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New Law For Collecting Customs

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The Senate, Friday, passed the bill wbich bas sinco passed the House, to provide for collection of duties in such ports as are situated within otates, or part of a State, reiusing obedience to the ordinary revenue-luwsof the nation. In such case it is ordered by this nevv Act that the Surveyors at the sevfral porta shall be subject to all the obügaÜon8 and provided with all the subordínate officers of Collectors, and all the general provisions of law regulating trade and commerce, shall appiy to such ports in the samo manner as they do to ports of eutry estftbimbed by the laws now in force. The President is also authorized t& direct that the Custom llojse for any district in which the collection of customs in the ordinary wr.y M obstructed, tnay be estabüshed in any secure place within such district or on ship-board ne# the coast. Provisión is also made for enrorc'.ng regulations of Congress under this head. In case vvhere these extraordinary means inay be found unavailiog for the purpose of protecting the public reven ue, the President is authorized, by proclamation, to closo such ports o! entrj', and any ship undertaking to riisregard such proclarnation is rendered Hable to forfeiture. Another section of the bill directs all commercial nterconree between other portions of the Union and States declared to be in insurreclion, according to the terms of the Act of 1795, shall cease and be unlawful so long as such condition of hostilities Ut.- .


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