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Approving The Acts Of The President

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The following is tho ji)int rosulutioa pending in Congress, vjiproving tho ' ex traordinary acts'1 of the President. li heretts, Sinoe the adjourmneut of Conprress 0:1 tbc 4th day of Mar oh last, a formidable iusurreetton in certain States of tho Uuiou hu arr.iyed in anncd hostility to the goverumciit of the Uui ted States ooflstitutioually administurud, And Whtreó, The l'aesident of the United States did, uuder the extraordinary exigencies thus presonted, oiercige certain power-S and adopt certain nieasures tor the prescrvation of tl, 13 govcrnnienf, that is to say - First, He did on the löth of Aprii 1 lst, issue his proclamation, calling upon j tho several Status for 7ö,Ol)Ü me:i tu suppress such iusurrèctionaiy combinatioüs and to causo the luw.s to Uo f;üthfully executcd. Second : He did on tho 19lh day of April last, iüauo a proclamatiou setting on foot a blockade ot' the ports, within the Stat 3 of South Caroltnn, Georgia, Alabama, V. r'di, Mississippi, Louisi ana, aad 'iVxas. T.urdhj: Uü did ou the 27th day of April last, issue a proclamation estabit-liing the bloekade ot' the ports witliiu the Statts of Virginia and orth Carolina. iourthly : lie did by an order of the 27 tli day of April last, addressed to the Commanding (iöneral of tho Uuited States, authorizu tliat öfficer to suspend the writ of habeas oorpus at any poiut on or in the vic-inity of any military military line, between the city of Phila delphia and the city of Washington. l'ifthly : He did, on the ad day of May last, issue a proclamatioa ealling info the service of the United Otates, 42,034 voluntters, increasing the regular ruiy by the addition of 22,711 men, aud the navy by the udditdoo of 18,000 seaïuan, and Sixihi : He did, on the lOth day of May last, isxu a proelamation authorizing the Comniander of the torcos of the United States on the coast of Florida, to euspeud the writ of habeas corpus, if neuessary - all of whicli proclauiations aud orders have beea subuntted to this Congress. Now, thercfore, líe it resolved by Che Sánate and JIottse of Reprexeatativet of the United States in Congres atiemhled, That all of the extradinary acts, proclaiiiations aud orders herebeforc ïuertioned be, and the same are hereby approved and dcclared to be in all respocts legal and valid, and with tbe sauie effect as if they had beeu issued and done under the previous oxpross authority and direction of the Congress of the Uuitod States. -f - - - . I - _ iïlidjigan Ups.


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