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Training Artillery Horses

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Tho Fortress itunroo correspondent oí' tho N. Y. Commercial Advutiser says: It requires considerable time to mowrt the guns propeHy fof ao advaneiny anny to supply tbem with trained bortses, and especially thu rigbt kind of barness. The horseis a curioua, hy, inquisitivo animai, and whcn first takón from tho stable or pasture, Tor tho strategie purposea oi' war, demanda to bü biiodjud with greut caro and patience. Ho must be gradually ccoustó'oaod to the Kudden and niarked change in hïs status- he gleam of arms, tho ruil oi' drums, the flauntiag oí banners, the flash, tho smok-u p.nd the roar of cannon. It iá remarkablo, however, that when thu practical war horso s s thüs drüled and dijciplinod, bis profiejency i:) wheejing with gom and caiasoiid at tho critical moment of limbenijy and unümbering light artillory, 3 wonderiul. Without a word, a touch, without a sign from! man, lio whejK), advanees and "retreats witli ahnost mira eulfl lis rapidity - at - tiines oompelliug riders and gunners to spring to koop thuir siddles to escape hia i{fhtDÍDg.íike evolutions. Such war horses as these are intendcd to be, havo been praoticing beforo tho window of your correspondent, on the parade grounci of tho fortress, thi.s morning. Some few of the ïuoro recent coméis roared and sprang a litïle atthefirst fla'shea and thundor of the cannon, while otfaers s'ood as firnrt as the adjiicent tretv, and loöked on as oalmly as it they were feeding from a rack. At the close oí the firing, soine of theia wei e maruhed to tho üiuzzlt :1 the st'll lu)t and smoking gun, and made to put llieir nostrils close to tha metal, foel the heat, and inhale the sriiell of the powdér. They aro thus taught to becoine od familiar torms with their ::ow and etrange Rcuaiü' tunco íir.iT follow-soldier, lo measura hia lengtli with their nyes, and fecl that bis touch, at their ridcr's corntr.and, is rendered liarralcss.


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