, of Kheumutic Goul- a paiuful diseaao that had afilicted me for years. VINCENT SLIDEU.. 4" Most of the Pilla in market eootaln Merctiry,, ulthiMiu'h a valuaMo rf mnly fn ikllfol hands, is dangerous in o public pill, from tho drcadful consequencca that ft-equenHy follow it Jncautíoii use. Thö6C contaln no mercury or minentl substanro whatever, Prico, 25 cents per Box, or 5 Boxes for $1. Preparad by Dr. J. C. AYER & CO-, IiOWBll, Masr And foi .u.t' uy Maynard, Stebblns & Wilson, atïKaxd. BHELEt fe CO., Detroit. J. II, BCRKII.I., Travelling Ayoal W. N. STRONG - wmi - NALL, DUXOKLEE & Co., YÏ7 1 1' !.■.. ai. k air! BOTAIL dealen In DnOaali c U !-■ ogs, FloorOM ClotbFeatlieiK.Pa'iiorttiMi1 and u -■,. ri' :-:iï aHorfmcnt of Farniahlng Qoodi, Nn 74 Yoolwurl ATfnu, Corner of r.ain.-.i t., - . - iKTROIT, Mich Klicitc ! ii, .! prompt!; tteadod tcr-tf %n RATMOND'S Photograpliic and Fine Art GALLERY. N'o. 205 uní! ï07 Jefferson ATenue, DETROIT. Photographa, I.ife Sf, colorad or .lnin, cabinet, m. peral, Mi-lainotjpM, Daguerreotype. Ambrotvt.. etc. - CARi) hCTUXëS by the Down or Tl,,,„ and. 8O0jl To Rent. A New Two Stsry Brick Dwelllng On the romer of Lriwrence and Thnjrer Streets. r. sossion giren lörmediateij. F. lUi-H. Aun .rsor,.lnljl5tb,lí61. W9tt SEWIWG MACHINE F0& SALE. FOK SALE CI1KAP ncw first elMH S,.-.,i„. Midi ne. Warrantedno uctter In varitrt. T.nm : ei njr. E. F. PONT) i ;nn Arlor,.Iiilj lGth, :f.l. lR R031NS0N & LAKFS %jEjL GK.EAT IgCiRCüS&JIEXAGEllIB. ■"-" Supcrb Firmament Pavilion. S 'i NE iU;ííIIlEI AXD 8ÏV15TÏ ME JcvC- and n0aaE8fTBflfts Splemïid nnd immeniely libcraT wHPJa design for tlin amusement and inSwïïjEUS Btruction of the p&ople, intlio wou fef h vPK írfW combinatioa of thwo ' I TV TW0 GREflT FflMILK' l Aided bv n grerti nurabor of Ln1r and Gentlemen PSroftsutonab. che H_-U- -Í ficn from the HtrmEST Roit of ST ARTI3TIC EXCELLINCE. k i PRaPRIETORS, ROBINSOR UU. %lj MAMAGiB, COLT. U. TIMURSH A yV AOVERTO. AOtNT, H. RBOQLtS, tSQ. %íP "ící ïi$y Ttidtrn nd Zkinientff. - JBfaVk 2'Aice Nu. 1 CVotnw.- Comjiih y&StpO' Troupe of Tuhnted Eqwttrinn.- ■fcr Grand Operatic lirass and String fsfiGP Orchtstra. - Maynijktnl Collectie B&dÊS- afilare Living Animal. - SplendÜ - - Stnd of Bloodttl Performing Horttt, TVvL Ponies, and Edxtcated Mides, jR' With a dittinct Troupo of exq'iifftBmf. st'lv traiiipd Juvenil, for tlifl jJpPJB?? product ion of Ballet, IMiitoritinc, 2ÜÍ Comcdy and Furce, to bo ?nbtipfe tuï'.'d dnriug the soason fjr tho oVi, a wornout and wearisorao afl-r (fl BBIa TUK LADIBSi tTft K MApAME K03INS0X, bo t. w flr% nowned oTorywlioro, wlll load m "-JfijT'' nunii in her lolihtful ecicnew of vgfc jia1 opnn her bcautiful and hïph met&H53S 9!3 e( lorses' t'10 ctracoful yct conVtwB W truling {xjwer which all ladivs TT Blfty, with instmction and pracw l tic, obtain over ihis noblo aniV - iï);il ; and tho high point of oxcolV. ffiiÊ" lcnc? and nküi which may be L[ achiovcd In this invigoratiug and ■il agrecablo exercise. '"ÖKy MLLE. AL1CE. Tho very Incamation of Iloiiity, fGrtlco, d.irïng, d:iühing cfTocf, stvle '-tul ftiacUtOttOD. Tu attempt mïy iliin liko n d.