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The Capture Of Hon. Alfred Ely

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The Montgomery Covfcdeiation has the fotlowing from a reliable source At 'ih o'clock the stampedí i-enmo feariul, aud the glocm arnong Wilson & Co. was awfu'. They imtnediatuly j jumjjed in'.o their en riatros and put for Washington at a n.jiJ rute. Iíon. Mr. Ely, with a friend, oatching the j contagión, and believing the enerny to I bo near at hand, juinpod inte a buggy and pustied forward to Washington at a " doublé quiük." Three miles from Centerville (thv startÏDg point) the buggy broko down, and its contenta was lelt a prey to our forces. Ely hoard at thi.s moment tho "terrible" tramping of the cavalry, and jumped behind a tree to secrete himself, whilo his friend put to the woods and was seen no more. l'rcseiitly ahorsemaii dasbed on, and, seeing a man beTiind a tree, loudly c .llod uut, " Who are yon, sir f" :' Mr. Elv," answered the rnf.n immodiately: " Well, who in the h-11 is Mr. Ely ?" said the horseman. " Mr. Ely, momber of Congi'oss frons the Kochester district, New York," said the man. "The h - 11 you say ; say tb at over aguin, o!d fullovv,,' ejaculated the horseman. " I am, sir, the Jlon. Mr. Ely, the member of the National Connress from ihe Koch ester district, New York," said the man. " Well," said the horseman, " I '11 bo d - d if I haven't oaught you ::t last; I have been looking for you the whoie duy. "and it's d - d strar.go that I have just found you oit.': So, pulling out his pistol, and pointing it richt at the National Congressman's head, he said : "Mr. Ely, put your foot in iiy slirrup and get up behind me - I am going to take you to KiehmoniL" Ely did as requested, and ttway wout tho horseman to the quarters of G-en. Beauregard, aud with a live Yankee Congressman behind him whom he captured. SKETCH OF MR. ELY. The liev. Joseph Cross writes froni a rebel cump to the Nashvil'e Chnslian Advocate. We quote from the letter : There was a liltle man, with a wicked, wolfish look, us restles.s as a hyena in a cago, It was the Hon. Alfred Ely, member of Congress from Roches ter, N. Y. üur Captain Clusky, liaving been acquainfd with him in Washington, stepped up and look his hand. Most piteously the piisoner iinplored tho interposition in his behalf of the man whom, a fe-.v honrs before, he wQuld ghidly have seen slaughtered. Captain Clusky introduoed him to our gallant Colonel. " Your servant, Col. Bates," said the pritjonor, bowing obsequiously. " I am glad to meet vou. You see I am in a bad tix." " Yes, sir," said the Colonel ; " you are, íor a member of Congres, in a venj bad fix." " Jiut you see," rejoined the honorable gentleman, throwing open the breast of his coat, " I am unarmed ; nothiBg but i pen-knile ; no uniform ; merely spectator; came out with Senator Foster to Bee the baltle; but unforj tunately veuturud toofur, aad was taken." " Mr. Ely," replied the Culouel, " a battle 'field i.s no place for a civiüan. l'o'i a njemberoï Coogress, sir, and repreesotative of at least ninety thousand people. And do you think youxstlf a cipiier in a seene like thia ? No, sir; the moral ufluenco of your presence was wortb u hundred soldiers to our enemieB. Are ycu DOt a lawyer, Mr. Ely ?" "Yas, air," said Mr. Elv, " I am a lawyer." " Tben, sir," Colonel B. contitucd, " You knovv that by your preseBce you are aiding and abettiug this cruel and bloody assault upon us. Il is a principie of law whieh you are aeciistomed to recognijje elsewhero, and which you are obligod to aeknow'.edgo here." He assented with a sheepish look, and cQQtinuod absurd eipftfqgy, which ihe Colono! tlius cut short: ': Mr. Ely, we are glad to see you here. We want you with us, and can not consent to part with you 80 soon There are men at Washington for whom we may bo willing to exebange you hereafter; if, indeed, yóu should nct be hanged, as you deservo." Mr. Cross concludes his letter as folluws : In a few weeks I hope to preach to the Wa'ker Legión f rom the steps pf tho c.pitol at Wasiiington, on the worda of Genera! Jcshuu before the gates of Jericho : " Shout for tho Lord bath giveu us the city!"


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