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The Queen's Speech

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We givo below so mucli vi the Queen's speech, read at the prorogation of Parliament on the tith instant, as relates u fureign rfirtqtions ; Her Majesty eommauds us to iuionn you thut lier relations with foreign powers are Irioridly anti eatisiactory, and her Majesty trusLs that there is i.o danper of any distúrbanos oí tho. p.caco of Europa. Thp progresa of events in Iialy has led to the uuion of tho greater part üf i!.i:it península in one monarehy tinder KÏDg Vistor Emanuel. ïïer Majesty has throughout abstaiued i'roin üiiv actife interiereneü in tho transaetions wbich havo led to this result, and her (.ua ;bt vvish as to theso affairs is tbat' they may be settled i nxaon.eF bast suited to tho welfare and happiness of the ludían peoplo, Tlu; dicisensions which irose some I months ugo in the United States of i North America have, uniortunately, assumed the churaeter of open war. Her Majesty, deeply íámenting tl is calamitious result, has determinad, in conv raon with tho ppwera of Eur'ope, to preservo a strict neutrality betwoen the contending uaitics. Her Majeety eórara.anda us to iüform you that tho measures adoptad for tlie restoratioh of order and tranqmlity in Byria, in virtue of the conventione between iier Majesty, the Bniperór of the French, tho King of frueMa, tho Einperor of Kuia, and tho aultan, having aceompiiöhe their purpose, the Europea n troopa and atithor itius of the gultan, have been withdrawjEi and her Majesty tri: 'ts that the arrangem-nts which have. been made i'or ihe adniinistraiion oí the dUtriots wbio had been disturbed iil henoefoi'th becure tejr intera&l traaquiüty.


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