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TJJE HEAD. A. DEFOREST, Always ahead in Low Prices. ITAVIN'G ROIOVKD MV 'STORE tú 11)0 Enst BÏde of IX Main strcet, one door north of tiuileiman's. lam now reoetringNeif (oodff, compming nll Idndi of Grocerita, Fruit! RxiroctS] (liisswaro, I.amps, Looking Glasees, Tablu Cutlery, if il plato d (Joods, &r., L,OVVER 1 HAN EVER ! French Ciiina ToaSets, from ftt fiO to 18 00 Prwofa CWna D.nnerets. trom 20 CO to 30 00 StoDtï China Tea Sets, from 3 04 to 4 50 Stone China Dinner Si-t, from 6 50 to 16 50 IViititiful tilasstlobk-ts, 2 00 prdoz-;n (Jlass Ktro;en Lamps from 37 to GO Maiblr Kerosene Ijunps frum 76 t Ü 00 Fluid Tampsfr-im 16 to fx) Krnmn C)i!, goodqualiiy, 80c pergl!on All otlier Goodfl at, (.'orrespon'lïnft ]mB. Iftr l-ampnof uil kimls altfi-edUk-pairrd. Pcnplc. .Siure, 7'H)tf A. l'n FOfíEST. Summer Hill Nursery. THE0D0RE R. DuBOIS, pnOPRTOROFTHESUÍfI;:RHIIXNT■RSERY,AN" X. Arbor, Mich ., i? now ready to receive orders fur Fall and Spring: Setting:, Ilia orders for Fruit nml Ornamental Trees, Vines, Shrut)s,etc. , will be liltcd from the best Eiistern Nurserist anri bispersonrvl atttntion will be given to the selcctioa Knd fillmg thesamo. Having beeu regnlurly oducatcd in the Nursery business, lie is confident that with prompt and close at tention, and strict honcsty and ntegrity.he v be nble to gire satisfaction to every one conflding their orders to him. All farmers or Fruit rowers wfll do woll to givo him a cali beforo onlerínij througb otbor parties. líe would refer to many r.itizenfi of the City and Coiintv who purchascu of hiin tiie paat Spnng for Ihe quality nf treea brougliton by hlm, m welln. Un the good order in whicli they were received and delivered . 804m3 THE WASHTEííAWiiCOUNTY -A-giicnltural Fair, WILL BE HELD ON Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridáy, The 18 th, 19 th, and 20th of September. D. L. W00D & CO., DATE JV8T OPENID A LARGE & WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Seasonable Goods, For the SrRIXG & SUMMER Tide of 1861 Hnving purchaaed their stock at much les than the usual prices, they nre prepared to offer GREAT INDUCEMËNT3 To Cash & Ready Pay Buyers. Thankful for pnst fnvora they -wilt bc ever ready to show their Goods and by fair and liberal dealing'hope to roceive their full aliare of the public patronage. West side of public square. Ann Ai-bo.i April 1861. FORT SUMPTER EVACUATED. Q Mack & Schmid REIWPOUCED! with n Tremendous Stock OF STAPLE AND F ANC Y DRY GOODS! GROOBRIES, CROCKERY, SHOES, HATS Sc CAPS, OARFETS, &c, &c. HostiHlits Coramenced in vjarnesi! Death to High Prices ! ! MACK & SCHMID are now recciving tbeir SPRING AND SÜMMElï and will 6ell them for the NEXT 90 DAYS, Much Cheaper Than has ever been heard of ixsx -A.isr3sr -A-ïibojfi. Come One, Come All, and k'eo. C. MACK, 705 F. SCHMID. The Syracuse first Premium - BUCKEYE MOWER witli a ,1 UOCESSPtrij RE PLG ATTACHMENT. The Best made in the World ! Manufacturad by Lathrop & McNaughton, JACKSON, MICII. FOB SALE BV Risdon & Henderson, (804wG) ANN AIÏBOR, MICn GREAT BARGAINS X xx EEADY IMI-AJDJS C LOTHIN G ! ! Cleveland Clolhing ííouse Hurón Street, a few tloors West of Cook's Hotel, ANN ARBOR, MICH., In consequence of hard times, aml being comprlled to raiso meney .n some Bliape, we hnve concluded to spil every thing in cur line, consisting of Clothing, Hals, and Caps, GENTS1 FÜRNISI1INQ GOODS, frc. At whntever price theymay be it ever so little, This is no timo to stand for trifles, Profits is no object at all! Giee J ff cal!, and gel goocl Goods AT TOUR OWN PRICES! O" Rcmembor the, Iluron St .,5 doors West of Cook's Hotel. A. & C. LOEB. Ann Arbor, June, 1861. 