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Keep The Mouth Closed

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The author sineerely bciieves thut by caeping the teelh and inouth sliu:, a jorson c;in sleep in any tniilarious reion, ar,d mingle o any out door inlecion almost with mpunity. Thia is a ILscovery of so remota iniportaucc tbat tt tnagoitudo ca;i at preseot scarceJy be ippreheudod. Had it been pracüeed arlier, it would probabty have eaved DDuraorable Iivee. The writer ól, although of a weak and delicate eonstiutioD, soine years sinco went from the Siorth to somo of the most Biekly porions of the South aüd West. Ho lept on the banks oí' rivera and on thë orders oí swamps by the sea and imofig the mountains - and while many i the oíd acolimated settlers were dyng arouud hira (especially in Norfolk, iuring the yellow fever,) heeojoyed bis usual health; a fact which he attributen o tamperaaee, and keeping the moufb losed This is the experienceof severa! noed travelers, Catlin, Levvis, and Livngstou, 'Jim Iodians aso understood liis vvell. Taught by i i e i r mfltLers in nfuncy, no one has yet beheld an Indian sleeping with his raouth open, as ia cornmon d civilizad life. Even thu animáis - Nature's owq folowera - always keep the mouth closed. Observe any af thern, and seo if yon can diecover one with its mouth wide ojien in sleop. The principie seema lo be, tliat air, )y passing ihrough the delicate inne;glünds of the nose, becomes purifled - as t were, strarned of i(s noxious pro jerties and uiiÍ'ik:Il-u1ulí - and uupplies heluDgs with baltby f(od,while, with he mouth wide opeh,ull these impuritien o directly to the fungs and work out hëir deadly ends. The reinedy is sim jle - ejtts nothin?. Would it not be


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