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Brodhead's Cavalry

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The Inllowing Regiinental officera of Col Bkodhead's Gavalry have been ivji:lailv inustered uto nerviue : Culona - Tuoknton F. Brudiiead, of Wuyne, Lirut. Cul - J. T. GOPEIAND, of Oakland, Surgeon - G. K. Johuson, of Grand Rapicis, As-mfanf Surgron - Nnsh, Quurterihastcr - Henry Seitz. The complement of companies has been accepted, uüd u nuniber of tlicm ure fiill. This County luis furniehed a nuuiber of men fdrthe regiir.ent, und among them H. C. aod O F Ide. of tliis Citv, who me inembers of C;ipt. Stebbins' Coiupany. Tho regin)ent;il rendezvous is ;it tho Flumtratnck Kiding Pnrk, Camp Lvon, and a tái'ge nuir.ber of mon are in ramp and undergoing thorough drill, h is the design of Cnlniiül to remnin in rendevoiiH if pcrmitled lo tuilow hia own juiifíimirií, un til the rcgi'iient is thoroughly eqnipped, and the horwsa purchused and "broke in." In tbis event ilie bordea will uil bo purohuged in llii State. ( Ciipt. DsQoLTKR, of tho Iludson Volunteei1, Foürth Michigan Regiment, who left liis company, went to sei the Buil Run fight. and was t;ik!ii prisoner. has escnpfid frotn Bich.inomi and reaehëd Wiisliington. Ho reporte Col. CdRGOiun uninjured, and Qol, Willcoz diino; wel]. He snya that there are 1.350 prisoners at Rich mond, including 75 oflBcero. Hé con. finns previous accounts ei tho exlent (ind strengtb oí tho fortifioationa built or the rjeíenee oí Eichraond.


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