04m3 8,776,994,650 VÖLUNTEIRS WAiYTED! TO ASSIST INTTHE LIBERATION OF CUBA ! ibite folts, or of wliatever color, easte or nativity, wliether married, single or of doubt ful connexion, will beonlisted in ihe noble cause of EMANCIPATINO THE COMMUNlTli - FROM THE- THRALDOM OF HIGH PRICES ! and will receivc ibeir outfit at the Extenslve Furnishing Establishmeni -OF TUK - G U I T EU MAN' X HEAD QUARTERS! having been cstablislied for the LAST TEN YEARS, our known rule of warfare Is an UndisgiiisedDeslruclioii OF IIIGII PRICES! OPCDÍEl CIjOTHIJSTG For all J.ges! Sex and Conditlons ! [n consequenee of the vory flitterins oneouragement which we bave ree-ived since our location in this city, we have incrensed our Stock of S'ü MMER C L O T H I N C! To moet the demanda of our customers, and having beconie more fully convinced than ever, that our mode of deal ing, na.nely: at the lowest possible rates for is the onl3T true plan; we will continue t: serve the public ns heretofore during the coming fall and winter. Our Stock consistí in every variety of READY MADE CLOTHING ! Plain and Fancy CI.OTHS, CASSIM'ERS. SILK. AND SILK VELVETS. A large lot of GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, which are all warranted DON 'T FAIL TO OAIiLAT C3-. H. C?. For past fa vors we ave grateful to all, The earae for largo ones in proportion, And those wbo see lit to cali Shall recoivo our best smiles and dovotion. M. Guiterman & Co N.B. Student s nnd all otherB who wnnt to see SONDHEIM'S new mode of entting will do wcll to cali and leave their mcasure For a Nice Fitting Suit ! OITITBZiniAKr tfc Oo. i&pArtor. (fpl. ï!, 1960. TM LUÑG & BLOOD INFIRMAR Y. Fishcs IVmck Wi-odward Are Detroit$ Dr, S. J, CARKfCTPER &RM.MIÏI), DOCTORS gen. fttlty pfetcrtd that Cutitaoinfctfeflt ú Urcurali üïiot clti K meJtaieWcif but tbia does not multe it míe. Jánny mecliamca wili wurkfl un fl job aíírfay fina ti tr dolng notbing but wpoil the mnR-rial thf-y iH í yon it nflTer can be done ín tim wy yon wañt it. lía Í3""!l''y'ri" to A bt9T W'.ikrnaii- oiif; who tfeoroVghlY uQdcriituH'! liii busíaeas - you will get your work ac.!■! Ín simpe, Jn tliis résped ther i the 8íime mflVrence to ber found i ti all (rutes and profensions. TliO bnfigltr írf,in Ibe arto, n law, in Uivology, and ín phynid, fiHfsoeli thívga nnuef !e done, And it i true íliat they cou)d not be ii dl men wto lik themselreii Buttottumtrty tfcw la nnnihpr cía of men, and tlirsc, wli'-i) tiiey tako ouf ea? in han.