-scription of tliii wondcrfully bri Klant Equestrienno, within tho limits of a nentenco Ín a newspappr adyertisumont, voald bo absurd. We mt TcfiT the public to tho Press of tlio United States and Eitrope. Notlccs will bc fotind copled from th lca'ling Journals, In cach pripor in QMbKSl which this advertisement apppar. W jj-Rk DilTcring entirely in stvle from -r3:jËg.n11 OÍÍ1'Í1"S! tll3 Ciiild of fícnins L_- JSgfcri 'B "ltta tho most perfoct banÍÜSÍp ftLdon and foarleasneas, her nmgntA Qjf cent form assuining naturally the ftiaLgg-j most Kriieeful and classic positions, ESf"' beT f.icc lit up with a e weet (imila tr Ú of modoat confldeneo, and her fine Vflt JF eyf sptrleltng wlth genius and ft Va 7"Á pilde of hor ilaïly sucoesHcs. Her Wjtfw1'"" horso knowa his mistrcüs, jfKa" , nn'1 aperas to enter with all th '""SjíáHpirit of bis gpneroua nature into y]tho general excltement which hrr j- u immenso achievoments univcniallT jC" mAt creato. As they dash aronnd tho MS9 arena there is a splpndtd hnrmonr ■BHHBf-' of diiring utylo and pracc, nnd Pgrl doaTcning chcera proclaim another tf -' írftimpA ron. ffife LS FfllRIE KATE. w9hL From tho Principal Thater mSt r ""'' Pilte'3 Grand Opera Hou Bpfe " ?'m ' or an f!"0 a BaT So nccomplished and fasclnntlnf; -mm - _ Dsijtjeuae, she has been comA . . A pletfly idullzrd by tho elite of O & M 7? A c't't"' an styied in compliment l mmÍÍa. ] the " Terpsichorean Dirinity." Jt [lf_?A lljiol niliy bo truJy'said that "Graco ia iïwÉ f ilt iur öt0P'" aut e n"K C8U-cmlyTáSg 'd DMBtorè havo prtmounced her ■KjNV'cjpy dancing fuultleps. Bold and Tig j J1 ■ 4 L orwtia in execution, though eymwLL wtoXf metrically petite in Bize, lterform, jflKdPgwl srylu and .-i.-If are the very 'Toctry lïfZTKÏlM01 mot'uU'" Ariistically correct UmJ rTdyin o very niovement, yet wlih % L__T natural frecdom of air and effect SJ "J whicb bespenk genius and lf rew lianco. A torn tinal ion of art nnd r iv tll'ï-nt '3 olwerved which mkp her Swflföft l cynosnre of evcry iyc, nnd the MPjf .f 'ü' " 'bo audienct1. She will ipWBEyy P" in all tho role oí the iatrt jBfWHkHnlIpt, and Ín oonjunction wlth FTjf j BHtT ' ' ' '' -" ;Cl1 " tevtral eplendid mVBÜMt "ttuWo dances. qË$W As MLLE. AGNES, Fr I l The charming mngic wire fifftt %A B 'r.mio. whto netonieliing perfurm #H "anccs havo of late created eo in tense a furore, will appcar npon _ J her myslerioiw Invisible Wire, in 5 hor clKistf, bcnutiful rapreMiitit A tion of "Tho Uracos." Thia de##s a lightful Parior Entortainmi-nt hw ir " gj bc-n rceived in all tbccitiesof Jfr iffl 'i!' Union nnd Kurope with that YVf.. lastlng dellght whith eo grncfful a )wrw1l'l)';M''liili not fail to comniiuid, f isT'.yïT od MHo. Akiic i the recipiënt iïüï,Vvii It of athousan'l genisof well-nu-rited q k ' compliment from the citirs, towns P Jk nnd hiuttlets