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Address To The Sixth Regiment

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II i au .i ■.r.riü.s Cm i i I ) Kalavazco, Ai:. ló, lfítil J ín Qssuming Ihe eominánd of tho Regiment, I mu períecty itvyuie if tho redponsüiility and llio jtórplexity it derolves. 'J he tilii.vcn'.y und vvelfureof ts tutura cureer dttpend wh.iiy u.ou ilo severo discipline und thü BtrioU-Bt obodieuce te Buc.b (Hiléis ua líiíali from tinte to time be tsíued. rJ' ruga ai in; teltigence, is jou aro, tho uautie in uh,, ii y ti have erílisttíd requires un conimeudation. Your undirided energía, are, ynur uuth, lu.juiíc'il to bo devoted to u j pioper diaoliuigö uf youi sovurwl dutita. Indeed, your, tsuucesa and your Fjifüty s hinged upou yoor (.eportment us soldieics as inuch as upan your valor. Yon have a foe with wliich to 1 tend, equully with yourt üIvuh furniahed wit h the mosl (ipprovtd :i:n:s, Hod iquully wivh youvselves coiKending í'or whut tliey uontieive t be llieir sacred riglitrt. Our enemies hink themselveij to be right - y.oví ui.ow tbem to bu , wrong. Oi.t ií difiorenoo of njiihion and cl;i3u of n'.cix'Mts liavo spriuig ;i rabaliio.n greatci1 tlian wliicb the world üúla lo furuiuli a purallel. Our Goverfi ment) but a fw üiiys ul;ii uuknovvlfilloa lo bt tliü bo t upen ll:e i'act) oí tho caith, is in oopardy, nnd to-day iüi!s you raí hing tu the resoné. With a view to inakc yourselves most ivailablo it is expuctud, indeed it in imperative, tbat you yield a ebeerfu! and an unhsitatitig obedience to such offioeru i,s cirÏHimstances have placed uver vou Aml hero let mí aay that vvhile engagecl in uultivatiog tlia arL of war do net forget to eultivate un elevated stnndard of moráis. 'ïhe race is not always te Lho Bwift, nor tlie battle to tlio fitrong Bear yoursolved ike men is wel I as soldiere, Ymi have no need to lie aslmined of the cause you have ofsred yourtjelvee to dufeud. liaving a gotd causo you are doii'dy .nneil, and tho Boldiel', wlio, under HUch circuinslílDOes, can charge Hpoi) an encmy, trufitiDg upoo God tor iheUsue, is ÍQvii'.oible. Ho uho can upon (lie evo of battle coriiinv'nd liimscif' and bis cause to God ueed have no loar of resnlís. An anny shultered by u lofty tone of moráis can liever bo ci ushed. To givo additional valuó to your services as soldiere, you are expeoted to avoid indulging in Mich liabit and ap netites as ehati tend t(j interfere with tiio laws of bealth and tle pioprieties el le. Inioxication, profanity, nnd a reckloaa ijisregurd oí the right of others, will be met with punushment. No matter bat the rack inay bo, an arrest wil] be siii-ü to ful] v. A düinoralizcd anny id but n uniformed inob. I feel aasurod that tho mero reterence to these tliings will [Tin your appróval and confideñee. It síiall bo my ceafelesa aun, as God knows it is the desire oí my heart, to make thia a model Regiment - ; Regiment weil diilled and discipüued, aboiindiDg in ze:d and Sourage, und one which, ií' fortuíií.te cnougb to ci:encounter ín eneniy, ill come out of theccm'.est coveied with glory, and rëflectiñg credit upon the State which has so promptly eulled it into the field. May I not indulge tho thought that I reih'ct tho sentimenU of every soldier to uho.m this manifestó iii uddressed ? Strive wiih me in mnfeing this Com mand euch. an one that yeara bence you can refer to twith pride, and your fellow-ci'.izenf., as you pass along the slreeto, pointing to yoa will ivhUper, ' ther goes 008 w!io belonged to tbe Sixiii, oí Michigan." F. W. CÜRTENIUS, Col. Sixth Iiegimcnt Mich. Infantry.


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