-í, do the Job bs vou want it, or riston yon to h eü.it ti T a eco ti íng to flesir. We have enlj l ivrapmber t ir ■a'ffí.W understand whj one phyaici&n (IiouK pyjncú'iS'ce rtiaï incurable waten nn tner can cure. In mechanica, we kohh times find that hj ft pokkckbíí of superior meaos, by some new ínvention, of tfftieh I hsatfie iolo ae, or by t Iip eritr inpeni! of li-fi niinri, one persas will rmtke or lo do tlnr c:;n. E.vietlv it in;y bfl su in ])ivsi And ibis ís tín very rea son why I ba? uuh great nicaam owr hII otbers m tlie troníment of CoDumptUm. By hsvinu the original eitiQfl . by potfsts íag the Lung-Meti rf whioh' o eleai ly deti ría r.t the nature of the r :inl by haTÍng Biich remedies for Couaumpiion n do olijf r '. L;iS, inako boW te Piy that I have, iiri'l cuvt tlTi.'t't n. oare ot tltia ditea twyond tb reach of any otïieTmfin. To prove this to have Ina the cas, I might givé yu nuinberfl upon numbern of certilicnfs IVuiii R-íi yi;. vrütótsn giren over to thf grave, who harc i-c-n ri retoröd to hralth by tbe pwsevering ané M iH rctaeclS ii for Cou-iuni'tiou. Tï'itt it ia not aec s1' j f - ■ ■ ■ ': ■ nè Ufre.. far 'be fact of oner.jan dtiifjg t. '. - cAirnptj ! evident ioali men nf comtnoA -1'"'íí'- tíve v.-inhe-i further proof ihatt thia, ï an onl ayn cí-me and salísíy ycurseH by tííifol any B4fl in.ih euro of your complait. Doctor Carpenter will rïsii TpsilaÓtl, nn-1 Ann ArSor, iJNwingl860-6ï. AnUArbor, at Cuok'a Hotel, Ji'l nnl 4th oí' eacli month; JlawMn ÏIou-;--, VpHÍlaatt, 6tí MtiJ 6th of ench toontb, The rémaíniler óf th tim-, ho wHI be fuun'í :it ii-. Lui g tofli m&i y inJ.t-troit Iy7"3 Mrs. -WHSTSLOW, ,J.n oxperít'ii-ocl [Curse :in.i Feriiftie I'hys'c;on, jireHenta to the attent ÍOD ot nu i!icrn, In r SOOTHING SYRUP, FOU CTIILDREN TEETHTNG, wJiich grcatly fucilitatos the of tecthinfr, by Htett'ng the gutnx, rtftuctng nll in!i;ii;m:Ltion- wiil allny Al.L PAIN an.] spuuBOdic ;i ti n, and Bi SURE to REGÚLATE the BOWELS. Deprnd upon ;t, mf.tiier?, it will givu reot to yourlv---, and Eelicf and tealtb to your In&nt? Wc have put up and and sold this arttcie for ot ten years, and CAN SAY, ï C0XFIDKNCS AM l'UUTH of it, what we have cnret )en ab'e to nav r.f, any othrr medicine- KhVKi: HASlTrtïl-CD IN Á SINGLE INSTANCK, TO EFFIXT A ttÜE, when timely uscd. Nevcr did we know nn in-t. iïve f dilatumtctltin by any oöp who cd it. On the ci'Tjffti'fT, all nre dbghted witb fts oprrtt' uj, snd Rpeah in l'-rnm of coramentlatii n oi' its magical tl ot-. and inedital virtucs. We f]"i;ik ' tiiirt mattir "WIIAT WK 1O KNOW' artt-r ten reuil1 nptrti-nce, AKD ii.Kl'(K ííÜR RFPUTATiON FOK ïflK 1T1 KILLMhNT OK WHAT WE HEEE DECLAKF. In alin. Bt . vtry in tmr rbert the infsnt Is aoflerlng from pain nnd exhnutMn. relief wïll bé ■ founi in fifteen tr.tucuiy inci.tcy afWr the pyrn) íh red. Tliia yaliiftble prepanttíon iV tlv prf=ciptit'nof rno of tlie most EXPERtENCED and SKIU-KÏ'L : NL'USKS n New Inflan. 1, and has bteu ued with ÏCKVKR FAIL1N''; SUC( ESd n THOU8AKD OF CASES. It nct relieves the chíl ! from piun, but !orfffnNI the stJmach ín 1 boyrohi, correrte acidity. and given ti n índ encrgy tothe irhülesysfein It will aímo&t in.-tntl relieve GRTPING IN T1IE rXV:a.-, AND WIND COMO and overeóme r.onvulaíon1, whicb if not HpMkUy rt'mo died, r-nd ín denth. Wo hfl'ere if the BE"T and ESÏ H1MEIY IN IHI-: V líií). in all eFM (f DY?ETiTEKYan.1 DIARUIUKA IX Crni.i'IíIN, whaftifV it uriñes frin tectliüBg. or fr)in any othr cjise. We woald say to every mother whr h 's ft fnffVr'wt from anv of the feregoin? pompTa'Bt - DO'ItOT }-.7 YOUR 'PHEJUI --ICKS, NOK THE 1T.K.IVMCKS OK OTHERS, bet ween you and rour uffiru child, and ther-liof that will b? 8URB- YEft. AB? H'TEl-T - t folio t'.ie use of t!ih medie ne, if t iniuiy UMA. Full élect'ons