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The London Daily News Rebukes Malignity

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The London iJaily Kan of tlio Cth :.s'. h;.;iks the L-rst heart oí tëngland ipuu the disiistcr ol' llifi Uu ion at Stone linilgc in siith fraternal iashion tl'at we ijuitv fori t tb'cre ban cer been artj pnat j.-.. usy in OW mutual L'XpvesHOIIS - any im;;;íi:iii!_v ol' jouruals whieh bato the l:ej.uliüc tVr fruedocu's 6a ku - aoy Loodou Jim . Uur foreign dispatches Kave reforred t' Uiid editorial - we dow gire ii in t'nil : " During the agmy of our ludían rebcllioi), wliou the rate of an ompiro fowublod in tlio balance, ír.d the proud bomt of Kuglund wss sbaken witb anguii-h, Uij Bympatlijf of tëurope, iu iho presinoc of ú calautity in bioh tho wlii'lc of Obristoiidoru sttnicd to partakc, was II hut ui.ivi-ii-ally expreesed. An oient otiiiiities, forcigu jeaiouewa beid their pcace for a while, mid 'natural nclili. vicii vith the neiwst ai. i.l . friends ín grucrous griet' aud hope. - Among foea and alitus, if atoueof sNcor'tub pitv 'V of coctempluous rsgret jarred upon tho pub! ie eor, it was iustantly covered wil Ii stmuie and roprol atioa by noblcr voieos. OveT tbe narrow seaa a gallaiit peoplo watdicd our varyiiig fortunes with (bat fraternal intevcst wbioh brave mcu fcel in tlic ueltous of the brave; i'aint and t'cw indeed v.eio tho uautteriuga or uninanly uiia maliguaot c.xultation at the tragic vieissitudesof a nioital struggle w!ii.-!i bistory shudders to reoall. " ]iut amoüg uur khi-mou bejoDd the Atlantic it was not mere iiií:rest that was telt lor Ëngltuid :t tl. at terrible moment, or fOiniiiuLi human sympatliy ; it is but the stropte h lo say, t h l t the héroes and the victims of Luoknow and ('awoporo were koooréd and lameutcd by the people of the United States, and the tríala and ezploita of Jíiglúh courare and cudurance treasjred up as the iminortaJ part of an indi' inheritanee of blood, ltingaagü and ronowu. And yct therc were voices of hate, envy and savage joy to break the resolute stillness of tliü uational surrow, and to insult tho Byinpathies of üfcristian Earöpo. Abrood, and even at home, there were ' Sepny ' journals, which recounted with undisgttiséd satsfaction the horrors of the mutiny, and franticnlly foretold the eiid of lr;tish rule in Innia. These 'Sepoy' journals, however, h:id one redeeming nierit - the franknes.s of their ferocious taunts and finistcr pred'tctions was appalling ; but it. was inore tolerable than insult and outrage disgM'.sfld in protesting pity, or simulatin; re;;retful amazemcut and comfsion, " Wheo the day of trial rtd ti comes again for England, we trust itmay not be reinembered that the most pTisver ful, and thcrefore most responsible; of KngTish journals celebTated the issue of the first greut battle between thearmy of tlie United States and the arm y of the eonfhern rebels as a Ioüs of all, 'even our military honor,' to eitizen trolnnteera who had fought !'u' uine hours of a summ'er'a day araii:st ovcrwliolinirtg odds, for a cause as saered as law aud crder, as precious as r.ational liberty and unity. 7ur contctnporary wou'.d fain, it sbould seeni, endeavor to reduce to t!ie diuicnsibns of a border raid or a barbarous briwl. IjuI, as this is impnssible, it de grades a war freía wbieh anarciiy and fclavery, or froedon: purified and ordered ancw for higher purpose?, must spring to the proportions of 'a sonseless ;nd bloody Rtrife ' This is not only to caricature living faets ; it is to give Che lie to hiitory. Civil war ü teas that made (he (mentor of tke men who fowjht at Bul! Run great and thuugh, no doubt, tbere were din terested persons in those days who conderaned íhe ' senseless and bloody Btrife ' by which our forefathers dearly pur based at the cost of tlieir lives all that their descendente now eojoy. " Civil war, too, though, no doubt, it was soinctimcs ' a scnseless and bl'oody gtrife,' has done somothing for the ctrength and grandeur, if not for the freedom of Franco, Had Endand displayed that ' lmmility and eontentment which facilítate peace,' in the days of the Stuarts, or Franee in the face of the coalition of oíd monarchie, we know not if Franco vronld now be greater or Englsnd freer, but assuredly ihere would be littlu enough apon whi.-h to congratúlate thc survivors of tither revolution. " Thc cynical sclfisbness with which ♦be public opinión of England is so oíten credited by foreigners has never found a more exalted ex pression than in these recklesa uttcranoes, N.jr are these opinious, even in tlieir awn sense, discern'ir.g or acute. It was to be expected that a defeat of the federal army would in the eyes of the adroit and abject bclievcra ín thc sacredness of success, lend to thc cause of the South a legitimacy which no reasoning could gain for it. - Yet aire dy it is elcar that the results of tho action of the 21st were not so disastrous to thc federal army as to furbíd altogether a southern advanee this ycar. "The ictory of the Houthcrn army wa due no doubt to superior skill in its leaders, but the chotee of a defensive posilion and thc (trrical of timely reinforcementt must ha talen into account on tito same side ; and the panic that decided the issue of tho íight is an incident not unparallekd in tho military annals of European powers The losscs both in raen ai.d material are uot so considerable as was at first reported. Ou thc other hand, the scope of the war is iotinitely cdarg ;d. And the protraetion of the conte&t is all in favor of thosc who have tho largest regerves of men and meaos. A defeat of the North shuts thc door of compromiae, or to aequiescence in any terms thc South can offer. Tha Union is bound (o conquer now. Tbo spirit of New England and tho Northwest will rise to the occasion ; and we of the old race, tried and strengtbened by many reverses, enall not be surprised if our kinemen never rest untii they havo turned defeat into victory ! It m iy be that the triumph of the ciusc of freedom must date froin a defi-at. An easy war is ofttu content to íubeide uto un inglorious peace."


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