In which shc ha had $? )ú l honor to ajipoar. öS ]5 GRAND ENTRANCB $& Into tho Den of Wíld Brasts. and ml Terrific encounter wlth a fcrocioiw, m tmtamcd lion, hy the lovely, fusciflFw uating, praccful yet daríog EUGENIE DE LCRIIJE, ft jj&t kte f rum the Theater Kiftnrafe. ff M PoterbOTï. This thrüling and f 'M yfl lotonacly interes! Ing IVrformnnce jf-XJC - i; aiso 0110 of claulc offert and hisj tor Pftl remin iscence, bciug in]5Sps tended to represent or.e of dioso 59p terriblu BOébM in Ancicnt Ilinl i y, fl wlun tho Human Kmicror Xero, J, i_ ■ --1 'he Chtistlan ladles casi In -JJUxJi, itflti) ftnionís ïe Monsters of the Forst. & Sffc Mdlle. Kngrnie' cnactinent of tho ft tragetly s snperb, and her control ífcffc over tne anirnnls ro complete. a to t ennblc bar t go throuph with the EM?1 great Act in perfect security. W GRflND LEGATION FROM THE ■'v-M COURT OF R'OIKUS. t3iSS í r.TI.L LAKE, the Southern Ootrn. JMWMBa SAM. LONG, the l'iiivi-mal Jcitcr KtBiRBt and btnpinp " Motlfy." V T AKCIIY CAMPBELL, tlie Üurnl ■ NL Jatter nnd " Farnier's Alnir.nuc jjgP&Ê WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE. JW--K Tho great Iïussian Kik, 17 feèt ?i ■' iüJÜy2n3 Wghï captured ín tho vilds "f Myí!rVsibprÍa, trained and tanifíl by Mr. gggH .r.iis n Robinson, the only ono ever S? seon In llii country. '-- THE HORNED HORSE. jjuijU v Supposed to bo the last of hls f'; '!% ThoperplexityofNaturaliBts. fflffP THE WONDER OF THE AGE. Ejp Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Birds, E MASTER JAMES R08IHSON, . V3s Tho principal Kqueetrinti of tho ííK-,vorld, Just rrmnifd from hii 5B mishty trinmph abioail, will . Sfl iR hibit (hoee ilnring ftnts upon hii H tuirotMirhpfl linrst-, vhich havo ro JrlHfc.VA astonndcd the world, and ilnred Bt1 himupon thopcdestalof equcslrinn 4hkn . i m' MR. JOHN ROBINSON PÏÏWM win' nt "'sh eiiti-itniii"C,1t, perK&OiUf % furmhis liaodionif. hiRli -tralnfd 4&'jLjJk intelligent, nml .,.,;"lly-pott,l faMk rablan horse Alm"", nnd all uXiisMji riii( his srmt flur lioriie Dfmon ',.,..- W Sp nnuii-itlc EqneBtrian, Doublé Suin;' „métier, ant I.enpcr. . h masteu joun nonixsoN, A. Becond as au Kqucstrinnto none in ] ftíTyf tho world, eave Mastrr .TAWKS, I vC SVli Mmters Pu Criw, Angelo, JenizïVdi ( niogii Parrell. lïico, and a nnm4( r7 1 I hor of others of cliil mrrit. moV ,y í ) u tho list of thU llammutli Em-. wfpFy A As tho Trico of admlwlon 1b only i thiit charpod for Circus ?w, 'hï jIj k wholo of tho anlmnl mny cm Amjfm phatlcallv rinhlered. and re, a á& raBK Kxmr.iTioN to ii rrrAttf' baalng a Ticte to the entertalo, WJf ment at BOBISSOS 4 LAKK 8 tL? AU UHDER OHE MAMMOTH TtT. fcïy ' ïr rarlinilari sce rinonal awt Cill Pcrfonu at. Pr.YMOl'UH, Thnr.idaj, Avipust lt '61. " ANN' AKBOlt, Fridav August 2J. 'BI. " SALINE. Satnrdav, Auglidt 3d, 1881rvor open r.t 1 and 7 oVlock. ADMtSSlOK_noxs. S0 cos ; ChildríD to Boxr. C6 Ejjt; ni' '.;■ cent. 2i"'-.:


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