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A Story For Boys

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Business called me fco the Uaited Statos Land üfiico. While there, a lad apparently íixteen or serenteen ye-.o-s of ago came in and presentad a certifícate for foi-ty aeres of land. I was struik with the couutcnaucc and appearance of' the lad and inquired of him for whoni he waa purchasing land. ïhe roply was - "For myself, sir." I Uien iaquired where ho got the n.ouey. Ha answered - " I earncd it." Feeling an increased desiro to know sometliing more about the lad, I askod him wnefner he had any paren ts and where tlicy lived. At that quegtion he took a Beat, and gave inc the following Darrttive: " I ara froni New York State. I havo there living a father, mot her, three broth ers and two sisters, l am the oldest. - Father is a drinking man, and would ofteu resnni home froin woi-k draak. Fi that father would not abstain from drinking liquor, I resolved to niake an effort, in some way, to relieve mother and the rest of us from want. After revolving things in njy mind, and cousalting with mother, I got all the information that I could about the far West. 1 started from homo for Wisconsin with ten ebillings in my pocket. I left home on foot After spending my ten shilling, I worked ïny way to Wisconsin, where I rot an ase and set out to work and eamed raoney and saved it uutil I had guthered iiï'ty doliera, and with it I eau now pay for forty acres of huid." " Well, my good lad,"' raid T, for by this time I was much interested in him, " what are you goiug to do with your land V' '■ I wil! work on it, build myself a log house, and wheii propared invite father, mother, sisters and brothers, to comn aud enjoy this home. The land I desiro for oiother, which will secure her a living in ber declining years." " And what will you do with your fatlier, if he continúes to use ardent spirits to excess ?" " Oh, sir when wo get liim on a farm, be will feel at home, aud bü happy, and become a sober man." I theu replied, '■ Young man, these jeing your principies, I recoinmondyou toiuiprovc upon them, aud the blessing of God will attend you.' JJy this time the ■eceiver handod him hi.j duplícate receipt 'or li ia forty acres of land. ing from ïis seat, on leaving t'ue office he said " At last, I Luvu a üoiiiO for niy luotlier !"


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