for oaing will ropany each bottl. Non' gonnínn untess the fic pímile líf CÜRTW Ai PERKiNS, N'ïw-Vork, is on the outside wrappf-r, P(M by DfüggMts throagout the irorid. Prlncliml íate, 13 Cd:r Sirn t. IV, Y. PJ.UCE ONLY Í5 CENTS PER BOTn.E. Foraaleby Eb-rhacti fc Co. H773. ■ For ihe 8peedy and Pcrmanait Cure of Seminal WeakncsSj Nocturnal and Diurnal Émissioïiê, Nervous and General Dcbility, Impotcnct, and all Biseases arising from Soliéary Habits or Excessivc Indulgcnce. TÍIERE are thousands of Yocxc Men, as well as Mrnm. Aged and Oi.d 5Ien, who are suffevinjr to omo txtena from the above diseases. Jl.iny, perhus, are not fiware oí their true condition, or when Mílstance t reaíly necd1. For tho benefit of such, we herewith givo a fw oí the most common symptoms, viz; Weakncss nf the Back and Limb, Pain in the Ufad nnd Sida, Jbtmt (f Sight, Vod and W'tO beforfl the Eye.% Palpitation of the Henrt, Dypepn, Lom vf Memory, Confiwion of Itfaa, Daftrtmon of Spirit", Avcrtvm to Society, Setf-Dh'mst, Tïmiililfi, et': For rach nn.l all of the above svmptouis these remedies will be foud a "ttOYtrI eign Balrn1 These remedies embrace three prc?criptions : A hor of Pástete, a box of Nsrwu Tvnic PUL, uud box ot Virü I Toaic Piite, all of wiuoli have imp'-rtaiit oifici to perf-rn. and bhould be used togfithcr iu every caM. Thtir iuj'eiioritf ove other modes of truatment mny be brictiy atted foilows, viz : They diminisli the vioTenca of sexnal exeitmnt. !Laè" They imnitídjacely arrest noclurnal and Uiurnil sinitioaa. jQES"Tl)ey remove local weakness, causing the MTMU t assuine their natural tone and vigor. j8 They strengthen the constitution by OTere&ï&tns nor - ous debility and general weaknesa. jO They enliven the spirits, whieh uro MMny cpres. by expellicg all exciting canses fioia tliu systemk jgfy By their fnvigorating jirojierties tlicy restora Ui patiënt to hú natural health and viyor ot' maiilwod . j5= They cure when all other mean have failed. JtórThey eontain o Mermnj, uo Ofium, uur n;t!iif that pan In any e vent prove injunou. #L- Tliey are easy and pleasant to use, and will not interfere with the patient's usual butftlieaa nr plcfisuro. JO" They can be used without suspiuion, or kaowledgfl f ven a room-mate. That they may come withïn the reacli of all, we hove flxed i the prieo of the Pustels at $1 per lox, and the Pilis al M i cents per box each. In orderhig by mail, in nddifion to th price, twelve cents in etamps shoald be iuclosed for rut urn postage. g&X LADIE3 in trant of a safe ftnd offectnal "Ok remedy for IrregularitU$, 8&prei"n of tha fiSr-WJ Henna, or any disease pocnllar to their aex, íí 9W hould use Dit. Gates's Femaix Aio.xTMLT ■-V Z &-s. Piu.3. l'rice, by mail, $1 and r-ne stnmp. ííHLfe' Ca ution1.- These Pilis shmtld not be m4 íMPF 'OÍ durin pregnancy, as miscarriage will bv th JRfiï_ f con?cquenca. y LADIES rhn, from ilUhealth. formity, or any other humane and reaíonable canse, dpem it neei1 taïf to avoid an increaae of family, can dn o without inourriüg danger tó health or constitntion by the use of M. L CrauxU French Preventiva Fotcdcr. Pnce, by mail. $1 and Thesolpo'wdsrs can only be obtained by addressin; Ui "tStrSaMcJUical Trcaü c Sat Dwwím. PRice Ten Ccsts. Address, H. G. MILLER i CO„ General Agent, Louisvillo, Ky, For' Sale by