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- Mayor Berrtttt, f' Washington, has been arrested ur.d snt to For) Laliiyelte, N. Y. harfcor, fr xate i kecping. liu refuped to tiikc thc omh oí alk-'j i:m-i-, aixl 'tí chul'ged will) treasonablü designs. - SeveriJ ludies hnve been nrre3led :it Washington for trnatio nuble correspondooce w i 1 1 1 tlio rebels. - A Savannah letter puta (lie loss cí :i singlo Georgia regiment, in the Jfnnassas lilit, at ;"!7. - Two rebel scouting, partiea fired íntó enoh othor i lew duyn sílice 0:tnKÍng :i panic, and a deperlion of Kairfax 0. II. - (on. tfnnler li:is been assigned to tho fduiínand of the Illinois voluoteers, wit!) present huudquartera :it Chicago. - 'J iiu Fourth Miohiftan regiment bas been nttuched to the brigade of Gen. Shertnsin. - Senator Jolinson flcclares that he shiill not return to Tenneasee unaecompnnicd ly an arntíy. Lct him head a división. - An nttempt to aRsnssiaate (ícn. Mi (Jlelhm is ri'poiiod. - Witli n 8awyer gun shflin have boon throirn froih tiio Uip-Ríips inio tlio Confcdérute cuinp at Sewaü'a Point, creating greut uonfucion. Qive 'ern mere. - Tbe Seminóle luis oaptured (lio Schooner Albion with ;i uargo of coSee, frnita and cigars, blie was auiliog UDiier Engliah colora. - On the 24lh, at Danbury, Conn , j Ibera was a ro De t ween the peace men and fióme Union men who were raisinr tho etara and stripes. The ;■'■(?; men ! were tho (uwailnntfl. - Tin,' Tme Atoerican, o Tronton, N. J., oñe if the oldest papers in tho i 8 1 ate, há suspended. - Daniel 0. Lowber, a bearer of d8pntches ÍVoni Englund to Jeff. Daviu, was anvsted at Crestline, Obio, on ! Friday night last. - The Brooklyn Ea$le has renounced the seoession canse. - The New York Sisty-Ninth [Col. Corcoran's regiment] has re-enliated for the war. Col. Nugent cominands. - Tho fitiehiíran Second Regiment was reoently ealled upori to quoll n mutiny in the N. Y. 13th, - lt i êaid that Senator Wilson, ns been tendered a place on Gen. McClellan's stoff. - Tho reporled advaneo of Gen. Banks to Winchester was without foundation. - Anotherrow isannouneed ntnon the Keeeasion leaders, A iruitlees one, we guees. - The Potter nvestigating committee reporta '200 government employés with secesBiwn proclivitiea - The Express Cornpaniea are no longer permitted to curry letters South. - Tilos. V. Gunfield has been appointed manager oí the governinent i;iil:i;ids and telegruphs. - William S. Johnston, a nephew of the rebel Genera), and himeelf n officer of the Confedérale artny, was arrcs'ed al Philiidelphia on Mouday. - The Goinmissions of all the newly appointed regular nrmy nffioera havo been made out, and no i'acanoiee exist - On Monday a deputation of capitalista (rom Phüadelphia, New York and Uoston, called on the President, and urged the retnoval of Secreta rieu Oan eron and WY. - 'J hi' governtnent is considering the proprieiy of thorouglily orgunicing a national detective pol ico 'forcé. - Mis. Qreenbów, vwidow of tho former libraritui and tran.-lator for the State departmenr, was arrested at Washington on Bunday. - Dr. Manning and sweral othera, narnw.s not anao.unced, were arrested samu day.


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