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Military Education--the University

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In these times of war, wlicn cvery man is ]:ible to bc called itito tiio service of the Country, wben incompetent officers are n coimnand of coinpanies, regiments, and brigades, and wlien competent oflicers are in demand to drive them into obseurity, it is well fo cast around and determine what means are in rcaeh of our citizens for obtaining a military oducation. The nation has but one military school - West l'oint - and West Poiut eannot furnish instruction to one in a thousand of those who need and desire it. Tbere are private military sjhoo's, but of limited accommodatious aud unaecessiblo to our citizens. A demand for military iustruotion is feit in our own State, and can that demand bc better met tban by the establishment of a military dcpartment in the Univer.sity of Michigan ? We think that such aotion by the Baard of llegents would meet a prening and permanent want, - for a growing martial spirit will nat bé crushcd out with the present rebelliou, - and bc deeidedly popular with the people. There noed bo but ono or two Professors at first and while all regular students might gain hcahh and strength by being requircd to drill, it should also bc made a special department jnd students admitted to the department who need uot tako other courses. We hope that the Rents of the University wlll consider tuis matter, devise soine plan for the speedy establishment of a military courso, and then cali upon the State to aid the work. We seo no other w.iv in whioh it can be dono so obteaply, so thoroughly, or sogeuerally. L3gT The Ypsilanti Seniind perpetratos some faticicd severa strictures upon thepoeitiOQ the Ancus has taken in defsnsc of tbs go ver d ment, and also upou our course asa democratie editor running back through half a score of years. We might feel disposed to reply to thesu strietures, were it not for the faot that the editor of the S niinel is a ehronic gruinbler, and it would soverely tax one's time to notico hts oriticisms, goncrally made for no other purpose than to find fault. And wo might rogret his oommonts upon ourhistory, were it not for the fact that he oever took mturally to democracy, never was suspected of having any sympathy with the democratie party, lias no riglit to itpeak in he name of deoiocratio principies, and is uttcrly incompetent to do so. Wc do not recognizo bis political right to ] prefer charges against us, and fhall not ; commit tho blunder of auswering to tbeni.


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