MAYNAKD, STEBB1NS, jwirsoN. y788in Ann Arbor, Mich. PJiOK L. WiLLER'S HAIH INVIG01UT0R. AN F.KnCCTlVE, BAFE.AND KCOXOMICAL CcMl'or.ST) FOR RE8TOKIN(ï GBaY HAIB to original colwr wffuout dyeing, and prevenís the Ha.ii" fronj. turtxiug gray. KOU l'i:K M !N'. RAI DNES and en ring ittwht-n tlierw is the le-ist puticte of vitality or mupvrcttv pnergy r'.MiniiiiiiT. FOR REMT) VING SCUBF AKD DAXDKl'IF, an' uil cutaneous atfectlons olHhe ?calp. FOR RKAriIFVlNCÏ T11K II.MR, imparííngto ít n unequalled gloas and brilliancy, makmg 1 suft und ailkjp in its texture and caufijttg it tocurl rotuiilv. The great cftlebrity and ilie increasing dtmand for tlun ynequallcd preparalion, convince the prouriëtoc thut n trial is only necesaary to Batinfy a dineer ni Dg pubtfc of It superior qualilit's nfi' my ollar propa ra tion at prtMttf i use. It cloanes tho head and scalp trom dandruft an other eutanwpws dtseattê. Cansen the halt togrnw lu unantly, and gires it a ricb, soft, glossy and ficxihlo j loara nee. and ;i'.-.i fl herc 'hö luiii" lm loostuing and thinning, it will give strength and vfger to the roots, and restori' the growth to tbose parta whicli liave bfcoiua b.ild, causïng it to yield ajïetk covaing ofhair. Tdereare aundreds of ladies and gentlemen it. NYw Yoik who h&Tc had their h.iir restored by the uve of this Invigor&tor, when all othor preparatlom had füiled. Ii. M. has in nis poBseagion lot teas ionurufiablc lest iiyir.jf to the above facía, from persons of the h.igh$at rcKpectabtttty. It will rlTptiüiliy priTnt th hn ir from 9rtt1L grayi unti! the latost [ieriol of life; ond in c;i.scs viiir tlic hair Ims chan] the u p oftne Invipo-ntox-" will wiilctrlaiijty rentare U to its ori'mcl hïif, gvwi; H adarl ,■■ nrnnrp. As a perfjiine fot the U'il-t p.n'. a flair R'estora'1 re ïf ia p'artieularly recemmejdeó. ' hftvlbg an agrMabie iVnffranoc; A the'groat ra el I e it aifords in dresting thekair, which, whn tapitt vrih tbf Invigorator ran he dressed in any rwjuíred forra no ba to srecerve ita pl40, whcibcr plnhi op ki cutIr- hrnr tho greai denmud for it by the iadies as íi standard toUtt art i de wWch none cmyïii to ho vithout, aa the pria places it within the reach of ajl, being ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS 1 pi?r bottle, to be had at all re["ctubio rfrnggists' and pfVfümts. h WILLER woultt cali Ihe aitpntion of Ta rento nd' ) Gnardlann io Die u ■■■■. in oaaoa wht-rf ' ltfi childrens' ïlair iscllnes m be wyk. TheuKofit 1 Inys the foundatioa for a pood head of hair ns it rrpinvi ' any impurttios t&at nay Imve become oonncUd wit] i the poalp, theremoval oi which is necesfary botó íar tV ' hoatth of the child and tho future ppearanci oi iti Ftair yftno genitïne wfftftit,tpcTaca!mïii ïiftttii :.ÍW,l,i;u 'n',;,:: ■■; khfl bO I . MILLER'S ÏI.UK IXVicn:; 'uH. N. Y. bown in theIwa Wholést.ïe Ö-pot,56 Doy Pt-andsold bynll hpríncipit' M( i-f!i:i ■ ts tbronghout the v Liberal 1icounJ to purcbaser& 1 j .lal ' resent to the blic m i New & ïmproved Instantaneons Liquid Hair Bye wbfWjb after years of Fcïrntific experimpnting I havf brought to perffection. It dy nTack or brown Instant without in.iuiy to the Hair or Skin iiarrautd the het article of the kind in extatenpfi. PRICE ONLY FirTY CENTSDEPOT, 56 DE Y &T. Jïew f ar m


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