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Bro. Bmffixgton, of the Kalamazoo lewgraph visited our City, lately, nnd we append wuat he snys nbout u, roerely remarking thnt wechcerfully pardon lus reservation in ftTOTofKaUuiMOO. He couldn't well have done otherwise without raising a hornet's nest about lus cara. Lnst week we made ft flyisg visit to Anti Arbor. Whï.c thtre our friend Cdapix, (of tliat populnr firm among printers, Chapín, Wood & Co.,) bad bia curriage brouglit out, nnd Jrove through the principal streets of the city, to show us sorae of its beauties.- It is, beyond qi:estion,an exceedidgly hand6cmt city, nnd, with the xtptUn of Kalaiuazoo, can bid defiaiue to all pretensión! to rivulry in any of the Norihwcstcrn States. - It is handsomelv located on tnble land, wiih landscapes of surpassing loveliness stretching out in all direclions, presenting a scène of rural beauty, on which the eyo loves to feast and raemory to linger. On au ermnence com mandinga mignilicent view of the val cy of the Hurón, the city, and ila surroundings, stands the nat rouomical observatory, ereeted through the uiunificence nf citizens of Det reit, oud ably conducted by Dr. Bruxxow, un eminf nt foreign savant A few hundred yard distnnt nre the handsome buildings of the State Univorsity, ocenpymg with the residences of the Cbanoellor and several Professors, a spicious and well-laid-out "Cam. pus." The museums of art and scienee, belongingto theUniversiiy, are admirably ar ranged, and nre of great interest and value. On the same street which has been mostly built np with elegant dwellin'8, is situated the Uniou Schoolh'ouse, one of the most ïmposing specimens of public architecture in Michigan Ann Arbor is gen-rally well built, and many of the streets are shaded by ornamental and forest trees lts bandeóme location - its gorgeous surroundings - its tasty and elegant private residences its colleges nnd schools - all combine to render it deaerving of the admiration of strangers and the pride of its citizens O" We have been shown a document signed by the Mayors in office of the cities of the United States and Canada, ceitifyinyto the superior excellence of Dr. Ayer's Compound Extractof Sarsaparilla and to the value of all his remedies as articles of great public utility. Such vidence from such high sources bears us out triumphantly in the posltion we have long maintained with regard to Doet. Ayer's preparations, or more parlicularly our advertisements of them. No publishers need be more opposed than we are to the promulgation of quackery in any shape, but wc knew when we beg:in, tliat his remedies were above nny suspicion of deception - that they were about the best it is possible to produce for the cure of disease, and that they have the confidenee of all commuoities where ther are knnwn. Not alone because the llayors of the whole country believe tl.em useful to their people, but because we know from experience that they are so to ours, do we believe we are rendering a substantial service to our reader3 in making their virtues known tothem. - Courier, Princeton, Ky. L3L" From oocasional paragraphs in our Detroit exehnnges, we gather that the City Couucil and Board of Edueation of that City are seriously considerinjj the propiiety or necessity of closing the Public Schools, becauie of tlie crisis . It will be a sad day for Detroit if such a determinanion is made. - Better do away with many sinecure officers, cut numerons ' pap suckers " loose from the treasury, retrench necessary works, stop building pavements and side-walks, or even sewers, than discharge a single teacher. Detroit must sust ain her Schools or provide another House of Correction, and yet another, and no officers should hesitate a moment. It would permanently disgrac the " City of the Straits " to elose her schools for a single term, or to even reduce their accommodations in the least. JG3 Being in Detroit a few days since we took occasion to visit " Raymoxd's Photographic Fine Art Gallery," and were well paid for our trouble. Mr. R. has hanging upon his mails facsímiles uf many of the moet eminent men of the State - and sorae of the State's fair davigliters - counlerfeited with all the latest improvements in the art, Mr R. has a full sized instrument and exhibits tho largest Photographs, as well as the best' we have ever examined. We particulrrly noticed a new style haring muoh the tone and appearance of a fiuest steel engraving. - With a duplicating instrument he is also turning out large orders of the miniature Photograpbs now coming into use as visiting cards. He is evidently an enthusiastic and an aceomplished artist. Kooaia No. 2U5 and 207, Jefferson Avenue. lfr' Since our ast quotations Wool hal ob3tinately refused to move nny more Ireely, and wc have no especial change to note. Buyers offer from 22 to 28 ets., which figures do nat satisfy holders, and those wlio sell do not do so with a good grace. The purchase to date will sjarcely exceed 100,000 R)9. and had prices been satisfaetory they ■would have reached 500,000 ibs. and the raarket closed ovtt. GF Our farmers are all engaged in haveating their Wheat, and are having the best ot weather. The erop is an excellent one, and the quality letter A, No. 1. Coiwection. - Mr. Slawson, of tho firm of Slawbon Se Geer, informs us that their contract for supplying Camp Fountain is at 15)L cents a ration instead of ii% as we gave it last week. We also omitted from the enumeration of articles 4 pounds of soap included in each one hundred ralions. JüS" We were visited a few days ago by J. H. Bukeill the gentlemanly agent of J. C. Aveh & Co., of Lowell, Mass. Mr. B paid up the old contract - in caeh- and made a new one for the coming year, an evidence that Cherry Pectoral, Sarsaparilla, and Pilis ure expected to sell notwithstanding the war and the ' hard times." And they will, too, for the name of Aïee is a guarantee against humbug, which is inore thnn we can say of most dealer in " Patent Medicines,"


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